What's In Your Tea?

by Lance Thompson

The Obama administration, their surrogates, and their media servants have gone to great lengths to tie the Tea Party to dimwits, extremists, terrorists, those who incite violence against the government.  These are serious charges, and would be enough to discredit any political party–unless that political party is the Democrats, and they control the White House and the Congress. 
Dimwits?  Does the Tea Party have any members who believe the island of Guam, (the eroded tip of an undersea volcano) could sink under the weight of too much military hardware? Democrat Congressman Hank Johnson of Georgia expressed that very concern when questioning Admiral Robert Willard, commander of the US Pacific Fleet.  Nancy Pelosi’s campaign to pass health care reform included the famous call-to-action, “We have to pass the bill to find out what’s in it.”  This may not be dimwitted, since it turns out to be true.  Only now are we coming to know the true nature of health care reform–after it’s been passed into law.  Homeland Security Chief Janet Napolitano told the nation that after the terrorist bomber Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab was thwarted by alert airline passengers last Christmas, that “the system worked.”  If so, it was the system of American citizens looking out for themselves while their government looked the other way.  If dimwits taint a party, the Dems better clean house. 
Extremists?  The Dems believe the Tea Party is extreme because its members hold the Constitution to be sacred, believe in the right of free assembly and free speech, and make their views known to their representatives.  Does the Tea Party have anyone who cites Mao Tse Tung as a philosophical model, as White House Communications Director Anita Dun, Obama car czar Ron Bloom, or Obama “green czar” Van Jones have done?  You can’t get more extreme than Mao–runner-up to Stalin for greatest mass murderer in history.  If extremism earns demerits, the Dems have cornered the market.
Terrorists?  The Tea Party has no terrorists, either avowed, accused, or convicted.  But the Obama administration battled long and hard to free terrorists from Guantanamo Bay; afford terrorists the rights of American citizens; give terrorists access to American courts (and by rules of evidence, American sources of intelligence); normalize relations with state sponsors of terrorism such as Venezuela, Iran and Cuba; and to redefine terrorist acts as “man-caused disasters.”  If there are no terrorists in the Obama administration, there are certainly strong supporters.
Inciting violence against the government?  There have been no acts of violence against government tied to the Tea Party.  Their rhetoric is strong, but no stronger than the threats the Democrats have hurled against the American people in the last few years.  In May, 2008, California Congresswoman Maxine Waters threatened a government takeover of the American oil industry. Of course, such an extreme threat pales in comparison to the actual government takeover of banks, car companies, and all health care–all of which have happened since the Democrats took over two branches of government in November 2008.  Democrats are enraged by Sarah Palin’s words to Tea Partiers, “Don’t retreat, reload.”  Compare that mere phrase to the partisan piling on of debt to unsustainable levels; to Justice Department abrogation of investigations into ACORN voter fraud, Black Panther voter intimidation, not to mention the corruption charges against New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson; to the circumvention and contravention of the Constitution that goes further every day. 
The Democrats cannot defend their own actions, so they attack and demean and accuse the most vocal opposition they face.  The Tea Party points out where they are wrong and demand redress and satisfaction.  This is the way American democracy has always worked–until the Democrats came to power.  Now protest, once lauded by Speaker Nancy Pelosi as the highest form of patriotism, is seen as subversive.  To resist is unAmerican.  To demand one’s rights is tantamount to crime. 
The Democrats must discredit the Tea Party before November, for no other force poses a greater threat to their hold on power.  The campaign to silence these patriots will be no less widespread, savage, or unscrupulous than that to pass health care reform.  Choose sides and prepare for battle. 
I’m going to put the tea pot on to boil.


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However you want to say it, "We the People"

"We the People" are in charge of the DC Representatives, "We the People" can FIRE THEM.

Scared people sometimes scream very loudly and become incoherent.  Liars try and blame others for their Miscreant deeds.  

Be scared for your Job, if you're employed by the will of the People, and ignoring the Tea Party.