Modernizing Government: A Renewed Focus on Innovative Solutions

Throughout the nation, people from all walks of life seem to share a general sense of unease about the future direction of our country and of our society’s seeming inability to solve the major challenges facing it. There is something beyond any single legislative debate, something more fundamental than any particular policy issue. Regardless of one’s party affiliation (or lack thereof), all increasingly share this sense that our nation has reached an important turning point.

For too many years, government has been responding to a seemingly endless chain of crises that have created an ad hoc patchwork of short-term fixes and lost opportunities. Once venerated public institutions, like dominos in a line, have repeatedly betrayed the public’s trust.

As the challenges continue to mount, this is a moment that demands a government dedicated to data-driven solutions – where the best ideas are free to prosper and where people of good faith can innovate together. We must enthusiastically engage the public’s creativity, imagination and expertise in increasingly meaningful experiences that directly impact the democratic process.

Let us respond to America’s challenges as Americans – united around a shared commitment to finding the best ideas, working together to build a better future for our country. The sacrifices that have made this nation possible demand nothing less.

Ultimately, greatness is a choice and it is a choice that each of us has to make – what will we do to make the future a better place? A country’s fate is the sum of individual choices, and so does the fate of our country rest with each of us, every day.

Something is happening in America – throughout the country, people are answering this challenge. They are entrepreneurs and oddballs tinkering with new ideas, willing to commit intellectual heresy and demand a better way; they are emblematic of America’s innovative culture that has always been the foundation for our nation’s success.

Let us move together to a new era of solutions, based on answering today’s challenges and not yesterday’s memories.


 Matt Lira currently serves as the Director of New Media for House Republican Whip Eric Cantor.


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Great sentiments, Mr. Lira

I hope Mr. Cantor can live up to these words and hold his fellow Representatives in the Republican Party (and the Democrats too, actually), particularly when you demand, "a government dedicated to data-driven solutions – where the best ideas are free to prosper and where people of good faith can innovate together."  It's an apt descriptor of exactly where the Republicans in the House and the Senate fell down when it came to the ACA and the Stimulus bills - they entirely ignored the hard data that was virtually undisputed by anyone in the know (any seriously recognized economist or health economist). 

Representative Paul Ryan (R., WI) is flying in the face of your demand right now with his Roadmap, which he conveniently submitted to the CBO with a request that they not factor in the largest part of his Roadmap - the tax cuts, which are unfunded (and to be clear, no serious economist argues that tax cuts pay for themselves - not one).  That shenanigan disguises the fact that when his tax cuts are factored in, his Roadmap doesn't cut the deficit in greater than half, as he claims, but only makes a minor dent in the deficit.

It's exactly this behavior, Mr. Lira, that must stop, and you've made that a laudable clarion call.  Unfortunately, it's members of your Republican Party who are - by far - the biggest offenders.  I hope you and Mr. Cantor will lead your Party forward by heeding your demand.

Data Schmata. I don't need no stinking data

Good luck with that.  Let's see some examples on Republican use of data (we'll throw in information for good effect here as well which is the analysis and transformation of data)

The issue is not about whether data is used. Of course Republicans use data.  Let's take a look at some examples of how data is interpreted into information by republicans and used to make their points.

Data: Person gives speech  and it is video taped

Republican Information: Remove pieces of the video to make someone look like a bigot

Data: Dress up in pimp clothing and video tape. Go to offices of someone you don't like in different clothing and get tax advice on being a pimp.

Republican Information: splice video to make it look like you went to the office in outrageous pimp clothing. Splice multiple videos together to get the effect you want

Data: Dinosaur bones and a book

Republican Information: The world was created 4000 years ago

Data: U.N. Exists

Republican Information: Run for your lives. Black helicopters are coming!

Data: Some illegal aliens have babies here

Republican Information:  Al Qaeda is infiltrating the united states by sending people here to have babies. These babies will be trained over the next 20 years to be radical islamic soldiers.


Data: Obama has not released birth certificate and his dad is Kenyan

Republican Information: Obama is Kenyan and not a u.s. citizen

Data: Health care is expensive.  Some doctors eat chicken

Information: Health care can be paid for with chickens.

Data: Some little girls are raped by their father and become pregnant

Information: Make lemonade out of lemons. It's God's will.  The little girl must have the baby. Too bad so sad. Turn that frown upside down.  The sun will come out tomorrow.



Shorter version of this post

Our last gimmick, "YouCut", was such a lame transparent gimmick that even Redstate panned it.

Unfortunately, when asked multiple times, my boss, Eric Cantor, can't name a single thing he would do to cut the deficit.

Therefore, undeterred, we are going to keep looking for new gimmicks to distract the public with.


Over 1.5 million YouCut votes have been cast and counting - offering over $120 billion in spending cuts on the House floor.  While only a first step, it represents an evolution over anything that has been done in the legislature before - a new level of transparency and engagement for any citizen in their government.

I feel sorry for you, that you can't put partisanship aside even for a moment.  I know there are people of good will on both sides, and that is where our country needs to go.


Nothing will change...

until you can provide some solutions to the bribery/blackmail that underlies our Representatives refusal to find the best solutions.

Nothing is Changing and Obama has no HOPE

Until Americans can provide some solutions to the bribery/blackmail that underlies our President's and Congress's passing of the healthcare November new solutions will be headed to DC as replacements for the failures.

Lets see it

Can you please provide links to the bills "offering over $120 billion in spending cuts on the House floor"?



No Matt, I was asking for substance, not more gimmick

Your position is that YouCut has delivered "$120 billion in spending cuts on the House floor". So, lets have the links to CSPAN, Roll Call, the Congressional Records, etc. wherein we can see evidence that these things have moved from your website into real live action.

Becasue, otherwise, it is just a gimmick.

No Substance

I'm actually an Eric Cantor fan.  I have to say though, there really isn't much meaningful here, it seems more like some words given to warm up a crowd at a rally.  I would love to see some concrete proposals accompanying this post.

Be careful what you ask for...

If you're one of the masses and not a member of the top 1%, you're probably not going to be excited about the only "concrete proposals" offered by any member of the GOP, Congressman Paul Ryan.  I'll give him props for at least putting it on paper and being honest about the GOP's plan to continue sticking it to the middle class while further enriching the top 1%.  He'll be chair of the House budget committee if the GOP retakes the House.

Here is how Jeb Bush characterizes Paul Ryan's budget roadmap:

"He's not saying the world's going to be full of butterscotch sundaes," is how Jeb Bush described the plan to me recently. "He's saying: 'Eat your broccoli. And then maybe you don't get to eat at all for a few days. You don't get steak -- ever.' " 

That's right, you proles. You're going to be forced to swallow the broccoli so despised by the Bushes, forget eating other days, and don't you dare ever contemplate getting any of the steak that the patricians dine on nightly.  And just to be sure you don't get any high-falutin' ideas about avoiding the cat food in your old age, his plan effectively dismantles Social Security and Medicare.  And most tellingly of all, Bush is lauding Ryan with this statement.  Again, props for honesty, but no one can say they weren't aware of the GOP's contract on the middle class going into the November elections.





Hi, I'm from the Government, and I'm here to stimulate you

Less government would be a wonderful modernization of Government approach.

Less Pelosi, less Reid, and Obama in less of a "pass it now, read it later" approach to legislation.

Less government spending, please.

Less deficits please.

Or else, Americans will "modernize" your buns in November. Oops, too late, you're outta here !

There are already innovative solutions out there

Most of them are embedded in this disregarded document called the Constitution. It might be nice to see the Republican leadership adhering to the confines established in that document before approaching newer ideas.

The other really obvious solution is to cut spending. Slash it. Raze government programs. Eliminate the deficit.

However, either of these approaches would require cajones, something else the GOP leadership has been lacking for quite some time.