Ethnic Outreach From Conservatives, Done The Right Way

I want my party to do this! From Tim Mak at FrumForum:

In the ongoing Canadian election campaign, we’re seeing a lot of examples for ethnic outreach done right – especially with the micro-targeted campaign ads that the Conservative Party has recently released in minority languages like Mandarin and Cantonese and Punjabi ...

In this election, we now have Alice, Tim, Harry and Nina – all minorities who are Conservative Party politicians, speaking in their native language to members of their ethnic group

The ads are particularly well done. This one was done by Canadian Conservative Member of Parliament, Dr. Alice Wong, speaking to her constituents in Cantonese:

And here's an English-language version from Canadian Conservative MP Nina Grewal:

Why are these ads powerful? Because they celebrate diversity without exploiting it. I have made the case before than some who profess to be "progressives" often use ethnicity as a way to divide and drive voters. These ads and this outreach program clearly serve to celebrate Canadian ethnic diversity while also discussing shared values. In fact, the second ad above makes the point that "things haven't always been fair for" ethnic minorities, yet progress it being made and that it's time to "vote our values."

Both major parties in America have now had extensive experience in Hispanic-language ads. But when will Republicans celebrate our diversity of elected officials and candidates in a way that can serve as outreach tools to Americans of all backgrounds? Will we soon watch TV ads, hear radio spots and see pamphlets in Mandarin, Korean, Farsi, etc.?

Bottom line: the right kind of creativity and strategic thinking can communicate shared conservative values to different ethnic, religious and cultural communities.

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Thank you for leaking the

Thank you for leaking the Conservative strategy session on "ethnic outreach" to the Globe, anonymous insider, whoever you are. Multicultural and ethnic outreach should stop being reactive and instead be proactive..

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I agree with your article. Campaign ads need to be more truthful and focusing on ethnics without exploiting them is very powerful and when done properly, as these are, very effective.

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It's surpising

The number of black, asian, hispanic et. at. voters out there who are conservative. I look, and see, that there are reasonable conservatives hasn't left these people out, but that party politics has. I've been to small town that you can see a past that was white, the was conservative, that was based around manufacturing that is now gone. The past is gone. But that doesn't mean that community values, religion and respect haven't gone away. But they exist differently.

Love these ads...

Why can't the Republican Party broaden itself in this way?  We saw no apologies or pandering in these ads.  No need for it.  Just simple truth. DD