Tap Creative National Talent

To continue building its infrastructure, the center-right is going to have to start hiring talent from around the country. I understand the value of having most of your human resources in a dynamic, creative cluster like NoVa/DC, but it’s time to tap folks that don’t relish living in Termite Town. Besides, there are creative clusters in other places.

Telecommuters and remote workers aren’t going away any time soon. To remain competitive while extending their national reach, both partisans and non-profits need to think nationally. Virtual workforces are now possible. (Reason Foundation, for example, has people all over the country.) Novel, immersive conferencing environments like Teleplace are getting less expensive and improving collaboration across geographies. There are trade-offs to distributed workforces to be sure, but the costs are going down and the benefits are going up.

The next time you post a job, open your mind. Your best candidate may be in Silicon Valley, Austin, Texas, or Research Triangle, NC—and may want to stay there. 

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Best buy did it,

Best Buy has a lot of telecomuters, and it has saved them a lot of money and increased productivity. They are still in business, Circuit City is not. Enough said.

Also: Why is it called 'Termite Town'?

Virtual workers

Virtual workers are growing more and more every day. It used to be that people thought that working at home was a scam. Now it is the normal thing to do. Soon there will be at least one person per household who works at home. Blagues

Sarah Palin is great outside

Sarah Palin is great outside the beltway and NorthEast Corridor, talent.