Speak out against the spending

The recent explosion in spending is no secret.  The government has already pledged more than $4 trillion in its attempt to solve this economic crisis—more than the cost of World War II. As though that’s not enough, the government has committed to spend trillions more over the next few years, which will bring the grand total to a staggering $12 trillion in new spending. That’s more than 24 times the size of the New Deal. 

But lost in all these colossal figures and vast amounts of debt are the consequences endured by average Americans, both today and especially tomorrow. 

We hope http://www.StopSpendingOurFuture.org can give such ordinary Americans a chance to speak out.  The Tea Parties were a good beginning, but it can't stop there.

With the month of April coming to a close, there are just a few days left to enter one of the Stop Spending Our Future contests. We've had some great video entries, but we're hoping to get a few more before the April 30 deadline.

In addition to the $500 video contest, we're also giving away prize money for people who 1) write a letter that your child, grandchild, or great-grandchild will open 30 years from now, 2) give this over-spending a name using 10 words or less, and 3) tell the story of a Taxpayer Tea Party. You can find out all the details at http://www.StopSpendingOurFuture.org.

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While I admire your efforts...

...we now need leadership more than videos. As far as I know, we have a march on Washington scheduled for September 12, 2009, and little else. I have suggested we support and encourage local demonstrations at city hall in as many small hometowns as possible for the July 4, 2009. I, personally, can't think of a better time to rally for liberty than on the 4th, but some would disagree.

But, actually, what we need now is a consolidation of the Tea Party movement leadership. TP activists must come together and create a political structure, perhaps helped by the Heritage Foundation, so we can all move forward collectively.

ex animo


Why was that date chosen?

we have a march on Washington scheduled for September 12, 2009

What an appalling choice for a date for this.

You know...

...I was thinking the same thing. I could be mistaken about the date, but if it is the right date, I can't imagine a worst time to hold this march. But I thought it was just me.

ex animo


You are indeed correct

I was so astonished to see it in your comment that I did some Googling to confirm it.


Un fucking believable.

macho party wishes to claim 9-11 for itself

gawd, I hate macho party. [this is not to say I hate principled republicans, far from it!]



This is in really poor taste, as well as incoherent.  Why Sep 12, the day after 911, a hallowed day of grieving and remembrance in US history?

Whoever picked this date has a lot more anger than good sense.

9/12?! Why??

(I spotted a typo and fixed it.  The following is not new.)

In the abstract, I agree that unchecked government would become an existential threat to our future as would unchecked Islamist terror.

Maybe somebody is trying to make that point by scheduling the march for 9/12.

If so, it is unbelievably tin-eared.

It might be a rookie mistake by political newbies.  Or it might be choreography by the brilliant Republican strategerists who persuaded this center-right nation to elect a strongly liberal government.

9/12? Dumb as Effing Dirt, kids!

Can someone have the adults call these people and tell them to reschedule? 

No, I mean, are the organizers going to have Ron Jeremy speak at the rally, too?

Two words: "Jesus Wept."

You should fear depression worse

Let me ask this question: what exactly is wrong with spending money to reform healthcare, rebuild our infrastructure, and become energy independent?

People elected Obama to:

  1. Prevent an economic collapse
  2. Reform healthcare
  3. Reestablish the middle class

When you say we shouldn't bail out banks, or do anything to prevent the collapse, you ignore over 200 years of bailing out banks during repeated economic collapses in the 18th, 19th, and early 20th centuries. History is irrefutable- do nothing and things will get worse. The debt and deficit will only grow if we collapse into a depression. I voted for and support Obama. I also don't like the course he's taken on the banks, but if you don't like the bank bailouts, propose a viable alternate solution. Fear of depression>fear of debt.

His pledge to reform healthcare and reestablish the middle class are things people want him to do. If the course he's taking is wrong, once again, propose a viable alternate solution.

We had over a dollar's worth of debt for every dollar we produced after WWII, but the deficit spending created an economic expansion that brought prosperity and the gradual payment on the debt. The debt is to be monitored, but it's not to supposed to prevent us from doing what's necessary for the country.






Uh, try again....

The WWII debt was invested in a massive armaments program that had incredible spinnoff effects in the economy. Massive investments in plant, equipment, road, rail, auto, and aircraft led the way to supercharging the American economy.

That and the lack of approximately 13 million able bodied men in the civilian economy for up to four years built up an enormous amount of pent-up demand.

Add to this the fact that the rest of the planet had been reduced to rubble, and much of the postwar prosperity is explained.

Deficits can be put to good use, depending on what you do with them. The Two Ocean Navy Bill in 1940 employed vast numbers of workers. Obama doesn't have the imagination to go down this road. 

Obama would jump start the economy if he turned to an armaments program. He'd also have huge support within the Republican Party. He would build a Democratic/Indepndent coaliton that would last for 25 years. 

But he is a man of the Left, and unlike Roosevelt, is not a pragmatist. That's what people don't get about Obama: he is not the ruthless pragmatist Roosevelt was at all. FDR thought outside the box at all times. People like Obama were in Henry Wallace's camp in the Democratic Party, and were eventually purged after the War by Truman and Eleanor.


my ore-ida french fries

are a product of the Great depression's rural electrification programs, as well as the development and promulgation of refridgeration.

seems like some of FDR's New Deal had long term spinoffs.

Also, we used Packard engines in our war effort. How long after teh war did Packard last?

Progressive, sure. Raging liberal, not so much

Armaments? You think we need to spend more money on armaments? Like we don't spend enough?

I guess the highway collapse in Minnesota doesn't convince you of our infrastructure needs.

I guess the fact that after defeating healthcare reform under Clinton, the free market has covered less people, who have less coverage, and spend far more on that coverage doesn't convince you we need healthcare reform.

Obama's only a raging lefty to most who remain in the republican party because they are hopelessly far right. If conservative leaders in DC pissed off their base as often as Obama does, they wouldn't be in the wilderness right now.

At the bottom of this page Open Left is considered a good lefty blog. You'll find out they disagree with Obama on practically everything: bank bailouts, healthcare reform, the decision to let Specter flip with the promise of no primary fight or yes vote on EFCA, etc.

This country has seen political extremes the last 8 years, and that's why Dems had a majority fall into their laps.

Reagan Bush

Both Reagan and Bush broke new ground in government deficits.  If you're not in the Stockman wing of the Republican party -- the tiny minority of Republicans who opposed Reagan and Bush deficit spending -- you have no business piping up now.  Sooner or later there is bound to be another Republican President, who again will cut taxes to give instant gratification to the rich at the expense of our children.  Will you oppose him/her?  Hint: the first thing the Republican congress did when Bush was elected was to scrap PAYGO.