Quick Back of the Envelope Calculations

One of Joe Biden's major applause lines tonight came when he demanded equal pay for women.  That's a worthy cause to be sure.  But is Biden practicing what he preaches?

Maybe not.

Despite the fact that Biden employs 27 women and only 14 men (could that be a Clinton problem?), very few of the women and men share common titles.  The one job where there is overlap is staff assistants.  These are traditionally entry level low-wage jobs in congressional offices.

So how do Biden's salaries stack up?

The average male staff assistant in Biden's office (based on the most recent salary figures) made $39,162 in the time period. 

The average woman in that position made $21,323.

Hey Joe!  Before you demand something of others, maybe you should lead by example.  Why not start by giving the women in your office a raise?

Update:  It also looks like the highest salaries are reserved for men, despite their minority status. 4 out of 14 men made more than $40,000 in the period, but only 5 of 27 women cleared that mark.  Two of the men earned $70k, but the highest paid woman made only $46,000

Update 2: Does Obama walk the walk?  It looks like he's certainly better than Biden.  A review of his staff for the same period at least shows remarkable consistency in pay for the jobs carrying the same title.  Although of the twenty highest salaries in his office, 13 are men and 7 are women.

Update 3: It also works going the opposite direction.  Of the 20 lowest salaries in Obama's office, 13 are women and 7 are men. (And please note, there is no overlap between those two lists, and I have not included anyone that worked less than the full time period.)

Update 4: For those who asked, one final note before I do some real work.  Of the 20 highest salaries on John McCain's staff, 13 are women, and 7 are men.

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as an underpaid woman I support equal pay

and your information supports need for review of saleries on Joe's staff.  I was wondering if your source provided any details about saleries of Mccain's staff for comparison, e.g. are his maids paid as well as his butlers?  (couldn't resist) 

This could be a bipartisan issue. It could include questioning potential supreme court justices on  thier views.  If I'm not mistaken it was the liberal justices (now opposed by mccain) who voted in favor of the woman plantiff in one recent case re pay discrimination.

Feel free to check on McCain...

I have no idea what you'll find, but Legistorm will help you find it.

Someone wrote me to suggest that Biden's staff may be paid half-time by the Senate office and half-time by the campaign.  That may be true, but something tells me Biden won't use that defense.

The clear intent of the Hatch Act was to prevent that sort of thing.  In 1993 it was amedned to allow the loophole.  While I haven't verified this, my bet is Joe "I've been here longer than McCain" Biden voted to weaken the law.

As a result, he's not likely to get into an ethics/good government debate with Mr. Campaign Finance Reform.

Good Stuff

This is too funny.  A good way to start my morning.

But, as we will all know the media will never say anything.

Also, has anyone noticed how Exxon sponsors the DNC Convention.  You have to wonder what would happen if the RNC Convention were sponsored by Exxon.