Guilty Pleas in Ohio Voter Fraud - A Warning to States, Parties and Candidates

From the Columbus Dispatch, three staffers for Vote Today Ohio have plead guilty to illegally registering and voting in Columbus during the so-called Golden Week - a seven day period when Ohio residents could register to vote and cast a ballot at the same time.

This will likely be a footnote it what was a monumental disaster perpetrated by the Ohio Secretary of State and supporters of Barack Obama.  But it highlights three important realities:

  • The extreme vulnerability of Election Day Registration
  • The enormous influence one highly partisan election official can have on the process
  • The need to invest in ballot security programs

For those who have forgotten, Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner unilaterally re-interpreted Ohio Election statutes governing the overlap of the voter registration deadline and the start of early vote to create a de-facto seven day window of Election Day Registration whereby residents could fill out an application and immediately cast a vote.

She ordered the unprepared and understaffed County Election Boards to set-up voting centers that would ensure a massive turnout. Then Brunner amazingly banned all pollwatchers from the vote centers.  Chaos without witnesses.

Many County Election Boards balked and the Ohio Republican Party unsuccessfully sued to stop her, but it was too late.

From the beginning, stories of fraud and misconduct were widely reported.  The Obama Campaign, ACORN, Vote Today Ohio, and Vote From Home were all linked to voter fraud during Golden Week. See here, here, here, here here here here here here here here 

But, as is the case when elections aren’t close, Obama’s victory overshadowed the widespread fraud of Election 2008.  But it happened in Ohio and it happened on a much larger scale then what is being reflected by three guilty pleas.  It will be interesting to see if any of the other groups named above will face similar charges.

This should be a wake up call to any state that is considering EDR without significant safeguards in place,  any political party that isn’t heavily investing in Secretary of State races, and any campaign that doesn’t have a ballot security program. 

The three who plead guilty are:

Amy Little, 50, of New York. (Ms. Little was a consultant for Congressman John Hall (D-NY) until news broke in October that she illegally voted).

Daniel Hausman, 32, of New York.

Yolanda Hipplesteele, 30, of California.

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Blackwell in 2004

People like you site negligible cases of voter fraud, and ignore hundreds of thousands of voters getting thrown off the rolls when Ohio had a repub secretary of state.

You don't care about the thousands denied their rights in Florida in 2000.

Let me see, which would affect and election more? Your so called voter fraud cases which don't even amount to a 1000, or several hundred thousand being improperly thrown of the rolls under Ken Blackwell?

You people sure don't mind talking about voter irregularities when they don't even factor, and are silent when huge numbers of irregularities get repubs wins in close elections.

And lets not forget that McCain had fraudster Nate Sproul

And lets not forget that McCain had known vote-fraudster Nate Sproul on his payroll:

John McCain paid $175,000 of campaign money to a Republican operative accused of massive voter registration fraud in several states, it has emerged.

As the McCain camp attempts to tie Barack Obama to claims of registration irregularities by the activist group ACORN, campaign finance records detailing the payment to the firm of Nathan Sproul, investigated several times for fraud, threatens to derail that argument.


Protect the vote

We absolutely must protect the vote, and keep voter fraud of any sort from happening (or at least limit it so that it becomes negligible).

If that means no same day registration/voting, then fine. (1)

If that means voter-ID, that is fine, too. (2)

If that means trust and verification of the vote tallies, perfect! (3)

(1) - I have no problem requiring that people register prior to election day.  Proper certification needs to be required showing up-to-date information. 

(2) - We should show a valid ID when we vote.  Sadly, this simple requirement has been screwed up by politicizing it.  The GOP slam this type of rule through the state legislatures shortly before election day, disenfranchising poor, elderly, 90-year-old nuns, etc.  If they were serious about verifying a voter's ID instead of trying to skim thousands of Democratic leaning voters, they might actually succeed.  Pass a voter ID law, but make it effective 12-24 months AFTER passage.  As part of the law, REQUIRE lots of public notification, as well as aid to those who need to acquire that ID.  The law of the land, as it currently stands, does not require that a person hold a valid ID to simply exist.  If that requirement is instituted for a basic right (such as voting), every effort must be made to help folks fulfill that requirement.

(3) - Voting machines?  Sure thing.... as soon as we can verify that the figures are accurate and verifyable.  Diebold??? FAIL!!!  Letting partisans (state campaign directors, etc) be in charge of those elections should also be forbidden.  Vendors of voting machines should also be forbidden from participating in campaigns.  The bozo that was in charge of Diebold promised Ohio to GW in 2000.  How in the world could anybody trust a single figure out of Diebold machines after that statement?  If you weren't a GOP nominated Supreme Court justice, you DIDN'T.  And would somebody please tell me what is so difficult about printing receipts?  ATMs do it all the time.  Cash registers do it all the time.  Voting machines cannot?

in my state a utility bill counts to verify address.

That seems reasonable, as everyone gets something at their home address.

Voter fraud on the Democrats part is negligible. Put plainly, it's more efficienty for them to get more people, real people, to go vote, than it is to have the same person vote twice.

that's what it is like being in the majroity party.


what's it like being int he minority party? you pass ever more restrictive laws to make it harder for the disenfranchiseed to vote. which is exactly what the republicans are doing.

personally, i favor vote by mail. saves so much trouble and taxpapyer dollars.

I live in Oregon and think

I live in Oregon and think our Vote-by-mail system is the bees knees, but I also recognize that it took about a decade to get the system well tuned. It took  a monumental effort to get the registration records cleaned up, and to get the voters educated on how to use the system. I think it works great, but for a place like Ohio, or Florida, where there is a lenghty tradition of voting irregularities on both sides, making a vote-by-mail system work will take a LONG time.

They lost, thats why they care

The type of voter fraud where somebody votes illegally, is negligible. Repubs only bring it up when they lose elections.


Missing the Mark

This is why it is important to cripple ACORN before the 2010 elections. We are not focusing on them now (except for Moncrief) and that is a mistake. If we hit them hard and continue to dig into their activities and connections they will not be able to cause chaos at the polling places. When I voted, I saw more ACORN people than poll workers. Moncrief exposed that her former boss Karyn Gillette worked for Brunner and ACORN at the same time in 2005/2006. Brunner is intertwined with ACORN and is just as corrupt. We really have to pay attention to Obama's "gifts" to ACORN in the form of stimulus dollars.