Stop Gloating

Scott Brown’s victory is an enormous opportunity – for the Democrats.

That is if we repeat the mistakes of the past in interpreting a “change” election.

There is no doubt that President Obama and Democratic over-reaching on stimulus and health care – to no immediate effect – fueled the Brown momentum in Massachusetts.  They know that and after they get through finger-pointing and in-fighting, they will do some serious soul-searching in the wake of Brown’s election much like we did after November 2008.

Republicans meanwhile appear to be reacting to Brown’s win by puffing up our chests and assuming that we will win every place we play.

However, more than anything, voters in Massachusetts – as in states around the country – are fed up with government.  The have no faith in the current leadership of both parties for good reason.

Neil Newhouse, the pollster for the Brown campaign, posted a summary of the verbatims from Massachusetts voters during the last two weeks of the race.  “We’re mad as hell and we’re not going to take it anymore,” “Washington isn’t listening to us,” and “Don’t take my vote for granted.” 

I worked with Neil on a race in 2006, and these were nearly word-for-word the verbatims we were hearing then.  Voter dissatisfaction has nothing to do with party: the reason a plurality of independents voted for Obama in states like Virginia and Massachusetts, but voted to reject the status quo by voting for a Republican in November 2009 and yesterday.

Gauging the overall reaction to Scott Brown’s victory returns bold statements about a Republican sweep in 2010, and the expectation that new candidates will materialize to challenge entrenched Democrats across the country.  The theme “If Democrats Can Lose Massachusetts, They Can Win Anywhere” is taking off along with its sunnier twin, “If Republicans Can Win in Massachusetts, They Can Win Anywhere.

We can, and we will probably sail to victory in some races. Yet, in the same way that an over-confident, arrogant Martha Coakley saw the race slip from her hands, like Hillary Clinton in the 2008 Democratic primary, it’s quite possible that several Republicans could suffer the same fate if we misinterpret the Brown win.

Failure to step back from a health care bill proven enormously unpopular. Failure to utilize new, effective tools and tactics for reaching voters like social media and online advertising. Failure to hold frequent townhalls, forums or events whereby a conversation takes place between candidate and citizens.

These failures are all hairline fractures caused by the same injury: arrogance.  It’s so last year to criticize Republicans for aloofness, but it will be so this year if we don’t take a measured response to Brown’s victory. 

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Just as with NY23rd....

...folks nationwide were looking for the "most" conservative candidate to support.  In NY23 it was Hoffman.  In Massachusetts it was Brown.  A liberal Repub like Brown wouldn't make much of a splash in a red state like TX.  But in MA - total different story. What was proven here and in NY23 was that folks nationwide are watching candidates in other parts of the country and are willing to support the "most conservative" of these.  Financially and otherwise. IMO politics no longer necessarily starts at the local level.  It'll be interesting to watch what happens in AZ w/McCain if JD Hayworth opposes him.  I think we'll see the same trend.   

I think Mindy points out something here very important.  The GOP can expect to pick up several house and senate seats in 2010 but  will it be enough to move the dynamic rightward?  And rightward is where the populace wants to go.  The GOP's reluctance to move rightward is what caused the loses on 11/7/06 and 11/4/08.  The GOP threw its net on the wrong side of the boat in '06 & '08.  No, there's still a lot of work to be done getting the GOP's dysfunctional house in order.   IMO they still suffer from this "aloofness" but they're trying very hard (and unsuccessfully)  to mask it.  Certainly, no time to gloat or sit around on our laurels.  Darvin Dowdy

Can we gloat a little?

Sure, I'll agree that Brown's victory doesn't necessarily mean that Sanders' Vermont seat is in play.  But hell, that was one remarkable victory.  Can't we savor it just a little bit?

No Kidding

Take a day to celebrate and gloat. Brown for president? I don't think so.

Historical victory? Hell yes. And we've had a "troll free" day as our resident trolls read Kos and figure out the spin (having no original thoughts of their own-right Mr. Smith?)

Gloat today, prepare for tomorrow and the next battle!

Clinton 2001

I think there are many similarities there, and many dissimilarities. Depends on who you ask, is this a victory for Republicans or a call to Dems? The distinction is important and pundits and strategist will be asking.

I can only imagine though that Dems will get their shit together and pass "stuff". We'll see if it's the right stuff, pun intended.



stop gloating, sure, but not now

What Chemjeff said.  This election was friggin' yesterday.  The rest are almost a year away.  It's a bit early to tell anyone to stop gloating.

The long term message Repubs will take from yesterday's election is not "assuming that we will win every place we play" but correctly noting that we can win every place we play and not writing off any potentially competitive races.

435 district strategy

The long term message Repubs will take from yesterday's election is not "assuming that we will win every place we play" but correctly noting that we can win every place we play and not writing off any potentially competitive races.

Right after the 2008 election, Eric Erickson at Redstate had a post about having a 435-district strategy, where the Republican Party fields a competitive candidate in every single district.  Brown's victory might give new impetus to this idea.

Instead of gloating

Instead of gloating,  we're going to New Hampshire, we're going to South Carolina and Oklahoma and Arizona and North Dakota and New Mexico, and we're going to California and Texas and New York ... And we're going to South Dakota and Oregon and Washington and Michigan, and then we're going to Washington, D.C., to take back the White House! Yeah!!!

 Unfortunately, republicans

 Unfortunately, republicans don't know how to run the country either. It is all failed ideology. 8 years of tax cuts and where is the jobs?

Where the Jobs ? 8 yrs of 4.5% Unemployment is where

1 Yr of Obama, where are the JOBS  ?   Where is the Harvard Economic Brain  ?

Obama would LOVE to have the BUSH Numbers on un-employment, Pick a Bush Year, any year..............and the Stock Market wouldLOVE to have the "Start" of a recovery.  

Instead, we get Ignorance and an Ideology from Obama that does NOT WORK....12 Million Un-employed, and most of them Legal Citizens, are coming to DC and/or the Voting Booth.  

DC could not concern themselves with a Million Tea Partiers.....maybe they will Notice NEXT Time...and Next time is coming this Year.

The Grass Roots are Growing ......even in the Winter.......along with the Washington DC Lies.

 While Bush was in la la land

 While Bush was in la la land with his tax cuts, my town lost some 2000 jobs (3 factories closed) out of a population of 16,000. Of course every year we heard that "free trade is good."  This ideology was supposed to create the dream world and it did nothing. We had ignorance, arrogance, and failed ideology for 8 years. Obama is no better, but he did not create a recession. Nothing was done to invest in our country, in our people, and in the future. We sit here with no new jobs as the old jobs left the country. We saw the roaring 20's for those 8 years, our jobs went overseas, our money to Iraq, and our country neglected. We are where we are, in a hole and it will take 10 to 20 years to get out of it. These jobs we lost are not coming back and so far all we hear is the support of small business and/or "free market principles." Of course, that won't work in my town. No small business can start up where the factories left. So, let me know when the republicans have an answer. I have not heard of one yet. 

La la Land...sounds like a Blue State Issue....what State ?

Bush could not protect you from Swartzenegger the RINO, or Michigan Politics, or the "Insolvency" of Illinois, or the Taxes of New Jersey, or the Nevada Disaster, or the Oregon Taxes........

Tell me when I mention your State ...................etc...

The Federal Government doesn't Create Jobs......they damn sure can take 'em away, but the only $$$$s the Feds Get, are thru Taxes.  

China doesn't buy the Feds Products.   Europe may buy an occaisional Missile defense System, but Ratheon and Friends produce those Products.

You're looking to the Feds for Salvation, and all they have is a 52% Unionized Bureaucracy and takeaway Tax Policies to feed the addiction.


 You can sit with tax cuts or

 You can sit with tax cuts or the constitution but this ideology does not solve problems. The problem we have today is globalization and it has taken millions of jobs. There are 2 to 3 billion cheap laborers that want our jobs, and there is not enough jobs to go around. The end result is to lose our standard of living. And that is what has been happening over the years. China is growing over 8% and we will have 3% temporarily but business is not hiring and besides there are no jobs to go to anyway. So the only other choice is welfare. 

You are right, the federal government does not create jobs, however, it can create conditions for companies to create jobs. That is the following:

1. Invest in your country: Energy independence for security and for jobs. A new air traffic control system will make aircraft fly more direct routes and will save on fuel, creating profits and more aircraft can be bought creating more jobs. High speed rail in some areas. It is expensive, but the problem is and you have to ask yourself this: What widget can we make here that they can't make in China? So this is what we are up against. We are going to have to find jobs that will stay here. 

2. Mandatory vocational training. This hits a sore spot, I know. However, we need to solve problems and not sit on failed ideology. It used to be that you could just work in a factory. That option is limited now and you need an educated society to compete with globalization.

Hudson Institute > Promoting U.S. Worker Competitiveness in a Globalized Economy

3. Invest in the future. Tax cuts does nothing for the future. That money was spent for the here and now. (roaring 20's and history repeats itself) You need more in federal research grants to universities and to business to create the science and future jobs of tomorrow.

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Now if you want to talk about a blue state issue, just what kind of governance should we have?

It is Washington, and not the states that said "Free trade is good"  (Bush, and Clinton signed it). So it was Washington that got rid of our jobs. (However, I will make this point. It makes no difference if you have treaties or not. The fact remains that we have globalization.)

The cities and states cannot compete with 2 to 3 billion cheap laborers. The numbers are against them. So don't expect the cities and states by themselves to compete with China and other countries.

It is China growing at 8% and our country barely 3% with no hiring.

It is China that is doing the investing and not our country. 

It is Washington that uses our money for war and neglected our country and our problems.

It is the right wing of the republican party that wants to put religion in government. And if you believe in the constitution and federalism, then this is sort of oxymoron.

So it seems to me, that there is some confusion on what republicans want to do. In any case, if you nothing, then you will have bigger government with welfare. So why not solve the problems? 

Now, if republicans support small business, that will not fly in my town. A good analogy of this is the shopping malls. You need J.C. Penney and others to be the anchors and it also supports small business. The same holds true for small towns. Small business wraps around the factories. With no factories, you have no small business. Again, a failed ideology out of Washington.

And if you want (as Palin suggested) a country on free market principles, then we know China and other countries win with cheap labor. That is the way it works in economics. In other words we will be neglected like usual. 

So there you have it. The tax cuts does not get down to the bottom 20% to 30% of the population. And since this is the area with  most of the problems, this is the area that needs working on. Of course, as I said before with just tax cuts or the constitution, then we solve no problems. Then, we have to settle for high unemployment, more bailouts, more welfare, the loss of the middle class, and less tax revenue for cities, states, and the federal government. And to me, that is not good business. 


Of course this was written in 1984

Now Main Street's whitewashed windows and vacant storesSeems like there ain't nobody wants to come down here no moreThey're closing down the textile mill across the railroad tracksForeman says these jobs are going boys and they ain't coming back to your hometown 

Bruce Springsteen.1984. Not exactly a new story. When you live in a desert, move to an oasis. Who's living in a dream world dude?

0 - 3 is a Trend....We're voting, not Gloating

Pay Attention..........Are you smarter than a 5th Grader ?

Actually, we were a little Slow on NY23, but we got better, Quickly.   We the Teabaggers.


I am a conservative that was pleasantly surprised at last Tuesday's vote in Massachusetts. The people of that state were sending an emphatic message to Capital Hill... start listening to us. However, I agree with Mr. Dowdy that this was a strong message for change and not an endorsement of the Republican party. The citizens of this country have been very frustrated for a few years starting with Congress ignoring the illegal immigrant situation. It was ignored by both parties. casino online