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Ned Ryun is absolutely correct about this.  The Tea Party protests are getting people engaged, and that's good.  But it is not sufficient.  The Tea Party protests will be valuable if the participants remain engaged; if this activity begets more activity - grassroots-directed activity.  This is an opportunity for a reformational insurgency on the Right, but it has to be organic and sustained. - Jon Henke

I’m amazed that what began as a single anti-stimulus protest organized by one blogger in Seattle, Washington in February has now turned into a revolution sweeping the nation. Eric Odom of the DontGo movement and others seized on the idea, and now nearly 1,000 (or more) Tax Day Tea Party events are planned for April 15th, with hundreds of thousands of people expected to show up and protest the government’s out of control spending. It’s about time people publically demonstrated enmasse at the stupidity of the current political leadership (and I fault both major parties and their current and former leadership for the mess we’re in).

But I have one concern: We show up; we protest; we go home. But what comes next?    There are events in history that impact the direction a nation takes. This could be one of those moments. I know the organizers of the National Tax Day Tea Party have begun to think about it, and I am convinced that if done right, this could be the MoveOn.org moment for the conservative movement. Think about it: MoveOn.org began as a simple petition and email list, wanting people and leaders to move on from the Bill Clinton impeachment. Consider what it is today.   To help keep the momentum of the Tea Party Revolution going, American Majority has developed an After the Tea Party plan. My challenge to those attending the Tea Parties is this: we’re showing up to protest on behalf of freedom and limited government. But that should just be the beginning. We need to take it a step further if we want to see true freedom and limited government here in America. We need implementers of freedom and limited government. If people are really fed-up with the current elected leadership of this country, then they should think about becoming the next generation of leadership. We need people to channel their passion into part of a long-term approach, and run for local office (or become more effective activists). What if we have 1,000,000 people show up on the 15th? What if 5% take up this challenge to run for state and local office on free market, limited government principles? It would be the beginning of something very, very good for this country.   That’s what After the Tea Party is about. We want people to go to www.aftertheteaparty.com and sign up. American Majority will then train those who sign up to run for office or to become a more effective activist.   I’m posting this so I can help get the word out about After the Tea Party. I need those reading this to do a few things:  

  1. Attend a local Tax Day Tea Party near you (visit www.taxdayteaparty.com to find a nearby event).
  2. Pass out literature at the event to let others know about American Majority’s After the Tea Party plan. Contact Jaoni Wood at jaoni@americanmajority.org, give her the city of the event you’ll be attending, and your name and snail mail address so that we can send you the literature.
  3. Forward this to family and friends. Help recruit others to take part in the cause.

The Tax Day Tea Parties represent one of our greatest opportunities to motivate, encourage and engage citizens in the fight for freedom.   Let’s seize this moment and make the most of it.


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These are the things called clues

1. The "parties" have never had a set of demands. Most smart people start with the demands and then hold the protests. Others, well, they do things differently.

2. The fact that there's no overall strategy - and thus this post - is similar to the first issue.

3. At least one of the "facilitators" of the "movement" is part of the Kochtopus. That's not a good sign.

4. The vision of the "parties" I'm getting is not exactly of mainstream people who simply want good government and fiscal responsibility. Instead, it's more like this: completely selfish Randroid loons who have no interest in the best policies for the U.S. as a whole directed by shadowy folks connected to even more shadowy folks.

5. Some of the pullers of some of the "party" strings support massive immigration, such as Grover Norquist, Dick Armey, and Kochtopus-linked groups. Unless you support massive immigration, they are not your friends.

6. The numbers for the "parties" becoming a mass movement are just not there; there are only a limited number of "kulaks" (check out that fevered cup of steaming tea here.) That's the type of people who are part of the "movement".

7. The L.I. "party" drew 300 people, a number equivalent to 0.2% of all who voted in that deep blue district. If the Dem Rep. was even informed of their "party", he probably had a good chuckle about how weak his opposition is.

8. Since you can't win with numbers alone, you have to do things smarter. Such as by asking politicians very tough questions on video and uploading their responses to video sharing sites.

Or don't. Maybe it will all work out for you. I just think your chances are extremely slim.

Obama is polling pretty well

Obama is polling pretty well right now. What these right wing instigators want to substitute right wing dogma for what Americans actually want.

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I've said it before....

.... and I'll say it again....

Unless you folks were bitching about the horrific spending of the W administration, coupled with fighting two wars (one uncalled for) while simultaneously cutting taxes, and at the same time working to get the culprits out of office (meaning you did NOT vote for W in 2004 nor Senator McCain in 2008), then you have lost all credibility concerning "fiscal responsibility" and you need to STFU!  Teabag all you want, but quiet down and let the grownups fix the mess W and his criminal gang created.

PS - those "Obama Tax Increases" you keep griping about are nothing but President Obama simply letting the W tax cuts expire AS PER THE BILL W SIGNED INTO LAW.  Go bleat at W if you have problems with it.


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This whole "teabagging" thing is simply absurd.

And just as you fear, the "movement" is going to fizzle out, a victim of its own incoherence and the lack of a central argument or strategy. It's like some kind of wacked-out street theater. And we know how strong the wingnuts are in the arts!

So yes. Go ahead! "Teabag" all you want, while the rest of the country (or at least the few who care about these dumb demonstrations) laughs at you.


By you taking the time to comment, you've illustrated two things:

1).  The Tea Party movement is not insignificant. 

2).  The prospect of the movement lasting longer than April 15 makes you nervous.

Everyone knows that you never wake a sleeping tiger, so thanks for the challenge.

the mice will win out in the end.

the tigers have been tamed...

Viva Modernism!

Who is the majority

Please put in disclaimers.  It turns out that Ned Ryun runs the organization he's pushing. 

And about that name -- American Majority.  A majority voted for Obama.  Obama is polling pretty well right now.  What these right wing instigators want to substitute right wing dogma for what Americans actually want.


Seriously, is the best that the left can do?  They can't organize so they cowardly sit behind their computers and try to take potshots at this historic mobilization.  This is how majorities fall and new ones are made.  The left is walking the same road as the early 2000 GOP.  Watch out. 


*rolling eyes*

The left sure doesn't know anything about organizing... (cough Obama's campaign cough cough)

riiiiggghhhhtttt because

riiiiggghhhhtttt because Obama's campaign was so amazing. Let's take a look at that in Biz terms.

Take a great packaged product (or at least one with a great teleprompter) try to sell it in an IDEAL enviroment for your product and you get and almost unlimited ad budget.

Meanwhile your opponent is poorly packaged and comes from a brand with with history making bad numbers and he only spends thirty cents to every one of your advertising dollars.

The statement should not have been "Yes we can!" more like "How could we blow this lead?"

chris, don't tell me you aint' jealous of his fundraising

because you is. we both know that, so no foolin'.

nobody gives him a+ on commercials.

McCain? Wasn't from the brand you're talking about... Maverick Republican != Bob Dole.


Everyone on the Left knows this is just a scam.

The fingerprints of the usual culprits are all over this thing:  Heads and Chairs of all GOP state and local parties have gotten memos, there are going to be at LEAST 24 Conservative GOP Congressmen, people like Hebsarling and Gingrey who represent the right-wing extreme end of the GOP, speaking as invitees and guests of honor to these things.

Crazy Michelle Malkin, Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, every nationally-known figure on the Right have all promised appearances.  Hannity has been flogging this horse for over a week on his show, with "guest-spots" by "grassroots" people who happened to wake up one day and think of a tea party.  Then we find out later the person is actually a full-time coordinator who won't say where his or her paycheck is coming from, but who is leading an organization with literally dozens of people on the payroll, and has been active for months.

I have no problem whatsoever with the Right trying to organize peaceful demonstrations and air its views whenever and wherever.  This is America.

Just PLEASE don't insult every American's intelligence and try and sell us that this was an impromptu revolution, pulled together like MoveOn.org, just happening out there with no central GOP encouragement, funding, support, promotion, organization, coordination, and leadership, because we already know, you idiots.

Oh, and after the tea party?  Why, dainty towelettes dipped in warm rosewater, and cucumber sandwiches, of course.


We need to do more than that.

Not only do we need to come together and elect political leaders who share our grassroot political ideals of limited government, lower taxes and more personal freedom; we must also do what Newt Gingrich has recently suggested we do: Create an organized and sustained grassroot voice of our own.

Clearly, the experiences of the recent past have taught us that we cannot trust our own elected political leaders once they have obtained public office. It's as though once they have obtained public office, their new master become the special interests lobby, and not their back home grassroot constituency. To remedy this, we must use the tool providence has given our democracy to effectively empower the grassroots, the Internet.

We must use the Internet to give all who share the political ideals of limited government, lower taxes and more personal liberty a voice. Unless American Majority helps in allowing all to speak. All to be heard and accurately counted, any such grassroot movement will eventually end up like that last one did, pursuing Corporate America's political interests and not the grassroots political interest of lower taxes, limited government and more personal liberty. 

ex animo


control freaks and fake spontaneity of the "grassroots"

 Those who attended Bush's "public" meetings were carefully selected meaning you got in if you agreed with GOP propaganda. The same was true of McCain's and Palin's rallies: "If you don't agree with us, we don't want you here."

Why do Cheney and Rove always go to Fox News to be interviewed? Why were Palin's handlers so nervous about her getting off message and so careful about who got to interview her? Do you see a pattern here? Let's call it a distrust of spontaneity. By the way, this is a very characteristic trait of all authoritarian regimes which only tolerate one world view.

There is nothing spontaneous about the so-called Tea Party Revolt. The idea that it was the result of some kind of "grassroots" outrage over excessive taxation is total fiction. We know how the GOP propaganda machine works because it's so transparent in its feeble attempts to pull the wool over our eyes. I expect  the Tea Parties to be about as successful as  the 9/12 "movement."  Does anyone remember that?


tea party

Jim Dandy said everything I wanted to say, probably more articulate than i could've.

Tea Party GOP ?

Interesting to hear Jim dandy's take on the Tea Party stuff. While the people he mentioned are jumping on the band wagon for the tea parties they and the GOP are definitely not the organizers.  GOP is not really welcome as they are just as guilty of speding the money.  Hate to burst your bubble but as somebody involved inthe movement you are showing only speculation and your lack of knowledge.


Ron Paul's people?

On another right-learning site (seems mostly neocons), they are convinced it is Ron Paul devotees and those 'types' who are behind the parties -- Constitutional Party, Libertarians?  Is that what you're referring to?  Just as many say the GOP can't survive without the religious right, it also probably can't survive without the neocons and they were mocking the parties more fiercely than anyone I've read on HuffPo.

I think a poster on Andrew Sullivan's site best captured my impression of the tea parties.  The commenter spoke about the tendency of those on the right to have strong authoritarian streaks and now that they've lost 'control', the parties are an outlet that allow them to gather and commiserate with others struggling with the lack of power.  Seems innocuous enough and probably a useful therapy, but it's hard to imagine it will survive as a 'movement' once the crowd moves further along the stages of grief, past anger and denial, to acceptance. 

Protest effectiveness

Back in 2003, hundreds of thousands of anti-war marchers took to the streets.  In some cities it was curb to curb and many blocks long, numbers that surely dwarf the teabag (who CHOSE that sexual connotation anyway?) protests.

How did that work out for them?

I don't know who decided to use the "teabagging" thing

but if it's anything like the McCain girls...

well, lets just say there's a reason young people laugh at the Republican party "It's raining McCain in my head" -- yes, that insinuation was intentional.

I don`t know what benefits

I don`t know what benefits does this so called Tea Parties bring to us, normal citizens. They should of done something to fight against corruption or drug dealers or gay people and stuff like this.  So many people are now in rehab centers because of this legal herbs. It`s time for us to do something against this stupidity.