Breaking News: Budget Cancelled

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the previous right

 Since when did "the next right" start simply parroting GOP talking points with literally not a sentence worth of analysis or commentary.  This site has been on the downhill slide for months an I'm about done with it. 


the analysis is included in this post -- if you don't budget, youdon't govern.

so the dems don't govern -- too hard to figger it out?

where's your analysis?


Federal student loan

Thanks for posting this. Anyway, I wonder why is it they cancelled the budget. And now, I have read about federal student loans. The billions of dollars are selling student loans. Investors that trying to trade, purchase, or sell these might be making a decent investment. They are government backed meaning that, for the most part, the payment on the loans is assured to investors.

I found this here: Student loan backed securities up for sale

Some are wondering if the Government will ever back payday loans, especially since the mortgage industry was the last to go through this same type of change. 

Actually . . .

Should the government be in the loan busines . .  good question. But the goverment taking over student loans saves the government money.  . . . that's a good thing. Actually wha tthey did recently is best. Before it was like Fanny or Freddie (should be shut down):  backed but not supplied by the gov. It's step forward the gov just took it over.

As for the first point, other countries do it because they realize that having an educated work force makes them competitive in the world market.

A student’s ability to

A student’s ability to confidently handle an electronic environment is an added skill in the workplace.

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Well, the Government "coded" systems, are a pain

Negotiating electronic Red Tape is worse than real paper.   You are correct in saying its an asset for students to learn electronic environments, and how inefficient and "off the wall" the Government designed web pages really are.


An order filed by FPPC

An order filed by FPPC investigators said that filtering the contributions through a central committee "indicates the potential of intent to conceal the violation and the true source, amount and nature of the contribution." Online MBA Program | performing arts school

Holy moly

I used to come hear during the election. . . good times. Nothing/noone is here anymore. Stupid thing is that it was the moderate tone of the postings that made some good conversations between Dem and Reps. Now its just . . . shit like this posting. . . . and no one really cares.

This was a good site to come to at one point. . .  but the next left is the same as the old left and the next right is the same a the old right. . . . but even worse.