A Non-Ayers, Non-Wright Strategy for McCain

I've asked our contributors to weigh in on what McCain can do to turn things around. My effort is below.

I should caveat by saying that this is not a happy post. Part of the reason I believe McCain's drop has been so precipitious is that we are in fact seeing is a return to the natural equilibrium of the race, which was 4-6 points pro-Obama before the Celeb ad, Palin, and the RNC. Obama's lead now is in the range of where it was when he first captured the Democratic nomination. 

One of the striking features of this election is how little has been done to dent Obama's fav/unfav. Obama's unfavorability barely cracks 35, and he benefits from a 20+ point spread on this measure. This is a back-to-the-future moment. Lee Atwater famously proclaimed that any candidate with unfavorables over 40 was dead, and ever since every national candidate has been walking dead by this measure... until Obama.

Part of this has been because McCain has been so late to the game in seriously and systematically undermining Obama. Bush's first negative ad of the 2004 campaign was aired on March 15th. It was on July 31st that McCain landed his first punch with the "Celeb" ad. And even then, there was a disconnect between the ad's premise and its conclusion. As I wrote during the rollout:

Where it trails off is that the portrait doesn't match the frame. After framing up Obama's celebrity perfectly, the ad transitions into a standard Republican litany on taxes and gas prices. What exactly this has to do with Obama being like Paris Hilton isn't clear.

The ad would have been more thematically seamless if it honed in on the one or two best examples of Obama's naivite or selling American interests down the river to please the adoring Berlin crowds. Obama's "without preconditions" quote on Iran would be a perfect example. The theme: Obama's celebrity naivite isn't just misguided. It's dangerous.

The most effective narratives are those where personality traits can be tied to issues in a way that creates a seamless narrative construct for a voter to view the race.

Bush 41 looking at his watch was a metaphor for his being out of touch on the economy. Kerry's personal wishy-washiness was a metaphor for his weakness on the war on terror. Personality can serve as a metaphor and window into the Presidency.

What is Obama's celebrity a metaphor for? What is the meta-narrative about Obama we are looking to drive? That's never been clear to me. If it's his inexperience, merely stating it won't cut it. You need to find real-time examples of his acting naive or inexperienced. There have been exactly two in this campaign: "without preconditions" and Wright. And those haven't been foregrounded by McCain nearly to the same extent Kerry's $87 billion remark was.

If you're asking me, everything the campaign does must drive towards the idea that Obama is a self-centered Gen X naif. Since Obama's words can appear to be sophisticated, allowing him to argue he has "wisdom beyond his years" I would redouble attempts to poison his personality as a political asset  -- Sarah Palin's two memoirs and no major laws line, the clip of him dancing on Ellen (I would replay this over and over in ads), his manifest love affair with himself (there is a line in Dreams from My Father in which he professes his love of his own voice speaking to a group of fellow college students).

McCain must proceed to highlight the consequences of Obama's politics of self and in the process use the attack as a device to tell a story about McCain. Obama is about all about himself and the adulation of the crowds. McCain is about country and service and pulling together in a time of crisis. Obama is the kind of President you elect in a peaceful, self-indulgent time. McCain is who you elect when the house is burning down.

A perfect opportunity arose in the last debate and like "global test" four years earlier, McCain exploited it in real time -- but failed to follow up.

When Barack Obama was asked what spending he would cut in the face of the financial crisis, he gave a laundry list of programs he would increase. That's the answer of a typical self-centered politician who desperately seeks approval. McCain, appropriately, said he would freeze government -- a courageous act of sacrifice.

There was a time back in 2000 when McCain harkened directly to this spirit of service and sacrifice, the "serving a cause greater than your self-interest" sentiment that could have served him well in during the financial crisis. For all his hopeful rhetoric, even Obama has been unable to communicate a sense of confidence that even though things are tough now, if we all pull together and do the right things, we will come through this stronger than ever. Obama's rhetoric on the bailout has been Carteresque, and McCain's hasn't been much better. Specifically, while McCain was directing reformist invective at Wall Street (which no one believed) he should have been talking about what the crisis meant for we as Americans.

America could have used this rhetorical pivot from short term realism to long term optimism. It's not pollyannish. It directly acknowledges the severity of the crisis today while giving people hope about tomorrow. In a time of crisis people look both for a clear-eyed explanation of the problem and a sense of reassurance. This is the type of blood, sweat, toil, and tears rhetoric Bush should have been using on Iraq all along, and there, McCain was a role model for it. The 2008 environment was suited for this kind of tough-minded can-do rhetoric, and Obama's lackadasical vagueness made him vulnerable.

It's up to McCain to elevate the role of President to a place where Obama won't go and can't reach. In a time of financial turmoil, McCain needs to drive home the point that now is not the time for conventional, irresponsible, and petty political promises, like a massive socialization of the health care industry or increasing funding for the alphabet soup of government agencies. Sorry, but this also means that tax cuts are probably off the table too -- as well as tax increases that would steal resources from the private economy when they're needed most. Explicitly, McCain should make the case that America can't afford another party-line President, and that he'd be a post-partisan leader who would steer us through a time of turmoil.

The Keating attack is actually an opportunity to drive home McCain's sense of self-sacrifice. Though McCain was cleared of wrongdoing, he can make the point that this is what drove him to become a political reformer and a thorn in the side of his fellow Republicans. Told right, this story of redemption could break the dials tomorrow night. It also fits into the broader frame of service vs. selfishness. Obama thinks only about himself, and didn't change his ways when a greedy real estate developer sought to buy him off. McCain had an awakening when the same thing happened to him.

The Ayers stuff will be useful in solidifying the base and getting Obama's unfavorables to 40. But it's not a gamechanger. A casualty of McCain's months-long delay in going on offense is that he's had to debut his harshest material in October rather than road-testing it over the summer. In this sense, throwing in the kitchen sink now looks desperate and reactive, even though it was probably inevitable. Still, it would have been far better had McCain given his campaign license to launch these attacks at a time and place of its choosing, rather than having events force his hand.

Though I have a decent regard for my strategy over the others on offer, I am realistic about the prospects for a sudden turnaround right now. The strength of the Obama campaign is that it can be summed up in one word: Change. This is the unifying lens through which they want you to see the world. It's been an unwavering constant of their campaign. Bush's unifying thought in 2004 was strength against our enemies. Can someone please explain to me the single word that describes the McCain campaign? Even if they came to one now, they'd be 19 months too late.

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Who Is The Real Obama?

That should be the narrative for John McCain over the next 4 weeks.  McCain needs to go hard after Obama, this election is all about Obama.  Bringing up the Ayers and Rev. Wright connection will send Obama's negatives through the roof.  The Rev. Wright stuff alone is quite potent for the Reagan Democrats that are so crucial to this election. 

McCain needs to ignore the MSM fairytale that goingt too negative will create a backlash. 


This McCain can win the election:


If this is the tone of McCain's campaign from here on out, we can win this thing.


I Love It When...

...a member of the audience yells "Terrorist", and McCain just shrugs it off.  And when a member of the audience suggests killing Obama during a Palin rally, it really seems like you've hit on a winning strategy.   The poll numbers are sure to skyrocket once there's no one left  to run against. Oye.

MoBama speaks:

"I love it when a member of the audience yells 'Terrorist' ... [or] suggests killing Obama ...."

Yeah.  It's incredible how you Obots and the media focus on the antics of those Obama plants in the audience, isn't it? A little trick "the One" learned from Hillary.

The key issue in this

The key issue in this election is the economy.  The financial markets are in meltdown.  People are confused, scared and angry. 60% of Americans blame the Republicans which is why McCain's and everyother Republican's poll numbers are tanking.

However, the Democrats have caused this financial implosion.  They are the ones who set the low income loan targets for Fannie and Freddie and CRA loans.  They are the ones who blocked reform.  John McCain and the Republicans can win in November by attacking the Democrats on this issue.  The Democrats caused this problem and their cure is higher taxation, more spending, regulation and trade barriers.  Does this sound familar, the Democrats' plan is what caused the Great Depression to go on for 10 years. 

Watch this video, it is an excellent overview of the cause and how the Democrats created this disaster.


I suggest that everyone reading this share the video, write letters to editor, call up talk show hosts and try to get the word of this crisis and the Democrats role in it -- there are only four weeks left.


I agree - Obama's culpability in this is there as well

... and it ties back to his days as a leftwing community organizer.

Obama worked for ACORN. he helped ACORN sue banks to get them to relax lending standards.


ACORN showed its colors again in 1991, by taking over the House Banking Committee room for two days to protest efforts to scale back the CRA. Obama represented ACORN in the Buycks-Roberson v. Citibank Fed. Sav. Bank, 1994 suit against redlining. Most significant of all, ACORN was the driving force behind a 1995 regulatory revision pushed through by the Clinton Administration that greatly expanded the CRA and laid the groundwork for the Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac borne financial crisis we now confront. Barack Obama was the attorney representing ACORN in this effort. With this new authority, ACORN used its subsidiary, ACORN Housing, to promote subprime loans more aggressively.

This ties Obama in with the genesis of CRA and subprime lending.

All along the way, Obama has been an activist for leftwing causes.

He served on the board of a very anti-2nd-amendment foundation:


His community activist job was training in the Alinsky method:


Obama is for the wrong policies, and his real record is very left-liberal.

Is he right for the economy? Not by a long shot.



From independent investor and financial analyst Barry Rithotz:


Let's clarify the causes of current circumstances. Ask yourself the following questions about the impact of the Community Reinvestment Act and/or the role of Fannie & Freddie:

• Did the 1977 legislation, or any other legislation since, require banks to not verify income or payment history of mortgage applicants?

• 50% of subprime loans were made by mortgage service companies not subject comprehensive federal supervision; another 30% were made by banks or thrifts which are not subject to routine supervision or examinations. How was this caused by either CRA or GSEs ?

• What about "No Money Down" Mortgages (0% down payments) ? Were they required by the CRA? Fannie? Freddie?

• Explain the shift in Loan to value from 80% to 120%: What was it in the Act that changed this traditional lending requirement?

• Did any Federal legislation require real estate agents and mortgage writers to use the same corrupt appraisers again and again? How did they manage to always come in at exactly the purchase price, no matter what?

• Did the CRA require banks to develop automated underwriting (AU) systems that emphasized speed rather than accuracy in order to process the greatest number of mortgage apps as quickly as possible?

• How exactly did legislation force Moody's, S&Ps and Fitch to rate junk paper as Triple AAA?

• What about piggy back loans? Were banks required by Congress to lend the first mortgage and do a HELOC for the down payment -- at the same time?

• Internal bank memos showed employees how to cheat the system to get poor mortgages prospects approved that shouldn't have been: Titled How to Get an "Iffy" loan approved at JPM Chase. (Was circulating that memo also a FNM/FRE/CRA requirement?)


• The four biggest problem areas for housing (by price decreases) are: Phoenix, Arizona; Las Vegas, Nevada;  Miami, Florida, and San Diego, California. Explain exactly how these affluent, non-minority regions were impacted by the Community Reinvesment Act ?

• Did the GSEs require banks to not check credit scores? Assets? Income?

• What was it about the CRA or GSEs that mandated fund managers load up on an investment product that was hard to value, thinly traded, and poorly understood

• What was it in the Act that forced banks to make "interest only" loans? Were "Neg Am loans" also part of the legislative requirements also?

• Consider this February 2003 speech by Countrywide CEO Angelo Mozlilo at the American Bankers National Real Estate Conference. He advocated zero down payment mortgages -- was that a CRA requirement too, or just a grab for more market share, and bad banking?   

The answer to all of the above questions is no, none, and nothing at all.

The CRA is not remotely one of the proximate causes of the current credit crunch, Housing collapse,and mortgage debacle. As I detailed in Barron's, there is plenty of things to be angry at D.C. about -- but this ain't one of them.

Burning Down the House

Attack ads have to ring true to undermine a candidate. Ayers/ Wright attack lines don't ring true. More and more folks on the right are calling it for Obama. Man-up Patrick.

Stuck pigs always squeal

The liberals are desperately trying to convince us that this line of attack doesnt work.

Wright - the man Obama called his 'mentor' and who's own phrase became the title of Obama's book ... doesnt ring true?!?

And CNN came out and shockingly concluded that Obama campaign have been LYING about Obama's relationship with Ayers, once they pieced the obvious multiple common board memberships and their common work together dispensing $100 million for the Annenberg challenge grant.

Obama showed horrible judgment and proved himself to be an extremist when he worked with Ayers on leftwing education programs, when he joined an anti-2nd-amendment foundation, and when he gave, on another foundations board, money to palestinian front groups. This only 'doesnt ring true' because there is that whole Obama campaign edifice, as expensive and as real as those fake greek columns at his nomination speech.

Cant let that bogus Obama narrative go to waste.


How to defeat Barack Obama

Here's a much less complicated and much more effective plan:

  1. Go to a BHO appearance and call him on some of his lies and the hugely obvious flaws in his policies to his face;
  2. Get his response on video;
  3. Upload the video to Youtube.

Spend a few hours waiting to ask a question, and end up the next day with hundreds of thousands or millions of views. Details on that plan here.

BHO has almost never been challenged on anything, and someone asking him a good question is going to throw him for a loop.

And, you can't just sit around waiting for the McCain campaign or the MSM to do this. They aren't going to do it. You have to.

To win? Become a true conservative. It aint going to happen.

There's no wisdom or judgement in the McCain campaign. McCain trots out logical fallacy after logical fallacy during the debates and apparently believes that his audience is just stupid enough to buy it.

He misunderestimates his own audience (the choir who may be dumb enough to believe it) and completely ignores the part of the audience he wants to sway.

Case in point. At the debates he repeatedly claimed that merely meeting with Ahmadinejad would give credence to everything the man has ever said in the past. He also falsely claimed that he has stated that Israel should be pushed into the sea and that was the intent of Iran. Not so, never was said.

But even if it were true, meeting with him would not legitimize the statements. The claim is grossly wrong and we should be extremely distrustful of anyone with such a low tolerance for logic.

McCain clearly would like to create more enemies for the U.S. Now, this is funny to an anti-war Republican such as myself because Obama is as hawkish as McCain. McCain can't differentiate himself from Obama. They're both Wiilsonian wanks who think the job of the US military is to go around bullying other countries to satisfy their own personal agendas.

So what can McCain do to differentiate himself from Obama? Nothing. They're both big spenders. McCain voted against Bush's taxcuts and then flip-flopped on the issue of making them permanent.

He's responsible for the un-constitutional McCain-Feingold law. That alone disqualifies him in my mind.

Both Obama and McCain, even in the financial crisis we face cannot even approach the possibility of reducing a 1 trillion  dollar per year foreign policy budget which requires that we borrow 3 billion PER DAY from China to finance.

The McCain campaign is clearly doing the only thing it can do: run a grossly negative campaign and shoot itself in the foot. There is no other strategy that they have sans actually embracing constitutional conservatism and they won't do it.

Republicans had the chance to win this election but blew off the only candidate who could beat the Democrats: Ron Paul. You remember him right? He's the guy that predicted the recession of 1987 back in 1983. And he's the guy who predicted that the government would have to bail out fannie mae and freddie mac back in 2003.

He also has the solution. Oh...there's one thing McCain could do to win. Ditch Palin and adopt Ron Paul's platform verbatim. He'd win in a landslide just by repeating everything Dr. Paul has said about this ridiculous bailout.....but whoops...McCain wants to take credit for helping to get it passed even though 90% of Americans are against it. Brilliant. A shoe in for sure....

The Next Right: sounds like the last Right


Is this kind of analysis and campaigning what you envision as the next right? Interesting you cite Atwater. I think the cause would be better served by investing time and thought in envisioning candidates and campaigns that can make the right relevant to American voters again. Winning on character assassination is a project with diminishing returns as we can see this cycle.

Good luck if Sarah Palin represents the next right.

Did you read this post?

Ruffini was offering a positive (albeit austere) agenda for McCain to follow as well as the image constrast stuff.

I've made clear that McCain needs to fix the confidence deficit.  All the negatives in the world won't work if people have been sold to follow you into battle.  Milquetoast bipartisan hospitality at debates leaves angry voters flat.

Voter right now are tuning out the usual political laundry list of grievances and demands and want someone who can just put the economy right.  If Obama "gets this" before we do we are going to be in a heap of trouble.

Ironman, the problem w/elitists....

...is that they don't take constructive criticism very well.  That's the major problem w/the GOP, too.  They're full of this elitist mentality, as demonstrated.  They've assigned themselves some sort of god-like infallibility.  Unlike you and Patrick who are bustin' butt trying to solve some very real problems [or at least contribute to solutions],  these elites are not interested in solving problems.  Their only interest is in hearing the sound of their own heavenly utterings coming from on high.  Or at least in their own mind.... DD

Send Sarah Palin out to paint Obama as a radical socialist

  Since the important decision has already been made to support the radical socialist bailout bill in the face of massive middle American opposition, McCain can now afford to take off the gloves and send Sarah Palin out to shore up his middle American support by painting Obama as the radical socialist.

But since there is no one in this race who actually represents middle American values...

We may have to join Barack's PARTY for now...

...until the next election.

I'm going home.

ex animo



Or we might be forced to become Party Members...

...he's already got those uniformed enforcers.  Farrar you know that video on drudge w/the high school students chanting "Obama".  They remind me of the "Obama Youth".  Surprised you haven't made one of your adaptations on it. 

Tonights the night.  Either McCain swims or sinks.  Fish or cut bait.  If he doesn't break through the water sack and get re-born, so to speak, as a street fightin' dude of the people, its over.  Dow closed about 9400.  And the Repub's get blamed.  They don't know how to fight back because they've allowed themselves to be such doormats for so long.  Letting the dem's wipe their soiled feet upon them. 

This thing has a life of its own now.  Only thing to do now is ride it in.  So your still not going to vote for McCain?  I feel I've failed to convince you.  You'll feel rotten if you don't.  Wish I knew how you do all this animo stuff you do.  You've a talent, man.  Later.  DD

No way. I will vote for a 3rd party

Of course, as I have previously stated, I will support my local, State and Congressional MARR candidates.

And I do honestly believe our electoral system needs another major political party. I hope we can successfully create the National Online Party. I think using the communicative power of the Internet is the only real tool the People have to make our electoral system listen to their voice over the voices of the special interests.

As far as the GIFs are concerned, click here and all will be revealed. But watch out, you may get more than you bargained for:


ex animo



I agree, Farrar, about a new party...

...but not a 3rd party.  A new 2nd party that will replace either the dem party or the GOP.  I'm thinking the dem party is declining despite present appearances.    There I go sounding nuts again.  We need a New Republican Party (NRP) that will be seperate from the GOP.  A party steeped in nationalism puttng whats good/best for our nation first.  One that will not compromise w/the dem's [or wrong headed GOP'rs] on crucial issues.  A party that will oppose the "greenies" - a full frontal attack, not buying off on the concept of man made global warming. 

But until then I'm going to vote for the most conservative candidate that actually has a chance to win.  And that'll be McCain this time.   Hold nose, get drunk, pull straight gop lever.

The problem I've found w/many existing 3rd parties is that too often they're only fronts for anti-semite, holocaust denying or white supremacists groups, etc.  I'd vote Obama before I support that. DD

The NOLP will not so much be a 3rd party...


 ...as it will be a 3rd force.

 At present, as I see it, the two major political parties have largely been taken over by the moneyed special interests. The NOLP will be designed to promote active participation of registered party members within their OWN parties, not to create a free standing political 3rd party.  It is this lack of inter-party participation by their own registered members I feel has allowed the moneyed special interest to influence party leadership to such a degree.

As I have stated many times before, we, the People, now have the means to effectively mass-communicate amongst ourselves for the first time. Think about what that really means!  It means, all we have to do is use this new, powerful tool and we, "We", the People, can change things.  I can assure you, from my own political party experience as an Executive Committeeman, the party leadership of either party will never use the Internet to consolidate the voice of their own membership just for this reason. Never.

If we, the People, want real political change, we, the People, will have to communicate amongst ourselves over the objection and resistance of party leaders to achieve it.

ex animo



Are you claiming. . .

. . .that you made those .gifs, Dave?  Really?


Never in life, Walt...

...would I make such a claim. I understood DD wanted to know how to make animated gifs. 

But I hope when this election is over, the prospect of consolidating the MARDs, MARRs and MARIs into their own respective political parties (with the exception of the Independents) should go along way to confront the political imbalance caused by special interests within our political system. We, the People, have the tool. All we have to do is learn how to use it. This is the only goal of The National Online Party -- and, yes NOLP wants the gentleman whose jpg you posted to participate as well.

ex animo




Seems to me. . .

. . .when someone asks you how you do all these neato animated gifs and says you have a real talent for it, and you didn't actually do it, you'd say, "Well, I don't actually make them.  I just scavenge them off of 'funny gif' sites and post them to my Photobucket account and link them here.  No real talent in that."

Instead, you post a how-to video from YouTube, which seems to suggest that you did it the way the guy in the video did it.  "It's a snap!  Just follow these instructions, and you could be making animated gifs, just like your ol' pal Dave!"

As for the "Third Force" -- how's the membership coming along?  I haven't seen any updates.

You know -- I'm beginning to get the impression that you're one of those folks that we little people quaintly refer to as "BS artists".

Why, Walt; I do believe you're jealous!

You want some recognition too?


to post an animated Gifs with your next posting. 

I see the addition of these gifs with my postings as yet another way to emphasize the communicative power of the Internet. I post them because the medium allows it, where print does not.

Frankly, if I had an online publication, I would be making and posting gifs all over the place, especially when it comes to political cartooning.

In terms of the NOLP, as we have discussed many times before, the two main issues are power and transparency. Before we sign anyone up, we must be sure total transparency is achieved or the impulse to take control of the Peoples' voice will overtake even the best of intentions. This is exactly why political parties, themselves, cannot undertake such a mission.

ex animo




Why would I want. . .

. . .to post animated .gifs when I can post my own material -- like this?



Yes, Walt...

 ...that's a great one.  But it doesn't beat this guy by a long shot.

And by the way, these people too would be welcome to join NOLP where their voices will be heard and their vote accurately counted, verified, archived and posted on the internet.

ex animo



So, I take it that the NOLP. . .

. . .is a combination of the idiocy that populism often inflicts upon itself, and the abandonment of the sacred institution of the secret ballot.

What could POSSIBLY go wrong?

No, sir. Wrong again


 Walt, I hope you don' make a habit of being wrong all the time like you know who:





 The NOLP will carry out its function of allowing the Peoples' voice to be heard by their party leaders through the secret ballot process, only their votes will be published.  Each member will be assigned an account number. It will be this account number that will be posted along with their voting record on the internet.

We see this process as somewhat of an analog process. Meaning, if members wanted to change their votes, they would do so through their account number.  In addition, they would also be able to view the numerical impact of their vote change as it affected the final vote tally, for transparent verification purposes.

ex animo




I enjoyed your gif. A bit gaudy and overworked, but nice nonetheless.  Keep it up. You'll get better.

Gaudy and overworked . . .

. . .a lot like your writing, and your plans for this revolutionary party, as well as your estimate of its membership when you referred to it in the plural "we".

However, like you, I didn't make the one I posted.  I just scavenged it off another site and linked to it from there.

But, hey!  If anyone wants to know how to do it, I'll send them a link to a video!

And the link is....

 Your are correct, at last. The NOLP is as much a "revolution" as the internet -- which is exactly my point.

Thank you Walt, you have internalized my point far further than I had given you credit. 

ex animo



If you hurry. . .

. . .you might still be able to find an old phone booth to hold your meetings in before they all disappear.

Here's one you might be able to get once the election's over:

attacking Obama as a self-centered Gen X naif

is a much better strategy than attempting to frame him as a terrorist sympathiser.   The two memoirs and no major laws line is a good one.  Your other examples have the  kernal of truth needed to have some effect.  Mccain cancelling his plan to continue the tax cuts for the wealthy is the single thing that could help him the most.  I think Obama 's greatest weakness is unwillingness to take a stand with some risk involved, like on FISA.  Progressives are rightly worried about will he fight for their agenda and that he may turn out to be a spineless corporate centrist.

Be A Rock

What McCain should have done (and is maybe now too late) is to be the rock in the crisis.  People are panicking and there is a need now for a solid, wise, and yes, older leader to emerge to give confidence to the system and to guide it through.

McCain needs to say that he's seen crisis come and go and that panic will abate.  He should never have let go of the mantra that the fundamentals are sound.

He could bring out his economic team to the forefront with simple ideas that will help ameliorate this crisis.  Neither McCain nor Obama speak well to the economy.  But McCain can project confidence and stability while introducing the team that you will get when he takes over.  Holtz-Eakin is great and speaks well and should take the lead. 

In the background, Palin can and should continue the character attacks.

Too late for "the rock"

He has already shown that he panics and makes bad decisions quickly when in a crisis.

One Word: Judgment

"Can someone please explain to me the single word that describes the McCain campaign?"

Everything wrong with Obama can be tied to poor judgment. His associations with Ayers, Rezko and Wright. His position on the surge. His choice of Biden instead of Hillary as a running mate.

Everything right about McCain can be tied to good judgment. His early warnings about Fannie and Freddie. His support for the surge. His choice of Palin as a running mate.

It's easy to add items to the judgment list, items that count against Obama and count for McCain.

2008 isn't an "experience" election. It isn't a "character" election either. It's a "judgment" election. Undecideds and independents aren't just scared, they're petrified, mainly about the economy. They want to elect the guy who they think will have the best judgment about how to get us out of this mess. McCain needs voters to question Obama's judgment.

Two Points

That Obama's negatives are slow low is the fault of the McCain campaign. Most Americans have no idea who Obama is and what he will do to as President. McCain must take the lead in defining who Obama is --someone who is out of the mainstream on economic, foreign policy, and social issues.

It is important to keep in mind that Hillary closed the gap with Obama once she took the gloves off and started to define him. If she had started earlier she probably would have beaten him.

If left-wing Democrats were repulsed by Obama's 20 year association with the Reverend Wright you can bet that the rest of America will be. But it is up to McCain to make Obama accountable for that association. Most voters are not aware of Obama and the Reverend Wright.


Americans have had quite awhile now to become acquainted with Barack Obama and, guess what? They like him. You are exactly wrong when you say Americans have no idea who he is. They not only know who he is, they really, really, like him.

No they don't know who is

The media has been covering for his corrupt, miserable ass for least the last 4 years.  They have never once thought to look seriously into his past they way they love attacking Sarah Palin.  They are making accuses for him and telling us what we should think about him without offering us reason why, other than it is racist if you don't like him (even when it has nothing at all to do with race).

Okay... davidfarrar is my new temporary hero...

But anyhoo...


This post is hilarious.

It recommends that the "celebrity" label is best to attack with.  That showing Obama dancing on TV is what will sway voters.   All this when just one post removed from the main page you have a post from Rob Willington putting forth a video of Palin and her starstruck paparazzi.  Complete with winks and lipstick.  But completely void of substance.


Funny, Ruffini suggests that the McCain campaign show over and over again the video of Obama dancing on Ellen, and I would recommend the Obama campaign to show Rob's video of Palin winking at her adoring fans over and over again.


All of this on "The Next Right".



Those who have read me on other websites would know that I almost never employ ad hominem.  But unfortunately here, Occam's razor cuts too sharply.


Ruffini is a class A moron.

And by no means represents a "new direction" of conservatives that would come together and discuss new ideas for the conservative movement.

This clown makes "The Next Right" a right circus.

Ruffini ain't all that bad. He means well.

   Thanks Pogue_Mahone.

I do like Gov. Palin. But I see her meteoric rise as simply a manifestation of middle America's frustration at being totally shut out in this upcoming presidential election.

True, if McCain wins, the Governor will be only a heart beat away from the presidency, but without a reformed Republican Party made up of MARRs (Middle American Radical Republicans) supporting her, she will be simply a figurehead, as she is now in McCain's campaign. The GOP corporate elite will be only too happy to use her as their figurehead to pander to the MARRs while they run the real show.

But getting back to Obama's dance, which, regrettably, I have taken down. I  will post this one. I think this one is far more relevant to form over function of Obama's campaign than my last posting.

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If you say so, dude...

If the "means well" is that he suggested that the McCain campaign show Obama dancing on Ellen over and over again in order to win the election the same kind of "means well" my wife tells her friends as she describes me throwing a red t-shirt into the wash with the other whites, then I guess I know what you mean.




Heh, keep it up man.


So then what does Pogue_Mahone mean, again...??

...Gaelic right?  Never mind.  I don't want to know.  Farrar will make a lude video in your honor and I'll have to blush again and try not to laugh. DD

Oh c'mon , you two trolls love posting your "wisdom" here,

 so lets find out.   I wanna see the vid myself.

Troll alert! Troll alert! Troll alert! Troll alert!



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