Bobby Jindal for GOP Convention Keynote Speaker

A bit ago I created a Facebook group petitioning to make Bobby Jindal the GOP Convention keynote speaker. I hadn't checked in on it in a while. Much to my surprise, it's now grown to 481 members. That's a lot for a sort of insidery issue like this.

You can join here.

Jindal has made clear that he won't be McCain's VP -- to do so after just 7 months in the Louisiana governor's mansion would be suicide. But he can make his mark as the convention's keynote speaker. Who better to counterprogram Obama than someone who's like Obama in many ways, except with accomplishments?

President Bush will speak on Monday night. Joe Lieberman will probably fill the "Zell Miller" slot on Wednesday night, followed by the VP nominee. Jindal should give one of the Tuesday night speeches, in the 10-11pm ET time slot.

I'll be in St. Paul at the convention, and I'd like nothing better than to see the GOP putting forward a fresh face to lay out for the American people the real Obama. The GOP convention schedule is being finalized as we speak. Let's make a big push for Bobby Jindal.


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Someone please Give Michael Williams a slot too

He is Texas Railroad commissioner running for re-election and a very dynamic speaker. Gave a rousing speech as Texas GOP convention. He should get a prime-time slot.

Oh, and as Barack would put it - did I mention he is black?

Bobby Jindhal would be a great keynote speaker.

What? Links are too web 1.0?

Can you provide a good link for Mr. Williams?

Michael Williams link

Yeah, that would have been a good thing to include, here it is:

hey, he's a web 2.0 guy - YouTube channel and all, so you can enjoy some of his speeches online via his campaign website.


Great Idea Patrick

Bobby Jindal would be an awesome speaker Tuesday night.....I'd love to hear him again

Romney And Jindal Are McCain's best assets

Jindal’s real value to the campaign may come in Minnesota.  Everyone remembers Obama’s break out speech at the Democratic National Convention in 2004.  In 2008, don’t be surprised if you tune in to a young Indian Governor, who speaks surprisingly well, and has great stage presence.  For someone like Jindal, who is still relatively unknown to average Americans, his performance at the Republican National Convention, should he be given the opportunity to speak, could represent the enthusiasm the McCain camp has been searching for.  It may also open doors up for Jindal in 2012 as a Presidential nominee, or, in the more likely event, a more reasonable veep choice.