Bobby Jindal on 60 Minutes

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Jindal could be the real deal.

A '60 minutes' follow up to an awkward but ultimately innocous Primtetime inroduction for Governor Jindal. Wow! We really do have the makings of a challenger to Obama.

The All American family, the charm and the wonky intelligience. It's all there mirrored. Both skinny and minorities. The only shift in the template is that whilst Barack was almost flawless in his campaign, Jindal started off shaky. But we're four years off. It'll be long forgotten and the slate wiped clean. Will cadence come into it as far being Presidential?

If he had slipped up when the stakes were like Governor Palin's (who did admirably in her all her early tests btw) with the short rollout. It might be a different matter. The fact Jindal rebuffed the short rollout invitation from a not-so-popular McCain. Does that speak to his judgment?

This piece shows that Jindal has the affability to shrug off these trivial matters of delivery and presentation. The hard stuff will come when Jindal's equivalents to Reverend Wright and Ayers come out when the campaign mudslinging starts. By then we'll see how relentless the media are and how teflon Jindal is by his own making.

The road to Wrestlemania 2012 has already begun...


Exorcism . . .

I believe the closest thing to Wright about Jindal is that he attended an exorcism once several years ago and has not repudiated the practice.

Of course, the implications of that are actually the opposite of Obama vis-a-vis Wright. Obama was merely using religion as a tool to launch his political career, but it came back to bite him (albeit not very hard) when his constituency changed. I can't imagine that exorcisms have any more political expediency in LA-01 than any other part of the country, and it indicates nothing about Jindal's political views which was the major problem with Wright.

The left will probably try, as Obama did during the campaign, to make comparisons between leftwing fringe figures like Wright and Ayers to people who are merely very conservative, like Tom Coburn.

obama did not use religion to launch his political career

you know absolutely nothing about his faith. but I'd venture to say that choosing a gay-accepting, evangelical megachurch is not up on the list of things that liberal politicians are taught to do.

because liberal churchgoers are not too different from liberal not-church-goers. And they don't discriminate based on how "faithful" you've been.


Obama needed help with his "community organizing" and someone suggested he get involved with a church.

He picked Trinity United Church of Christ because it is a very politically active and it would give him an automatic base from which to launch is career as a politician.

Either that, or he just hates America, supports Hamas, and believes all the other vile things Wright spewed. I'm giving Obama the benefit of the doubt here.

pastordan can tell you about Rev. Wright

if you're interested. He knows him better than I do.

But if you need JUST ONE THING to understand Rev. Wright -- he Marched with Rev. Martin Luther King , Junior.

"someone suggested he get involved with a church" == you got evidence, or you got some shit you excreted from your bunghole?

All I need to know about you

"Obama considers Wright to be his “moral compass,” “sounding board,” and “confidant.” Obama is likely an agnostic or perhaps an atheist, like his mother and father (or a “mystic” like his future avid supporter, Oprah Winfrey), but joins the church for “street cred,” probably to please his wife, and to end the flak he receives from people in the community for his lack of religion. Obama alleges that he was baptized at TUCC, but no one has been able to obtain a record of the event. [202,239,271,336,564]

Just a blog, but well researched and documented.

I know plenty about Jeremiah Wright, such as his former membership in the Nation of Islam, his adherence to the Black Value System, etc.

That aside, I just need to know one thing about you: You're defending Wright.

Thus, RisingTide=Troll

Conspiracy theorists do not make good things to cite

And oh, my! how obsessed the whole thing reads about his mama's sexuality! About "how she never dated the white boys" etc.

Listen to one of Rev. Wright's sermons. Say the one about God Damn America:

“The government gives the drugs, builds bigger prisons, passes a three-strike law and then wants us to sing ‘God Bless America.’ No, no, no, God damn America -- that’s in the Bible -- for killing innocent people. God damn America for treating our citizens as less than human. God damn America for as long as she acts like she is God and she is supreme.”

He speaks a fiery sermon, the good Reverend does. But that doesnt' make him anti-white, as your vile website would suggest.

For Christ's Sake! He belongs to a mainline white denomination! Yes, his church has a picture of a Black Jesus in it! BUT,you know what? I'll kvetch about that when someone cleanses the blueeyed corruption out of most churches.

Jesus didn't have no blue eyes, he was Jewish! Arabic!

Above all else, he didn't look like an Aryan Lord -- upon whom his visage was consistently modeled, in an attempt to suck up to the local power.

What about citing to Barack Obama?

I first read about the story of Obama's decision to join TUC several months ago and I don't recall exactly where I found it. This isn't what I read but it was the first thing I came across that was similar to it, and I was in a hurry this morning. I didn't read the entire article, but it appeared to be well-documented.

How about this?

It's in Obama's own book.

Sigh . . . Jeremiah Wright adheres to the Black Value System and Black Liberation Theology. The latter is (or at least was as of last November) on TUC's website. Associating the former with TUC is not controversial at all. Disputing Obama's rationale for joining TUC is reasonable, because this was not as widely covered. I don't know why you're disputing what is well-established and what every reasonable person who has looked into the matter knows to be true. Jeremiah Wright is a Black Nationalist who hates America. Everyone knows this or is in denial. So, unless you accept this as the fact that it is, don't bother replying (if you continue to dispute it, I won't bother responding either). But, in the event that you do accept reality, do you think that Barack Obama joined TUC because he sincerely hates America like Wright or that he joined it out of political expediency (and then left when his membership there was no longer politically expedient)? Professor Cone of the University of Chicago (himself a proponent of Black Liberation Theology), stated that every politician comes to TUC on election day.

because black nationalists run evangelical churches

in predominantly white denominations....


you need to get your head changed, I think. this one appears to be expired.

Positive profile from the MSM

Take note: the main stream media produced a long and almost entirely positive report on this up and coming conservative. MSM content is not entirely liberal.


Couple of things -

a) Link please - we can judge whether or not it was "almost entirely positive"


b) Is that supposed to be a good thing, that the MSM managed to supposedly produce a single "almost entirely positive" story about one of the most successful young governors in the country, a minority no less?  How many entirely positive stories about Obama has the MSM put out in the last two years alone?  Hundreds? 

Well whoo dee do, I'm gonna go restart my subscription to the NYTimes and start DVRing Rachel Maddow.  All if forgiven MSM.

Point being

The MSM always gets slammed in conservative circels. Here's a case where 60 min followed up RIGHT AFTER the hubbub with the presidents rebubtle. That's good journalism.

As for Maddow and Oberman, that's infotainment. The right has it in Hannity and Rush.

Sooo. It all looks pretty fair to me . . . as fair as you're ever going to get with human beings involve.



I hope a lot of people watched this

Jindal does so much better in interviews (and in most speeches I've seen him give) than he did last Tuesday. I think he would annhilite Obama in a debate.

I did watch it!

Hey bud news flash there is a difference between a polished politician and an aspiring hopeful, with all due respect I think this was made transparent with an eager but not quite ready Sarah Palin as she stumbled her way through the past presidential campaign trail. To say that Jindal would annhiliate Obama in a debate I think is a little beyond wishful thinking but we are entitled to our own opinions, but the fact of the matter still remains Obama made his debut to the nation with more conviction, and it was more of a success than Jindals big moment that wasn't, further more he is proven unlike Jindal, he has survived brutal debates with both John McCain and Hillary Clinton. Just for clarity I'm not a Bobby Basher, but I don't think he's quite ready  to be the "stand out hopeful" the Republicans need at this time, he's good enough to compete in the minors, but the majors are a different game.

Just saying

Jindal's at his best in interviews (which is effectively what debates are these days), and Obama can't form a coherent sentence without a teleprompter.

In any case, I don't think Jindal will run in 2012 unless it's clear that he would win (this is, if the economy is in roughly the same state it's in now).

Speaking of speaking.

Obama can't form a coherent sentence without a teleprompter.

Apparently you missed the press conference two weeks ago where Obama not only spoke in coherent sentences, but gave paragraphs long answers to every question. Quite a departure from 43 who often seemed to be composing haikus in Esperanto at his once a year pressers.

And do explain to us how the incoherent Obama smoked McCain in every debate where he did not have his "cone of silence" to help him cheat.

wrong post

ignore this didnt notice its in the wrong thread.

Dim Jindal to the Rescue

Bobby Jindal has been given a gift here by the new CBS News, the group who just hired Jeff Ballabon, a right-winger who actually said "Obama is dangerous" ands "Democrats are Evil" as its new PR Chief. 

For all the talk here of the evil MSM, I've seen little to cheer in its coverage of Obama's Administration, or in its treatment of Progressive causes.  During his campaign, it was the MSM who nearly killed him.  Both of Obama's major PR problems were manufactured by the Right, and flogged without mercy by Hannity, Levin, Limbaugh, the NRO, the Wash Times, and every organ of the GOP's media reach.  Yet the attempt to smear him with Ayers and Wright would have gone nowhere were it not for the coverages given by the so-called MSM.

As to Jindal, I am all for rebirth and being born again, but it occurs to me that in most cultures there's a rite of passage that accompanies that; and it usually involves accepting the fact that you screwed up the first time.

In Catholicism, Jindal's converted religion, forgiveness and redemption can only come after careful self-examination, confession of wrong-doing, an act of contrition, and a sincere penance completed.

I have yet to see any such by Jindal, his backers (including Rush Limbaugh), or any Conservative.

I think that although CBS' "60 Minutes" audience is huge, and Keith Olbermann's tiny by comparison, anyone who is so inclined can look at the facts of this Jindal story as presented in many places on the Web, and make up their own mind.

In my mind, the question is what possessed Jindal to bring this absurd, out-of-context, easy-to-check, fabrication to a National Audience?


This is a joke, right?


A nice piece


   1. Jindal is a great guy, and maybe too good for the republican party (not conservatives) now.

   2. He should forget 2012 and let the republican leadership catch up to him and run in 2016. And of course, decline all help from the party. They're not doing him any favours.

Much Better

I think Jindal did much better on 60 minutes.  Talking, especially with his wife there, he was more relaxed.  He does look stiff walking around for the cameras.  That REALLy showed last week in his Response where he walked up to the camera.

Being a nerd myself, I think he will grow on people.  He is open and likable.  He speaks well.  He just does not come across as the cool guy back in High School like Obama ( and for that matter W and Clinton ).  I have a feeling in 4 years or so we are all going to EMBRACE letting a nerd have his shot.

they said that about gore too, ya know?

I don't think W ever came across as the kool kid, and neither did clinton. They were more ordinary, and W had a jock flavor.

A bit...

... pollyannish, no?  Based on what little I've seen thus far (which will obviously change with exposure and record building over time), it's rather hard to take him seriously.  Whatever waifish tendencies Obama exhibited, they pale in comparison to Jindal to this point...