Breaking News: Media Loves The One

At 5:19 pm I received an e-mail entitled "Breaking News Alert" from the Washington Post: 

Poll: Most Americans Back Obama on Stimulus, Mortgage Plans Large majorities support president's $787 billion economic stimulus package and $75 billion plan for stemming mortgage foreclosures, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll. Obama's bipartisan support, however, has eroded substantially in the past month, with just 37 percent of Republicans approving of how he has done his job. 

At 7:02 pm, a fellow contributor here at The Next Right received a similarly titled email from The New York Times: 

Poll Shows Broad Support for Obama's LeadershipPresident Obama is benefiting from high levels of confidence among Americans about his leadership, according to the latest New York Times/CBS News poll.A majority of people surveyed in both parties said Mr. Obama was striving to work in a bipartisan way, but most Americans faulted Republicans for their response to the president.Mr. Obama will deliver his first address to Congress on Tuesday evening against a backdrop of deep economic anxiety among the public, with worries spanning party, class and regional divides.

This is "breaking news?" That the media released a poll? Are bottom lines that pressed that both the Gray Lady and the Post feel it necessary to spam their readers on a daily basis with mundane tidbits that are most definitely not breaking news? These e-mails get sent almost daily, and this is only the worst infraction, but certainly not the only one.

As an online professional, I'd say that these e-mails break all the rules and break trust with readers, enticing people to click on the presumption that something extraordinary has happened -- maybe a fighting has unexpectedly broken out somewhere, or a notable historic figure has died. Instead, it's just more puffery from news outlets who, having failed to sell real newspapers or enlightening content to their readers, resort to hawking t-shirts and commemorative plaques of the November 5 and January 21st editions. 


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Other "Breaking News" Alerts

I also just love how all last night during the Oscars I got "breaking news" alerts from all over the place about who won the next award, etc.  Is it really necessary to let the world know a play by play of each awards presentation?  I totally agree with you Patrick.  I have no idea what's really a "breaking story" anymore because of this cheapening of the phrase.

Ann Marie 

Electronic Carnival Barking

 I think it's just a cheap attempt to get visitor traffic for the most part, because you know outfits like the NY Times are in desperate need for any source of revenue, such as ad banner clicks on their sites.

On the other hand, perhaps the really sad thing is that there are those out there that would actually consider many of these updates "breaking news." I agree the term has been pretty watered-down since the days when someone off camera would dramatically hand the reporter the breaking news story in the middle of his routine.

Breaking news phrase

No doubt, that media cheapening this phrase breaking news. They want to say latest news, but in order to bring more viewers; they make it more dramatic or sensational.

Why this is important

These polls are important to America because they contradict Republican claims that Americans don't want the stimulus. 

The polls are important to the newspapers because they attract readers.

You should go to to see more of this ODS -- Obama Derangement Syndrome -- in which every positve story about Obama, no matter how true, causes rashes and irrational irritation. 

If you do visit Michelle Malkin's site...

While you're visiting there, be sure to check "lgm" get regularly PWNED there too - it's quite a hoot.


Ya, Malkin exhibits most definitely a serious case of rashy eczema brought on by advanced Obama Derangement Syndrome. 

I thought I detected a slight tic in la Malkin's left eye in many of the videos, too, but it might just be psychotic-somatic!

It is what it is, accept it

It is what it is and your inability to accept it? Is just sad. It is also why we have been losing elections.....We must figure out what the people in this country want or we are doomed.

Facts speak for theirselves. The majority in this country, and an alarming number of Republicans, think Obama is doing a good job and that the GOP? is wrong to become the party of No.

Jindal? LOL has ruined his chances with his political pandering and putting his state at risk.

If it were ONLY the media? I might agree but it isn't. The media is reporting the information gleaned from voters.

Very Deep

That was about as breaking and insightful a news story as:

"Air needed to breathe"

The media love affair is proving to have dangers now, and they likely will not be able to figure out how to get out of it.  Look at the New York Post cartoon and Clyburns comments.  Disagree and you are a racist.

That comic was horrible

The implications behind it should have been obvious. Also, the writer's defense was inane. What made comic sense about matching up the monkey story with the bailout? The joke only makes sense if the monkey is a fill in for someone else.

Since when do we borrow from Marx?

So a poll says that the public approves of Obama and dissaproves of congressional Republicans.  The first response from conservatives?  It's media bias!

First, this is classic Marxist "false conciousness" - the people don't really know what's in their best interest because they're being misled by powerful forces arrayed against the correct path.  We can't argue that the American people are smarter than government when spending money while simultaneusly saying that the media is decieving them.

Second, blaming the media for its pro-Obama bias won't achieve anything.  It's an independent variable and part of the world we live in.  Deal with it. Work with it. Stop whining and pretending that everything is the media's fault.  Personal responsibility, people.

worse, it belies the real truths of media consolidation

namely that the corporations may use the news as propaganda For Their Own Purposes.


Born and Bred American Dopes.

Americans aren't dopes

Or at the very least, you'll never get elected saying as much.

never said I wanted to get elected.

nevertheless, you're focusing on the wrong word there. the key word is "bred" the sheer level of propaganda in American society is staggeringly large -- far more pervasive and less well understood than the Soviet Version. At least in Russia, people knew they were being lied to.

It was convenient to create sheeple, so that's what our corporations did. Yes, it is better in the free market to have stupider people, entitled people who will buy whatever you want them to buy "because they deserve it".

Just like they deserve tax cuts, and a booming economy, and free gas, and no global warming...

Beware of people...

...who claim that they see the light when the masses are deluded by an ill-defined group of powerful entities.  You sound like a conspiracy theorist.

General electric is now ill-defined?

ooooookay then. dishwasher...

Sorry I didn't respond sooner - I felt an insatiable and unexplainable desire to run over to Home Depot to buy as many light bulbs as I could fit into my trunk.


that's all legacy crap.

they haven't been making their profits off that for YEARS!

Go get a loan, that's what they've been doing...

(seriously, anyone should be capable of tracking down who owns which massive media)

Deaths are never breaking news

unless they significantly destabilize major world players (aka leader of North Korea dying is not breaking)