's Lax Security Opens Door to Online Donor Fraud

I just contributed $5 to Barack Obama.

I didn't want to. Ideally, I could have contributed $0.01 and cost them money. But it was the only way to confirm the root cause of the fraudulent micro-donations to the Obama campaign ("Doodad Pro" for $17,300 and "Good Will" for $11,000).

The Obama campaign has turned its security settings for accepting online contributions down to the bare minimum -- possibly to juice the numbers, and turning a blind eye towards the potential for fraud not just against the FEC, but against unsuspecting victims of credit card fraud.

The issue centers around the Address Verification Service (or AVS) that credit card processors use to sniff out phony transactions. I was able to contribute money using an address other than the one on file with my bank account (I used an address I control, just not the one on my account), showing that the Obama campaign deliberately disabled AVS for its online donors. 

AVS is generally the first line of defense against credit card fraud online. AVS ensures that not only is your credit card number accurate, but the street address you've submitted with a transaction matches the one on file with your bank., the largest credit card gateway provider in the country, lists AVS as a "Standard Transaction Security Setting," recommends merchants use it, and turns it on by default. So, in order for AVS to be turned off, it has to be intentional, at least with's website describes it this way:

Bankcard processors implemented the Address Verification Service (AVS) to aid merchants in the detection of suspicious transaction activity. The payment processing network compares the billing address provided in the transaction with the cardholder’s address on file at the credit card issuing bank. The processing network returns an AVS response code that indicates the results of this comparison to the payment gateway. You can configure your account to reject certain transactions based on the AVS code returned. For example, the AVS code “A” indicates that the street address matched, but the first five digits of the ZIP Code did not.

The end result? "Donors" like "Doodad Pro" can submit tons of donations totaling well above the $2,300 limit using different bogus addresses (this does clarify how donations from "Palestine", or PA, got through). And the campaign has no way to reliably de-dupe these donations, besides looking at the last four digits of the credit card number, which with 3.1 million donors is an identifier that could be shared by literally hundreds of donors, and is not as easy to eyeball like a common name or address would be. The ability to contribute with a false address, when the technology to prevent it not only exists but comes standard, is a green light for fraud.

One could understand the oversight if prior to the bogus donor story breaking. But you'd think they would have taken measures to step up their donor security in the aftermath of the revelations. Having AVS turned on would have stopped or significantly deterred the fraudulent donations (or, at a very minimum, made them easily detectable). By turning this basic setting off, the Obama campaign invited this kind of fraud and has taken no steps to correct it. 

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the whole system is a mess

I think McCain's contributions can be made the same way...did you test it too? My head hurts thinking about all the public financing rules. i think people should be allowed to donate as much as they want (they already do, the rules just make it complicated) and you just post the name and donation size online. so if someone wants to donate $10M to a politician, let them, just let people know who is paying.


Foreign govts are using this to elect Obama

 The real problem here is the ability of foreign governments to spend millions of dollars to elect Obama via this credit card fraud loophole.  Without address verification, millions of dollars of foreign money could be corrupting our election.  If this isn't illegal, it should be.  Obama knows darn well what the implications of this are.

McCain's site DOES have address verification on, so you CANNOT donate to McCain fraudulently like you can for Obama.

Obama Accepts Bogus Donos But Not McCain

With full coffers does Obama really need to accept donos from John Galt, Osama Bin Laden, Saddam Hussein and Bill Ayers? A Powerline reader reveals his "suspicious" credit card donations accepted by Obama campaign but not by McCain.

Missing the point

How did his coffers get so full?  This looks to me like a deliberate attempt to circumvent the law. 

It might make you feel better to make accusations, but...

Just to play devil's advocate...

1) It's not uncommon to turn off AVS. The more accepted verification method is using the CVC code on the card, since a significant number of bad transactions are made with stolen numbers (from receipts), not from stolen cards. Also, were the same card to be repeatedly used, banks invariably put a hold on the card because their own processing algorithms are designed to prevent fraudulent transactions for the bank's own protection. Banks are not stupid. (well, not in this case...)

2) Even if the same card were to donate say, $4,600, and have the same address but different names, that could easily be explained. It's entirely possible (and legal) for a married couple to max out for both of them on one card. Add a child of voting age? $6,900 on the card. It would have to go on the Form 3X as John Doe, Jane Doe and Joey Doe, but it would be perfectly legal. And I'm sure the campaign has some kind of system to track and flag cards which reach the $200 minimum aggregate reporting threshold.

3) If I really, really wanted to commit a massive amount of CC-based donation fraud, I'd go to a bunch of different stores and using cash, thousands of dollars worth of $200 Amex/Visa/Mastercard prepaid gift cards. No address required. Then I'd give $199 on each card with a different name and address. With a wad of cash and a phone book I could give well over my limit. But it would take time and effort, and would be a very stupid thing to do.

4) Statistically, in a small donor pool as large as this one, a percentage of donations are bound to be bad ones. But the difference between fraud taking place and the campaign actively encouraging it is vast. It takes a pretty big leap to go from a common e-commerce practice to tacit encouragement of fraud. Election lawyers are not a stupid bunch, and given the nature of online fundraising I would be surprised if there weren't people within the Obama campaign who are watching the incoming credit card contributions for this sort of thing and performing some kind of due diligence.

5) On the other hand, a revision of FECA to require better disclosure of campaign receipts is long overdue. If both parties are to continue to employ large networks of small donors, the $200 threshold should be eliminated and the reporting requirements updated to keep pace with technology.

Regarding #3

I believe you can get those cards as high as $1000. The names don't have to be real, but even if they were checking all of them would be difficult.

Also, that could be done through one or more web proxies, making tracing them difficult or impossible. For instance, someone in Iran could go through a U.S. proxy to make it look like it came from here.

It wouldn't be a "stupid" thing to do, since whoever did it would probably never get caught and at the most the BHO campaign would refund a card that's probably already been discarded.

As for AVS, IIRC PayPal (their Pro version) makes you pay more to use it. You can download their docs and check it out.

Re: Nr 3

A few points:

"3) But it would take time and effort, and would be a very stupid thing to do."

yes it would be.


I believe you can get those cards as high as $1000. The names don't have to be real, but even if they were checking all of them would be difficult.

Also, that could be done through one or more web proxies, making tracing them difficult or impossible. For instance, someone in Iran could go through a U.S. proxy to make it look like it came from here.

It wouldn't be a "stupid" thing to do, since whoever did it would probably never get caught and at the most the BHO campaign would refund a card that's probably already been discarded.

As for AVS, IIRC PayPal (their Pro version) makes you pay more to use it. You can download their docs and check it out.

This is an absurd scenario

a) max is $500 and that costs you 5 buck in fees plus must be shipped via UPS (more fees) ONLY shipped to a vaild address, no PO, etc and for use in the United States only.

b) you assume that they would be accepted even tho they can't be used for airlines, ATMs, hotels or telecoms, etc

b) when ordered online they are eminently traceable, and if you think a proxy stops the Feds on a mission you must be nuts.

You are suggesting the idea that some one was systematically violating FEDERAL law using interstate wire fraud methods. It took the Feds what, 12 hrs to put the cuffs on the kid who hacked Palin's email from 3000 miles away? do you really think they wouldn't find some one buying $1000s in cards and using them online?  in post-9/11 America it would take them 24 hrs to track you down. this like a bad spy movie.

face facts - its a non issue, if you want to help John McCain get elected? - sign a petition to replace palin with Condi Rice on the ticket or - go make some phone calls to prospective voters for your candidate.

because that's what 1000s of Obama supporters are doing right now.

I'm leaving, but feel free to provide cites

A search I did a few weeks ago had the max demonination at 1000. I then called the BHO campaign, spoke to a supervisor, and she confirmed they take those cards. And, they can be bought in stores for cash. The highest denom I saw in stores was $100, but those can be reloaded over and over.

The "kid" who got arrested used only one proxy, and that was a legit, U.S.-based proxy that kept records. Use enough proxies and foreign proxies and it would be extremely difficult to catch something like that because, while the Feds can get most anything they want in the U.S., in some other countries that's not the case.

Feel free to provide cites for your assertions; they might be more believable if you'd done so to begin with.

Gift Cards

Simon Malls offers gift cards at up to a $500 denomination for $2 each + the balance.  You can get a Simon gift card, and use a cafe or Panera bread to make the contribution on your laptop using their free WiFi (no login required).  If it's a Panera you don't go to other than to make contributions, it seems to me you're pretty much untraceable. If you want to be really slick, download and install a browser you don't normally use (like Opera), make the contributions and then delete the browser from your computer.

Since Obama is not selling a product they have to send you, they really have every incentive to turn off any kind of verification.  If the card's good, you've donated.  If they have to return your money, big deal.

I agree that campaign finance laws are pretty dumb.  At this point, they severely disadvantage anyone who tries to obey them.  I agree with the people who say that you should be able to contribute as much as you want as long as the amount is public and you and the candidate are therefore accountable.  That would certainly cut down on a lot of the activity cited here.


CVC may be more accepted, but...

...the Obama site doesn't use it, either.

I know because Bertrand Russell just made a donation of $1, address: The Cold, Cold Ground, London, Texas, zip code 31415 (which is actually part of Savannah, GA)--or rather I did, using that name and address, and saying he works as a philosopher for Theory of Descriptions, Ltd. I wasn't asked for the CVC.

NASCAR solution

I think there should be no limits on donations, but candidates should be required to wear NASCAR style uniforms with every donor listed on their suit; bigger the donation, bigger the name on the suit.

I'm not sure what the fraud is here given that the reason for limiting donations per individual is presumably to limit influence. If I make a million $1 donations using some fraud scheme then I'm not going to get much for my $1 million anyway.

I thought conservatives are against these caps anyway. No regs, no fraud. Let's move on.

Enforce the law

"I thought conservatives are against these caps anyway."

I am against phony campaign finance 'reform', which is 1st amendment-limiting, but neither did I sign up to live in a country where our political opponents can violate Federal law simply because those laws are contrary to our policy preferences.

Like Lincoln (?) said, the best way to get rid of a bad law is to enforce it rigorously.

Nice NASCAR idea. Wish the media would follow along ( "Obama (D - Soros) and Biden (D - MBNA) today announced ..." ).



Stupid arrogance.

From what I read CVC has been turned off as well..

Is there any legitimate reason to totally turn of AVS?  At the very least the Name given should match the name on the card...   Most Credit card processing software has separate Bill to And Ship to feilds, so it would not be hard to make donations in more than one name using this feature.

The way I see it, Obama is intentionally turning a blind eye to fraud.  Both Credit card fraud, and campaign finance fraud.  

And Why? 

Because he is arrogant.  He lacks integrity.  The ends justify the means.

Now the McCain camp will parade a bunch of people with fraudulant Obama charges in front of the camera.  And he should.  Obama is showing downright irresponsiblity.

The problem isn't with credit cards

it's prepaid debit cards.  The CC issue you've uncovered is only part of the problem.  Ultimately, legitimate card holders can be tracked down and the illicit money returned.  The key to doing this is to figure out how to get illegal money and to keep it.  This is how it works.

You take a bag of cash, say $10,000, to a local check cashing service (and, there is one every couple of blocks in most cities).  You use that money to buy up their stock of pre-paid Visa, MasterCard, and American Express cards.  All of these pre-paid cards come in denominations of $100, $50 or $25.  They have no names attached to them, so they are

You then go online and enter each one in separately.  You can make up any name you want to go with them, for ease and speed you use "Doodad Pro" or "Good Will" and just copy and paste your info over and over.   Because each one is $100 or less, they don't have to be reported.

Once the card is drained of value, it is dead.  So, even if the campaign promises to refund any donations found to be illicit, there is nowhere to send the refunds.  All we have is their word that they returned the money, but there is no way to actually return anything on a dead prepaid card.

Unless the Obama opens its website up to traces by IP check, the entire scam is untraceable.  The cash, the names, the cards themselves.  All untraceable.   One person could hire a gang and donate millions to the campaign.

It is not, as claimed, "millions of small, online donors," it is "millions of small, online donations."  The latter does not assure the former, but they want us to assume it does.

The only way to check this would be to see if the CC companies are reporting a surge in prepaid card sales this year.

If there are any enterprising journalists left out there, this is a story worth following.

I won't hold my breath.

general reply

The stated argument is that "The Obama campaign has turned its security settings for accepting online contributions down to the bare minimum" to facilitate the wide-spread acceptance of "fraudulent donations" and even goes as far to suggest an intent. The post also implies that the number of occurences of alleged CC fraud are abnormal to the industry.

despite a great deal of discussion, the author provides not one shred of hard evidence to support ANY of those statements. Another post above rightly points out that many companies accept CVD numbers and the author provides not one statistic to support that this is abnormal other than implying the generality from the singular experience of one CC authoriser of 1000s. Not even an attempt to replicate on the McCain or other political donation sites for balance. I can personally attest that many of my CC's have both my US & EU addresses registered and send bills to both - and I rarely have any problems in either locale charging products/services online.

There is also the fact that regardless of your address, if the name on your CC was not "Doodad Pro" or "Good Will, your charge would not go through - an unlikey scenario at best. Another salient detail that you have failed to mention is that these two (and only two so far TMK) examples of excessive donations have been flagged and returned. British fraud-prevention firm Retail Decisions PLC, estimates that 6% to 8% of legitimate online sales are rejected for fear they are fraudulent - so if we see 248,000 returned charges the Obama campaign will have exceeded industry norms. Somehow I doubt that will be the case.

Like the alleged, and erroneous, "Voter Fraud" story being pedaled by the Republican party - I see just another case of a "manufactured issue" which will; like the flag-pin, the hand on the heart, the Maddrassah, the "missing' birth certificate, the Ayers illusion, the Rezko non-event and a slew of others - just be shown to be more distractions from some of the real issues that are driving Obama supporters in record numbers & donations: 8 years of bitterly partisan governance, a failed economy, crushing debt, false war promulgation, and McCain's erratic and un-Presidential behavior (incl the selection of an incompetent person as VP).

That versus a man with a vision of, and a plan for, America that resonates across all of the traditional lines. The polls have been consistently showing that this type of "attack-campaigning" is not working this election cycle, so if the intent is to get McCain elected, one would be wise to re-focus on the issues that Americans over which they are screaming out for help.

Good day.

You didn't read.....

RHOmea, you apparently didn't read the whole message.   You write: There is also the fact that regardless of your address, if the name on your CC was not "Doodad Pro" or "Good Will, your charge would not go through" ...  but four such charges DID go through.  That's what the "AVS" _DOES_ - and which the Obama campaign has apparently turned OFF. 

"That versus a man with a vision of, and a plan for, America that resonates across all of the traditional lines."  Except that Obama doesn't have a plan, he has a bunch of panders;  and he's LYING about them.   It's the Bill Clinton strategy;  promise big tax cuts to get elected, and then on Day Four of the new administration, say "I tried my darnedest to make it work, but it won't" - and then he RAISED taxes. Obama promises tax cuts for 95% of the people, even though only 55% of the people pay taxes AT ALL anyway.  He promises to "spred the wealth around", just like Huey Long or any neighborhood communist - or like the "guy who lives in my neighborhood" (and worked closely with him for 4 years, but he wouldn't admit that!) Bill Ayers.

A man is known by the company he keeps.  I don't like his  (Wright, Ayers) company - so I DON'T TRUST OBAMA.

It's all about the FOREIGN donations!!!!

People are missing the main point. The REASON to set AVS to minimum security is that is the setting required to accept FOREIGN credit cards.  Credit card cos can't check address or names on foreign cards, so the merchant must disable this requirement to accept FOREIGN cards.


The commenter directly above me is wrong. The names on foreign credit cards do not have to match to clear the system when security is set to minimum.  All you need is a valid number and expiration date to clear the charge on a foreign card. Of course the credit card companies charge much higher rates to clear these cards.


Stealing the election

Obama is purposely stealing the election by allowing donors to contribute way beyond the limits, and by accepting foreign contributions. These are the plain implications of his campaign's decision to turn off credit card verification features that we all encounter every day when we make online transactions anywhere else.

Numerous people today went to the website and confirmed that they could make contributions using fake names. The story has been out there since September (see the excellent article by Kenneth Timmerman here: Somehow the press hasn't noticed.

Andrew, you are full of poo. 1) Yes, banks can put a hold on your card for too many transactions. They'll call you and take the hold off when you confirm all is okay. 2) Yes, one can have three donors in the family on the same card, which would be legal. Under Obama, however, those three donors could be Russian, Chinese, or Iranian citizens and still donate. Or the same guy could donate $17000 in $25 increments.

Obama is helping to make the US election system a laughing-stock.

How can Obama be a world leader?

Obama is helping to make the US election system a laughing-stock.

Indeed. More than one country will use this situation to justify all manner of election irregularities  and claim the moral high ground on other subjects as well.

Don't lose focus

The arguments upthread show how easy it is to get sidetracked into minutiae, leaving the average voter with glazed eyes and a belly full of indifference.

Sum it up simply.

Obama's system doesn't care what name is used, only that the credit card number is valid.

Obama's system doesn't care what address is used, only that the credit card number is valid.

Obama's system doesn't care if the security number is valid, it doesn't even ask for it.

Federal law limits the amount anyone can give to the campaign, and requires the campaign to keep track of the donors and report the info to the feds.

Obama cannot report his donors accurately, because he can't prove who gave ANY of the money to his campaign.

Every report he sent to the FEC is a fraud.

He can't prove ANYBODY is below the limit, because he doesn't know. His system made sure of that.

Instead of committing fraud

Instead of making fradulent donations to the One, I suggest everyone just highlight when they make a transaction more secure than BO's contrubutions using Facebook, Twitter, their blog or whatever personal vanity tool they prefer.  For example, I just tweeted (@michael_maham): "Just bought a wedding present requiring more security than Barack Obama's donations do"

Foreigners corrupting US election. Media don't give a crap.

Here's the deal. I, foreigner donated illegally to Barack Obama 3 weeks ago. 


I'd been hearing about the SUSPECTED illegal foreign donations for months, and because no journalist seemed remotely interested, I thought I would investigate.
So on Oct 7.So I went all DEEP VOTE on the Obama website donation page...
Entered my credit card number and a friend’s old New York address as my "residence,"  which obviously did not match my REAL UK MasterCard address. A bogus NY phone number fulfilled all the info the Obama campaign needed.
BINGO... I was instantly told that my $5 had been successfully processed.  no DOUBT I could have donated $3000 and been an Imam in a Pakistani madrassa! Obama could give a shit.
So ... to be fair, and to do what I thought real hacks did, I tried the same with McCain, to at least cancel out helping the Obama ... IMPOSSIBLE...
On the McCain site, my credit card address has to match my postal address, and mine is in England. So that was out.
I also have to enter a US passport number as validation of citizenship if donating from abroad. Which I had to leave blank, as I do not possess a US passport.
So although the McCain site instantly thanked me for my support, it did not indicate that my $5 has been successfully processed. No mention of that at all.
Gosh, I hope my $5 isn't the tipping point that leads to an Obama victory?


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of the part reach 70p that would give a profit of ?8bn to the taxpayer. But the payments would not be automatic, with the buy cialis generic online RBS panel that has the discretion to scratch money behind if the directors didn't believe that the rise of the leave-price had been caused by the decisions of the sensitive management. Therefore his/her/its buy tadalafil tablets 20 mg reward can be reduced if the price of the part buy cheap cialis pills had been inflated by speculation of the power hold, for example. Some of the long-term mail order cialis online remuneration will depend as better as this of the RBS order viagra no prescription leaves price representation of his/her/its competitors. "It is absolutely outrageous buy cheap levitra pills that the government doesn't use his/her/its power to bring order cialis no prescription the remuneration for bankers in these companies until a reasonable level", said Roger Lawson of the RBS Shareholders Action Groups.

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Profits at sportswear giant Nike Canadian pharmacy viagra online have dropped in the past year as the recession took its toll. Net profit in the year to 31 May CHEAPEST place to buy viagra fell to $1.49bn (?913m) from $1.88bn in the previous year. But sales Buy CHEAPEST generic viagra revenues rose 3% to $19.2bn in that period. The company is undergoing a costly buy generic levitra online restructuring - cutting costs and 1,750 posts, or 5% of its workforce, in the biggest job reduction in its history. Nike reported that future orders viagra Canada online pharmacy for athletic footwear and apparel, scheduled to be delivered between June and November 2009, stood at $7.8bn, down 12% from the same period last year. The Europe, Middle East and Africa buy viagra pills online division saw the greatest fall - of 24%, and US. future orders fell by 4%. But the company said it had still seen Buy generic cialis Canada appetite for its more expensive products. For example, one of its buy generic tamiflu online best-selling shoes from the Nike store online sold at $160. "Even if the worst is behind us, we're cialis Canada online pharmacy taking an approach that's both prudent and opportunistic," Nike president Mark Parker said. The Globe's owner, the New York Buy generic sildenafil citrate Times, had imposed a 23% pay cut after the union originally rejected the proposal. The Boston Newspaper Guild's Buy sildenafil citrate tablets membership will now vote on 20 July on whether to accept the deal. The Globe, one of the oldest big-city mail order viagra online US newspapers, lost $50m last year and is expected to lose $85m this year. "Our aim throughout our negotiations CHEAP viagra online purchase has been to achieve the necessary savings in a way that causes the least hardship for our employees," said Steve Ainsley, the Globe's publisher. The Boston Globe is the latest title to find itself buy generic tadalafil online squeezed by falling sales, rising costs and declining advertising revenues. Traditional papers also face stiff competition buy generic viagra from Canada from websites offering news content for free and other sites luring away classified advertisers.

Until ?10.5bn in related

Until ?10.5bn in related income Buy sildenafil citrate tablets advantages entered non asked in Britain in 2007-8, the government's numbers reveals. A calculation of registration in cialis drug impotence online top of the five advantages of the key showed that the valued amount that where can i get viagra went non asked changed above compared slightly earlier with one year. The data include the Support of the buy soma online without prescription Income, Credit of the pension, Allowance Jobseekers, and to lodge and advantages of the tax of the advice. The numbers are published annually buy soma carisoprodol online by the Department of Work and pensions (DWP), and reveal the level to which the residents miss to ask for all advantages to that they have the right. The proportion of people that asks buy cheap acyclovir online for the rose of the Credit of the pension by one percent - to reach between 61% and 70% of the total right. However, the registration in top of Buy discount cialis Canada Support of the Income, to Accommodate Advantage and Advantage of the tax of the Council all CHEAPEST generic viagra Canada fell by around one percent. Jobseekers Allowance registration in remained loud relatively unaltered. The charities advised people briskly Buy cialis generic tadalafil to ask for all advantages to which they have the right, with an offer of the number free advice on how to apply. One of these charities is help the viagra Canada online pharmacy aged and Concern of age in top which short a campaign of one year on registration of the advantage. He/it believes that people don't ask because order acyclovir 400mg they are not informed of the advantage, they don't believe they have the right to him, they are confounded by the complexity of the low cost generic viagra system, or they don't want to take some "charities." "These numbers show rightly as pain the system of the middle advantages tested that has been supposed to raise older people out of poverty stalled, said Michelle Mitchell, the director of the charity. She/it said that a big number of pensioners buy generic propecia online missed Credit of the pension that would give them an average of ?31 supplementary one week again. "The government has need to work at full Buy acyclovir Canada online speed toward more automatic payments of advantages."The pensions rescue Angela so-called Eagle: "We want to insure that Buy cialis pills online everybody gets all the help to that they have the right and we always work to make our advantages more accessible."She/it added that the Service of the pensions made 13,000 face-to-face visits with the retired people every week and a new regional country in the regions with the smallest registration in top had been thrown.


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National Express won the franchise from GNER buy viagra without prescription in 2007. It agreed to pay the government ?1.4bn to BEST cialis price online run the East Coast main line, which runs between Edinburgh and London, until 2015. At the time, many rail analysts said it had paid too much for the franchise. National Express indicated that Buy generic cialis Canada it would walk away from the loss-making route, and not put further money into it, after failing to alter the terms of its franchise agreement. The firm's chief operating officer, Buy soma carisoprodol 350 mg Ray O'Toole, later told the BBC it was possible that it would continue to operate the route if economic conditions improved. However, BBC transport correspondent buy cheap acyclovir online Tom Symonds said it was generally accepted that the franchise would return to the buy generic viagra Canada government at some point after National generic viagra Hong Kong Express failed to alter the terms of its agreement. Lord Adonis told the BBC: "The Buy generic viagra pills government is not prepared to renegotiate rail franchises, because I'm simply not prepared to bail out companies that are unable to meet their commitments. "It is simply unacceptable to reap cheapest place to buy viagra the benefits of contracts when times are good, only to walk away Buy generic viagra London from them when times become more challenging." In a statement, the government added that generic cialis UK delivery it believed it also had grounds to end National generic viagra New Zealand Express's two other rail franchises - East Anglia and c2c. But the company said it felt the generic viagra Ireland government had "no grounds" to do this and would challenge any such attempt in court. It added that the terms of its franchise, generic viagra Singapore which sees the service being run by a Buy generic viagra Toronto subsidiary of National Express, meant the parent company could not lose more than ?72m.

The number of jobs lost in

The number of jobs lost in buy generic propecia online the US last month came in at 467,000, which was much more than had been expected. The jobless rate rose to 9.5% Buy Cialis in Australia in June, from 9.4% in May, as the US economy continued to struggle. Since the start of the recession Buy Cialis in Singapore in December 2007, the number of jobless people has risen by 7.2 million, the Department of Labor said. The unemployment rate was slightly Buy Cialis in Italy lower than had been expected, but was still the highest since August 1983. The number of people losing their Buy Cialis in England jobs can be higher than expected at the same time as the buy generic sildenafil citrate jobless rate is lower than expected, because they are measured in different ways. The former is a measure of how many Viagra Low Cost Online people are working, while the latter shows the number of people looking for work. Not everybody who has lost a job will be looking for another one. President Barack Obama said buy cialis without prescription he was "deeply concerned" about the Buy Generic Viagra Pack high level of unemployment and said more needed to be done to create jobs. "We have successfully stabilised the buy cheap cialis online financial markets," and "started to see some stabilization on housing," he told the Associated Press. The non-farm payrolls number would mail order viagra online usually be released on a Friday, but has been Buy Cialis in Canada announced a day early because US markets will be closed on Friday. The latest set of figures also included buy tadalafil no prescription revisions to data for the two previous months, with the number of jobs buy generic cialis online lost in April rising 15,000 to 519,000 and the number lost in May falling 23,000 to 322,000. Average hourly buy low cost cialis earnings were unchanged at $18.53 (?11.33).

The strategy calls for

The strategy calls for government buy viagra pills online IT to be carbon neutral by 2012, with office carbon emissions down 11.5% by 2011. One of the commissioners of the where to buy generic viagra report says there are scattered trends toward compliance with the strategy. However, a survey of IT managers purchase generic viagra online in the public sector showed 60% did not know there were any targets to aim for. The report, titled "The Path to cheap viagra pills online Green Government", was produced by environmental charity Global Action Plan and commissioned by networking giant Cisco. It is estimated that information Buy low cost viagra and communication technology (ICT) accounts for one-fifth of the Government's carbon CHEAPEST generic viagra pills emissions. The Greening ICT Strategy was intended to put the government in a leadership role order generic viagra online in the sustainable use of ICT. A large proportion of carbon emissions best price on viagra can be blamed on the manufacture of new equipment, so a principal focus of the initiative is to make the best use of existing equipment. However, there is more to the plan once best price on cialis procurement is slimmed down, according to Cisco's head of public sector Neil Crockett. "There is another, much bigger debate about generic cialis from Canada how ICT can enable other things to happen, like building management, travel reduction, flexible working," he said. The Global Action Plan study was conducted Buy tadalafil tablets 20 mg by direct surveys of ICT managers in the public sector - local and national government, education, generic viagra from Canada healthcare and so on - as well as a questionnaire in the magazine Computer Weekly. Some 60% of respondents said that they Buy canadian tadalafil online were unaware of the Greening ICT Strategy, and among those who were aware, nearly viagra Canada online pharmacy one-third said that they had made no changes to their own ICT usage and procurement, and had no plans to make any such changes. The problem, according to Global Action Plan director Buy cheap cialis pills Trewin Restorick, is poor collaboration and knowledge sharing across the sector.

The Pope asked for reform of

The Pope asked for reform of the buy Viagra France United Nations and financial bodies, as giving them the "true teeth" had need to tackle economic and social injustice. Benoit XVI said the blind pursuit Buy cheap generic viagra online of profit and bad economic management had caused the damages" on the global economy. The market, said the Pope, must not buy cheap acyclovir online become the place where the strong predominates everywhere the weak. His/her/its encyclic letter said that buy generic propecia online a reformed UNO should endeavor for disarmament, security of food and protection of the environment. An encyclic letter is the highest Buy propecia 5mg shape of papal teaching, said the David Willey of the BBC in Rome. This letter, Caritas in Veritate, or canadian tadalafil online pharmacy Charity in Truth, is his/her/its third since to be made the Pope in 2005. It is Canada cialis online pharmacy the first to concentrate on the social questions, and follows two of them on the spiritual matters. The compact debated the document of Buy acyclovir 400mg 144 pages is the result of an effort of two years by the Pope to bring the up to date Catholic social buy cialis without prescription teaching on the ethical responsibilities to melt it economic global, said our correspondent. His/her/its publication comes on buy discount viagra online the eve of the G8 of Wednesday that meets world chiefs to The Aquila. There is a need greatly felt... for cheap viagra pills Mastercard a reform of the Nations United Organization, and also of economic institutions and international buy viagra online without prescription finance, so that the concept of the family of nations can acquire true teeth... has need urgent of a true world political authority", the Pope wrote. The walled international body should Buy acyclovir 800mg work to bring disarmament nearly integrating and appropriate, security of food and peace, to guarantee the no prescription viagra online protection of the environment and to adjust the migration", Benoit said. "Once the profit becomes the exclusive goal, cheapest viagra prices online if it is produced by the improper means and without the common good as his/her/its ultimate end, it risks destructive wealth and creating poverty."He/it warned Buy sildenafil citrate tablets that globalization, directed correctly, could open the possibility without precedent of on a big scale redistribution of wealth on a world scale."

Carphone Warehouse is to

Carphone Warehouse is to restart selling buy cheap Acyclovir online Vodafone mobile phone contracts, three years after Vodafone pulled the products from the retailer. Vodafone stopped allowing Carphone buy cheap Doxycycline online Warehouse to sell its range of pay Buy Viagra Now Online monthly deals in 2006 after a dispute over how much commission it had to pay. Vodafone instead signed an exclusive buy cheap Effexor online deal with Carphone Warehouse's main High Street rival Phones4U. Its contract deals will return to buy cheap Carisoprodol online Carphone Warehouse stores on Tuesday. "This agreement marks a continued buy cheap Fosamax online strengthening of our relationship, and will benefit cheapest place to buy viagra both businesses and their customers," said Carphone Warehouse chief executive Charles Dunstone. Vodafone needs the help of this buy levitra no prescription independent to drive share of gross connections up/churn down Despite the removal of Vodafone's low price generic cialis contract deals, Carphone Warehouse has still been able to sell Vodafone's pay-as-you-go products over the past three years. Vodafone's contract deals will now Buy Cialis in South Africa be available from its own stores, Carphone Warehouse and Phones4U. Commentators welcomed the news that Vodafone had ended its stand-off with Carphone Warehouse. "It is clear that Vodafone's withdrawal Buy Cialis in Belgium from Carphone Warehouse did it no favours," said Citigroup analysts. "Its UK contract churn [of customers leaving] is buy soma carisoprodol online now over 20%. Vodafone needs the help of Buy Generic Viagra Pack this independent to drive share of gross connections up/churn down, in our view." Director of Research at Hitwise Robin Goad said: buy generic propecia online "If people accessing their Twitter accounts via mobile phones and third party applications were included, numbers could be higher." Another measure of Canada online Pharmacy Viagra Twitter's popularity is its jump in the overall internet rankings.

The OFTEN begun early last

The OFTEN begun early last year Buy Viagra in Canada his/her/its legal action, after having inquired into Buy Viagra in Dubai complaints of owners, to sustain his/her/its powers under the 1999 Unjust terms in the regulations of the Consumer's Contract. The contracts of the agency had asked Buy Viagra in England for a 11% order of the renewal if a tenant had remained beyond the renting of one initial year, Buy Viagra in Sweden and loaded 2.5% of the value of the property if the tenant had gone to buy it. During the audition in April 2009, the Buy Viagra in Toronto regulator described the loading of order of the renewal like a "delayed-action bomb." M. Justice Buy Viagra in Hong Kong that Mann granted that the terms had been buried in the small character of the terms standard of the agency of property and conditions that was unlikely to be read entirely by the customers. They have not also been written in Buy Viagra in Montreal "plain and intelligible language."The judge said that the owners would be astonished to find they had to pay for Foxtons commissions for the sale of a property, even though the agency had not played any part in the business. After the decision, Foxtons Base in London Buy Viagra in France asked that the decision was in part a victory for herself because the decision meant this order of the renewal was not always unjust. But in answer to the judgment he/it reduced Buy Viagra in Ireland the level of his/her/its order of the renewal now, and is now changing his/her/its literature and Buy Viagra in Singapore contracts, so that the order is distinctly outside "spelt, clearly and in simple language." The agency said that it had already Buy Viagra in Netherlands fallen the other contentious contract calls - his/her/its third renewal of the party commissions, and the orders of the sales contained in the agreements of the lettings. "We are wanted extremely that this matter Buy Viagra in New York has finally been clarified in a path that is to the advantage of Buy Viagra in Italy consumers and the industry", said Michael Brown, general manager of Foxtons. In a separated last year case, the Appeal court Buy Viagra in Florida governed this Foxtons has not been titled to commission to sell a house merely to show it around to the purchaser. The Office of Trade Rightly (OFTEN) had Buy Viagra in Australia asked that the court sustains the decision of the regulator of 2008 that the loads broke the consumer's regulations.

good article, well

good article, well done

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B The bonuses of bank should

B The bonuses of bank should be Buy Viagra Toronto attentively the directors controlled and non ministerial should be formed better, according to a commissioned government report. The revision of the government Buy Viagra Sydney of enterprise of banks of United Kingdom, by the ex-city regulator Sir David Walker, as calls for bigger involvement of the shareholder. He/it recommends the more Buy Viagra Cyprus transparent salary and the early structure for all high salaried employees. Prime minister Gordon Brown said Buy Viagra France that he thought that the recommendations in the report would be adopted. To speak to the Committee of the Buy sildenafil citrate 100mg Link of the Townships, M. that the Chestnut said that it supported "wholeheartedly" Buy Viagra Low Cost the proposition that the non ministerial directors should play a bigger role in committee equal decision making. Sir David spoke to banks, institutional buy cialis 20mg pill and practiced investors in remuneration and government of enterprise in to prepare the report. "It is clear that the government's Buy Viagra Singapore failures contributed at excessive risk materially - to take the financial crisis in head. Weaknesses in management of the Canada online pharmacy viagra risk, quality of the committee and practice and control of need of the remuneration for to be addressed", he/it concluded. A lot of people, including MPs, questioned Buy Viagra Vancouver the level to transfer experience of some directors, and Sir David has the intention of the plans for the non ministerial directors to receive the ceremonious formation. The non ministerial directors are what doesn't buy vardenafil no prescription have responsibility for the daily management of the business and that, therefore, are supposed to keep a near eye on the total risks that are taken by the banks. Some feel that they missed in this Buy sildenafil citrate tablet responsibility in the race until the financial crisis. Sir David said that he has been prepared completely Buy Viagra Edmonton for the protests about this degree of revelation on salary of the big banks had the concern that Buy Viagra Montreal too many people who work to level of the committee in banks didn't have all ceremonious formation as bankers. The previous head of Bank Halifax of Scotland (HBOS), Buy Viagra Switzerland Andy Hornby, came of an origin to the detail, after having led the chain of Asda supermarket previously.

The gallery asked for this

The gallery asked for this Crane purchase generic cialis online that the actions of Coetzee pierced that the English laws of the copyright buy cialis without prescription that protect copies of original works equalize when they are out of copyright. The Gallery of the National canadian pharmacy viagra online Portrait now says that it only sent a legal letter to Crane Coetzee after the Buy generic viagra pills Foundation Wikimedia failed to answer demand to debate the question. But he/it says that viagra cialis Ireland contact has now been taken and remain optimistic that a dialogue will be possible. A spokeswoman also said as the two buy Viagra in Singapore German archives mentioned in the blog of Moeller Erik had provided in makes pictures of the resolution averages buy Viagra in Hong Kong to Wikipedia, and insisted that the Gallery of the National Portrait had been arranged to offer matter similar to Wikipedia. The gallery also explained like CHEAPEST generic viagra Crane Coetzee was capable to get the high resolution classifies his/her/its site. They have been made available to visitors who use a "Zoomify" feature that works as allowing several high resolution classifies to be seen all whole. He/it asks for the M. Coetzee used the cheapest place to buy viagra special software to hustle" that the high resolution covers tiles, while allowing the whole portrait to be seen in high resolution. The British association of cheapest viagra price online Libraries of the picture and Agencies sustained the position of the Gallery of the National Portrait. "So owners of out of matter of the order cheap viagra online copyright to have the derivative works doesn't go they created protected that will result in someone to be capable to use then for free they will stop buy Viagra in France investing in the digitisation of works, and everybody will be the poorest", he/it wrote in an email to his/her/its members. He/it knows the flawless near FREE viagra without prescription inaugural journey of the Vehicle of the Transfer Automated (ATV) doesn't want last year to say the second flight is guaranteed to turn the same way. The attention to detail is all. The boat of the continuation - GET viagra no prescription Johannes doubled Kepler - is in the process to have assembled. His/her/its propulsion and buy low cost cialis units of the avionics are prepared to Breme, Germany. His/her/its module pressurized that will hold the cargo - air, water, buy tadalafil no prescription scientific material, food, and clothing - to be taken to the station of space is constructed in Turin, Italy. The several segments should come together buy no prescription viagra in September, in an only line of assembly that will lead to a launching in November 2010.

Coffee chain Starbucks has

Coffee chain Starbucks has seen its buy generic tadalafil online quarterly results beat expectations after cutting costs. The firm earned $151.5m (?92.1m) in the where to buy tamiflu online fiscal third quarter to 28 June, or 20 cents per share, up from a $6.7m loss - or 1 cent per share - a year earlier. The increase in profit stemmed largely buy cheap viagra pills from lower costs, as same store sales fell 6% in the US and 5% in Europe. The firm has been hit as consumers cut online purchase viagra pills spending in the recession, prompting plans to close hundreds of stores. The upmarket chain has faced increasingly stiff buy tamiflu in Australia competition from other outlets which offers cheaper coffee - such as McDonalds. The firm has reduced the workforce, as well as Canada cialis generic online targeted more than 1,000 stores worldwide for closure. In addition it has reduced prices to lure customers. The results acted as a fillip to the shares, non prescription viagra online sending them sharply higher in after-hours trade. Starbucks had seen it shares down 1.5% at $14.69, but after the session had ended they rose to $16 in extended trade. US bank CIT has said it may still have to buy tamiflu in England file for bankruptcy protection if not enough of its bondholders agree to a refinancing plan. Its comments came despite the bank where to get viagra online having secured a $3bn (?1.8bn) rescue loan from bondholders on Monday. CIT said it still had to meet about $7bn purchase sildenafil citrate online in debts which fall due in the next year, including $1bn in August. CIT, which specialises in loans to smaller buy Tamiflu in London firms, also predicted a second-quarter loss of more than $1.5bn. CIT - which has debts of about $40bn - is seeking canadian pharmacy generic viagra to split its profitable operations from the loss-making parts of the business. CIT's shares jumped 79% on Monday on reports of generic viagra soft tabs the $3bn loan deal, but by close of trade on Tuesday its stock had fallen 21.6% to end at 98 cents. Police have held a series of sessions for victims buy low price viagra of a multi-million pound Ponzi scheme to explain their losses. More than 700 people were caught out by the high-yield investment fraud, with losses estimated at ?80m. But investigators have been struggling cheapest generic viagra price to win the support of victims who refuse to believe their life savings are gone.

Microsoft has made a new

Microsoft has made a new proposal to buy online viagra pills European competition regulators that it hopes will end their row over the firm's Internet Explorer web browser. It proposes that European buyers mail order generic viagra of its new Windows 7 operating system will be offered a list of potential browsers when they first install the software. The move comes a month after Microsoft Canada pharmacy viagra online said European buyers of Windows 7 would have to download a web browser. Brussels ruled in January that GENERIC sildenafil citrate tablets pre-bundling Explorer hurt competition. The Commission welcomes this proposal, and Buy CHEAP generic cialis will now investigate its practical effectiveness Microsoft said its proposal meant that users CHEAPEST generic levitra online would be able to "easily install competing web browsers, set one of those generic viagra online Canada browsers as a default, and disable Internet Explorer" from a "ballot screen" of alternative browsers. "We believe that if ultimately accepted, this generic viagra Montreal proposal will fully address the European competition law issues relating to the viagra low cost online inclusion of Internet Explorer in Windows," said Microsoft general counsel Brad Smith. "The Commission welcomes this proposal, and Buy viagra 100mg online will now investigate its practical effectiveness in terms of ensuring genuine consumer choice," said Commission regulators. They added that Microsoft was also proposing t generic viagra Canada o disclose more interoperability information about Windows to external software providers. Last year Microsoft was fined 899m GENERIC viagra England euros ($1.4bn; ?680.9m) by the Commission for separate anti-competitive practices. This penalty - the largest ever from the generic viagra Australia European Commission - came after Microsoft failed to comply with a 2004 ruling that it abused its market position. The rail franchise system is "a muddle" which generic viagra Hong Kong allows train companies to "take advantage" of passengers and needs reform, a report by MPs has warned. The Commons transport committee said BEST price generic viagra operators were making profits in good times but forcing the government to step in when revenues fall.

The prices of house in

The prices of house in England and Wales buy cheap Zyrtec increased the month super-egos for the first time since buy cheap Zoloft January 2008, according to the Office of the Earth civil status. The 0.1% rise in June compared with buy cheap Zovirax May brought the value of the middle house to ?153,046, the survey found. He/it said that the numbers revealed a buy cheap Topamax "to flatten" price, although the value of the middle house was earlier below 14% on the same month one year. The survey now compares the price of buy cheap Prevacid houses sold with the paid before price. "It is well the first time in on one buy cheap Plavix year that the monthly change was positive", the survey of the Office of the civil status of the Earth said. "However, as the monthly increase is buy cheap Norvasc only 0.1%, the movement doesn't signal to strong increase back, but to flatten some prices rather."The survey is buy cheap Paxil considered the survey of the price of the most authorized property extensively because it measures the change in the prices while rather recording the completed sales that data of the mortgage. On the year to June, prices of houses buy cheap Xenical online detached in England and Wales lowered the smallest, by 12.2%, the data revealed. Semi-detached houses (below 14.3%), buy cheap Wellbutrin SR aligned houses (below 14.6%), and apartments or maisonettes (14.8% below) all testified bigger falls in the value. During the same prices of the period buy cheap Valtrex online the more fell in the northeast of England, a fall of 15.9%, and smallest of the Midlands Ouest that saw a drop of 11.9%. there buy cheap Zithromax was a picture divided through England and Wales for property values in June compared with May. Five regions showed a rise in price and five showed a fall. The rises were in London (in top 2%), buy cheap Toradol the Midlands Ouest (in top 0.5%), the West South (in top 0.4%), the East Of the south (in top 0.3%), and the East (in top 0.2%). Aerospace European gigantic EADS, the buy cheap Prozac society mother of Airbus, returned a drop in first half profits after the orders for his/her/its plane fell. The plane arranges in the first buy cheap Prednisolone half of 2009 dropped to 17.2bn euros (?14.8bn) of 51.2bn euros per year earlier.

The Payment Card Industry

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard is a worldwide information security standard assembled by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council (PCI SSC). The standard was created to help organizations that process card payments prevent credit card fraud through increased controls around data and its exposure to compromise. The standard applies to all organizations which hold, process, or pass cardholder information from any card branded with the logo of one of the card brand

cisp Cardholder Information Security Program

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Four settings of the bank superior buy cheap Acyclovir online in Nigeria appeared to the court to deny some loads they have been concerned in a multi billion dollar that transfers the scandal. The three men and a woman were buy cheap Effexor online general manager of major banks until to be pulled from their works two weeks ago. Anti the corruption civilizes Buy Cialis in Australia carried criminal loads against settings of five banks rescued in a 400bn naira ($2.6bn; ?1.6bn) guaranty of the government outside. Finbank previous Okey main Nwosu buy low cost cialis was the first not to plead guilty to 11 loads concerning bad debt developed under his/her/its management. The three other general managers canadian pharmacy viagra online of the bank, Sebastian Adigwe, Berth Ebongs and Cecilia Ibrus, all didn't plead guilty later to loads stakes to them to the auditions Monday. They and their teams are accused of buy Viagra in Canada fraud, giving loans to fake some companies, to lend to the businesses they buy Viagra in Hong Kong had a personal interest in and to conspire with the agents of change to drive prices of the part, said the Caroline Duffield of the BBC in Lagos. The authorities in Nigeria nearly Buy Viagra Australia say the business destroyed five of the major banks order cheap levitra online of the country and saw the bosses of these banks to lose their works. A banker, Erastus Akingbola, former general canadian pharmacy viagra online manager of Intercontinental bank, lack again. He/it is on the race and wanted by Interpol. In Nigeria where to accumulate is buy generic levitra online a charming world, never thought that they would see bankers of the summit on their path courting, our correspondent adds. Fifteen other general managers to the banks - low cost levitra online Afribank, Intercontinental Bank, Finbank, Oceanic Bank and buy Viagra in Canada Union Bank - is questioned by police after the loans have not been repaid. The parts in the five banks that cheapest levitra price online explain 40% of the credit of bank of the country have been suspended. The Infringements Economic and Financial buy Viagra in Cyprus of the country Commission (EFCC) says $300m of bad debt nearly is been himself put back, but that the billions are even remarkable. However, the governor of the Bank of the buy Viagra in Greece Central of Nigeria said last week that the system of the bank follow healthy the financial scandal.

The European Central Bank

The European Central Bank (ECB) buy propecia no prescription raised his planned for economic growth in the eurozone and kept of the interest rates on the influence to 1%. The head of the Buy Cialis in New York so-called bank had a waiting that "the stern contraction" would now be followed by one period of "stabilization and gradual Cialis in Hong Kong online recuperation." the Eurozone rates have been cut from 1.25% to a low file of 1% in May this year. Earlier a survey found this Buy Cialis in New Zealand eurozone that the economic activity increased in August for the first time in 15 months Thursday. The ECB said the economy of the buy generic sildenafil citrate eurozone would contract between -4.4% and -3.8% this year. His/her/its last forecasting was for a range between -5.1% and -4.1%. The so-called bank the economic Buy Cialis in London activity would fall next year between -0.5% and 0.9%. Previously he/it foresaw a range of -1% to 0.4%. "It implies an upward revision of the ranges for the two 2009 Buy Levitra in Canada and 2010, to reflect the recent, more positive developments and information", the head of the bank that Jean-Claude Trichet said, mainly. But he/it added that "the low cost viagra online uncertainty remains an adult, major factor. The range of our forecasting shows a big degree of uncertainty.Buying "them Directors Indexes (PMI) the survey for August recorded Buy Levitra in Toronto a score of 50.4, where a score above 50 spectacles an increase in economic activity. It was above the first measure of the Canadian generic pharmacy viagra index 50 since May 2008, and survey hopes that the eurozone can emerge recession soon. Since the last decision by the ECB canadian online pharmacy viagra to remain unaltered esteem, the numbers showed the German and French savings that emerge recessions of one year. But the perspective cialis from Canada online for the economy of the eurozone remains wave in his/her/its whole. For example, the numbers also where to buy propecia on line published Thursday showed that eurozone that the retail trades lowered in August. The Group of 20 nations richest must BUYING VIAGRA online without a prescription adopt "obligatory rules" to adjust behaviour of bank, the chiefs of United Kingdom, France and Germany said. United Kingdom Prime minister Gordon Buy Cialis in Montreal President Nicolas Brown, French Sarkozy and German Chancellor Angela Merkel made the commentaries in a common letter.

The research carried outside

The research carried outside by the buy low cost levitra Specialist Schools and Academies Have confidence of it (SSAT) indicates that the involvement in School Report can have a considerable impact on literacy. English January, an adviser of buy generic acyclovir online the literacy, has been commissioned by the SSAT to work with five schools that participate in Report of school during 2007/8 to Buy Viagra in Toronto value the impact that the involvement in the project carried the levels of the literacy of the students implied. The goal note the impact on the purchase generic viagra online writing and oral expertises of the students and recommend paths to maximize some advantages in the future. The full report - News BBC School viagra no prescription needed Report: Drive on literacy that The gathered evidence indicates that the involvement in School Report can have a considerable impact on literacy. Footage of the video of cheap viagra without prescription students that speaks together to solve some problems, before and after the project, demonstrate that the students felt a curve of the steep learning as for collaboration of the efficient group and discussion. The accentuation on Cheap Generic Viagra Online discussion as the strategy of the main learning everywhere in the project had a considerable effect also on the quality of written results. In particular, boys and students Canada no prescription cialis with English like a supplementary language (EAL) benefitted of the opportunity to debate some ideas and to write succinctly and Buy Viagra in Montreal logically, by opposition to with expression. Miss English imagined buy lowest price viagra supplementary resources, to be used together with the six lesson of the Report of the school organizes, by professors who wish to use the BBC News project to help levels of the literacy. They include cards of the Buy Viagra in Calgary "conversation" that encourage some students to reason and to construct on each other ideas, and "debate pointing" the worksheets that help some Buy Viagra in Ireland students distribute the expertises of the discussion of their equals. They can be downloaded of the SSAT Web site. The BBC is not responsible for the Buy Viagra in Edmonton content of internet external place since the School Report began in 2006, the BBC project equips worked attentively with cheapest propecia price several educational bodies including the SSAT. In 2007-2008 he/it has been agreed buy generic tadalafil online that an useful center of the SSAT work be value the impact on literacy and suggest the simple techniques that the schools that participate in School Report could use to raise the levels of the literacy of their students.