Finally, a Republican campaign that is unafraid to explicitly take on the media.

This is the kind of thing that would have been shot down in the past for jeopardizing the campaign's relationship with the Fourth Estate. Of all campaigns, McCain's should know that nothing good can come of playing footsie with the media. McCain did that for years, and what has it gotten him as far as this campaign goes?

The media is a strategic actor in the campaign, not simply an observer. It was time to treat them as such. 

Wild guess here, but I'll bet McCain's online fundraising wasn't bad today.

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Media as Special Interest

Obviously they didn't learn from the Bush administration that the MSM is a special interest all its own with its own agenda and incentives. It's not like the MSM will abandon covering McCain. They at least semi-pretend to be objective and don't want to lose even more of their dwindling audience.

About time!  Hopefully this

About time!  Hopefully this is part of a strategy.

The ad skewers its target without being vicious.  Sort of like Reagan's campaign style adapted for a new generation. 

The choice of subject is smart.  At this point in the campaign, Obama's supporting infrastructure could be a more vulnerable target than Obama himself.  Take away his teleprompter and stage management and media cheerleaders, and he wouldn't stand a chance on a level playing field.  (However, today's playing field is tilted against the GOP.)

All else being equal (which it isn't), a seasoned American hero like John Glenn would wipe the floor with Barack Obama in the general election.  You can do it, John!

Oops, did I say Glenn when I meant McCain?  Silly me...

Great Way To Reignite The Base

If McCain wants to fire up the conservative base, he should continue to go after the mainstream media.  The media is not popular among the general public anyway, and it's especially not loved by conservatives.  McCain aligning himself with an old conservative enemy like the MSM will help his cause tremendously.  Even non-political observers are noticing the absurdity of how the MSM covers Obama.

Going after the MSM will also box in the media to have to at least pretend to have some objectivity.  The American people will also have their guard up about Obama-slanted coverage, and take the MSM with a grain of salt.

It's a win/win if you ask me.

It goes both ways

Apparently CBS helped McCain cover an embarrasingly bad answer to a question by Katie Couric, by editing the tape.

This apparent "favor" has backfired, since the original version is now on the web side by side with the edited version, and a non-story about a minor  misspeak is now a major story about  CBS' journalistic dishonesty and favoritism, exposing the mistake far more than it would have been had CBS left it in.

This incredibly stupid act makes it pretty hard to argue that CBS is not in the tank for McCain.