Nationalizing Burris

Well, great: 

Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn has called on U.S. Sen. Roland Burris to resign, CNN reports.

"I would ask my good friend Sen. Roland Burris .. to step aside and resign from the office," Quinn said during a press conference moments ago. 

He also said he supports a bill to fill U.S. Senate vacancies with a temporary appointee by the governor, followed by a special primary and general election. "There's just too much of a cloud of controversy over the appointment process," Quinn said.

Let's review the sequence of events that got us to this point. 

The Democratic Governor of Illinois Rod Blagojevich gets busted for trying to sell Barack Obama's Senate seat. The Democratic legislature vows to strip Blagojevich of his appointment power. Oh, wait, never mind. Then they dither on impeachment for more than a month. Meanwhile, Blagojevich calls their bluff and appoints Burris to the Senate seat. Harry Reid and Senate Democrats vow to block the appointment. Oh, wait, never mind. Because Burris promised them there was no quid pro quo, they seated him. Meanwhile the Democratic President from Chicago floats effortlessly above it all, virtually without comment. 

If there ever was an accountability moment that could be pinned to Democrats at both the state and Congressional level, this is it. But beyond the sheer comedy of it all, I don't hear the vaunted conservative echo chamber systematically trying to nail Michael Madigan and Harry Reid to the proverbial post for the fraud that was perpretrated against the people of Illinois and America.

Or maybe I'm missing something? 

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Blagojevich does not "belong" to anyone

I think you're missing that Blagojevich stands on his own. No one has supported him post-Fitzgerald. In fact, in the context of recent political scandals the speed with which he was isolated was pretty stunning, I think.

that's because Massa Madagan and Daley HATE Blago!

nobody supported the man BEFORE he got caught. About the closest thing he had to an ally was the Senate leader (not reid, ill senate) and he got out of dodge before the whole mess happened! (i think via a retirement announcement).

Blago is an idiot. Can we please sic Fitz on Brent Benjamin?

What You're Missing

Patrick Fitzgerald is psychotic (Elliot Spitzer on Steroids) and Rod Blagojevich is innocent.

Or, did you learn nothing from the malicious prosecution of Scooter Libby?

Huh? Wut?

This post is inane.   I can't think of any major* Democrat/Liberal site that has supported Blago or Burris.  I think most major* sites/people have avoided both like the scum they are AND have repeatedly asked them to resign.

In short, this has nothing to do with accountability.

I think you can chalk this up to the Dems being weak and disjointed rather than tolerating the known corruption in their midst.  IMHO, they ain't tolerating or encouraging either of these two jackasses.  They are just such big jerks that there are tough to remove.


*=of course your vision of 'major' may vary.  DKos, TPM, the Dem House/Senate pretty much hate both of them.

Ideas, Technology, or same old?

Republicans will chart a new path with fresh new ideas and smart technology.  They will stick to their principles of personal responsibility and fiscal discipline.

Oh never mind.  The old smear and distortion was more fun. 

Oh, wait, never mind. Because Burris promised them there was no quid pro quo, they seated him.

They seated him because he was the legal Senator, appointed by the legal (if criminal) Governor.  They had no choice. 

Even negative campaigning takes discipline.  It's more effective if you stick to the truth.  The Burris story is plenty damaging to Democrats as it is.

the solution to such messes?

Rather than create a new law to further complicate the selection of Senators, just repeal the 17th Amendment.

Problem solved.