NY-GOV: Rudy Do-Over?

The Politicker is reporting that Rudy Giuliani and his top political aide met with the GOP state chairman. The topic of Rudy for Governor came up, and Rudy didn't say no.

I asked him if the subject of Giuliani for governor came up, since it's been the subject of some recent speculation.  

"Of course it did," Carbonetti confirmed during a telephone interview yesterday. "But Rudy was like, 'Lets worry about getting through this cycle.'"

Mr. Carbonetti continued: "Joe said, 'I'm with you if you want to run.' You know, the usual stuff." He added, "Rudy said our main focus is winning all the local races we can and getting John McCain elected. And we'll look at all that when the time is right."

I'm a bit of a fan of this idea (in fact, I briefly worked for Rudy last year), but there are a few questions that need answering.

First, what lessons will they learn from the Presidential campaign? This is New York, and Rudy will be more in his element here. Presumably, Rudy will be more direct in attacking David Paterson, something he obstinately refused to do to John McCain, effectively handing him the nomination. Will we see a return to the combative, happy warrior Rudy we saw battling the New York City press corps, or will it be the 2007 wonkish Mr. Congeniality?

And they should probably stop pulling stuff like this. (Update: His team says there will be no strings attached to fundraisers.)

If the lessons of 2007-8 are taken to heart, then this could be Rudy's shot at redemption. His national star dimmed a bit with the Presidential race, but knocking off the corrupt and incompetent Spitzer-Paterson regime and governing successfully would restore the shine and more. And this is the job he probably wants.

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Go to the dictionary

Look up "incompetent, self-aggrandizing, unpopular politician" and see whose photo they use.

Rudy spent an ungodly sum of money in the primaries and didn't get a single delegate.  He has personal and lifestyle issues, including using the NYPD to chauffeur his mistress around, that would be a gold mine for oppo research if he were a Democrat.  His crony and business associate Bernie Kerik has redefined corruption in a place where it didn't need redefining.  Every sentence he speaks is noun, verb, 9/11.

Who will rid us of this troublesome former mayor?