Obama Campaign Prints German-language Flyers for Berlin Rally

This is pretty extraordinary. A candidate for the American Presidency is using flyers printed in German to turn people out for his campaign rally in Berlin on Thursday. This flyer can be found on a bilingual page on BarackObama.com advertising the event:


The German flyers bear Obama's campaign logo and say "Paid for by Obama for America."

I'm surprised at this lapse in judgment in an otherwise well-oiled and professional Obama campaign. The last time they printed up campaign paraphenalia in a foreign language, it didn't work out so hot for them.

So, this isn't just some sober, high-minded foreign policy speech, part of a foreign trip occurring under the auspices of his official Senate office. It is a campaign rally occuring on foreign soil. They are using the same tactics to turn out Germans to an event as they would to any rally right here in America. This after Obama's campaign said this:

“It is not going to be a political speech,” said a senior foreign policy adviser, who spoke to reporters on background. “When the president of the United States goes and gives a speech, it is not a political speech or a political rally.

“But he is not president of the United States,” a reporter reminded the adviser.

The sea of Germans drummed up by the Obama campaign will be used as props to tell us Americans how to vote, and the campaign isn't trying to pretend otherwise. That's breathtakingly arrogant, and par for the course for Barack Obama.

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it's truly dangerous to have these kinds of connections to foreign peoples who could try and impose their socialism on our way of life.

and you know what? i bet they didn't even hire german agents to do their bidding. i bet someone in his campaign actually speaks german.




Yeah right.... This so much dangerous than say.....

W's cozxy relationship with the House of Saud with their tolerance of Wahabism and what occurs in the Madrassah.   Ot Bush's embrace of Musharaf?   Methinks some of youy  strain gnats and swallow elephants.


He is not taking campaign donations.  I think you are just jealous  that Obama commands such excitement anywhere while McCain  has difficulty scrounging up enough people for a town hall.

wow, what a terrible thing

to be able to speak a foreign language.  how un-american!


Dear Lord I hope you are being sarcastic.  Socialism?  German agents? Fear of multilingualism?  Hmm... I wonder which country has their government impose on the way of life of other lands most frequently. 

Where do you people come from?


Here's what's scary:

People who are too thick to understand sarcasm when it's coming from one of their own.

 Larry, You are an idiot.


You are an idiot. "Foreign peoples"? What part of Germany is Socialist? 

What gives the right wing, middle Americans like you a bad rap is that people figure you for not knowing a damn thing about the outside world, and you prove them correct!

What German agents are you talking about? Stasi agents? (They don't have those anymore, either).

Get a passport and get out there for a look. A cruise to the Caribbean doesn't count.


I am very afraid. If Barack Obama is advertising a rally in Germany using the GERMAN LANGUAGE then what will be next????!?! Wil he advertise a rally in America using the ENGLISH LANGUAGE?!?!?! 

Barack Obama cannot play golf at my country club. Therefore, he is a MUSLIM!!!!

Ja, wir können!

die Hoffnung, kommt für Sie

"breathtakingly arrogant ... and par for the course"

Give it a break Patrick!

Obama is making a speech in Germany. And he is amazingly popular in Germany, and in fact in most of the rest of the world. There's no need to get jealous about it.

Numerous politiicans go around the world doing speeches. McCain also. It's just that Obama is better known and more popular than almost any other politician. Thats not a bad thing. That's not arrogence.

So I suggest you get over it and find something else to criticise Obama about. Its not like there's limited options...

Social Realism + cultic mass-appeal techniques=Yikes!

"Obama is making a speech in Germany. And he is amazingly popular in Germany,"

Really now. Let THEM elect him.

This is about the International Left and anti-Americans is slavering over the most leftwing Presidential nominee in American history. They hate America - they dislike our power, our freedom, our soverienty and our economic dominance ...  yet they supposedly love Obama - that alone should disturb the dickens out of any American patriot.

Add to that the Social Realist artwork in the Obama campaign and the cultic mass-appeal techniques last seen in Germany around, oh the 1930s, and you have a very disturbing scenario indeed.

This taxpayer-funded junket has been a campaign event for a candidate actively campaigning in a near-term election from start to finish. This is new and it is disturbing on many levels.  The techniques, methods and staging are beyond the norms of baby-kissing campaigns and into the realm of creepy arrogant hype-machine cult creation.

Heil Obama!

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Are you a Republican or are you an American?

Look, if you are still voting Republican after the mess that the Republicans have been in charge of the last 8 years, then one could conclude that you must hate America.  The Germans understand that an America led by the wrong people is bad for Europe and the world and evidence for that understanding is overwhelming over the past 8 years.  Elections in America matter for all so they care.  It's mighty simple really.

In terms of being a patriot I think you have a choice for this election.  Are you a Republican or are you an American?  The choice is clear no matter who is the nominee for the Democrats because this election is about rejecting the disaster that is the last 8 years of Republican dominance. 

And Obama is only the most left-wing Democrat ever nominated because the country has moved to the left, part of its slow drift leftward for at least the past 100 years and probably since its inception.  They don't call us progressives for nothing.  We bring the progress.

So I'll repeat.  Are you Republican or are you an American?  Time to pick a side.

Silly progressive, dumb loaded questions are for shills

Thats a moronic loaded question you ask,  that Insults the patriotism of every single Republican: "Are you Republican or are you an American?" Do you really think that such shallow left-partisan balderdash is convincing anyone except fellow travelling true believers?

So i will answer your question if you first answer: Are you a moron or an idiot?

The Republicans have been right and the Democrats have been wrong on issue after issue.

On Bush's tax cuts in 2003, the Republicans passed tax cuts that the Democrat opposed, and the tax cuts helped create jobs and get the economy going.

Mess #1 was 9/11 and the GWOT, and was caused in part because USA was asleep during the Clinton years due to walls that Clinton admin (Gorelick) built between law enforcement and intelligence agencies. After 9/11, Bush did the right thing in Afghanistan and elsewhere in fighting AQ in over 70 countries, working with other countries to expose and defeat AQ Khan's nuclear weapons trading network, including shutting down Libya's WMD programs.

Liberal SCOTUS justices were wrong on Kelo (aginst our property rights), wrong on Heller (against our 2nd amendment rights), wrong on affirmative action (the libs favor racism if its a 'good kind'), wrong on just about anything that comes across the board. Fortunately, Bush nominated and we got on the SCOTUS some really excellent and fine Justices - Roberts and Alito. They are doing the right thing on these and other issues, being what good judges should be - umpires of the law and not activist players.

Multiple acts of political sabotage by the liberals and left have tried to undermine our progress in the GWOT and in Iraq. Thankfully, it has mostly failed and the successful surge strategy is bringing the violence in Iraq down and our liberation of Iraq from Saddam Hussein will have succeeded one hopes by next january beyond the point that even the Dems cant screw it up. but perhaps I shouldnt underestimate their capacity for failure.

After all .. We have had 18 months of the worst Congress in a long time. The Pelosi kleptocratic Congress has been incompetent, reckless, and wrong; for every problem they have a tax increase, and for every GOP solution they say "NO". They oppose sensible offshore drilling, they oppose the sensible economic policy of making the current tax policies permanent and instead want Bush tax cuts repealed and our taxes increased. The Democrat Congress, through their bad policies, have weakened the stock market and the economy and helped allow oil prices to go higher. All they offer is more taxes and more spending.


"The choice is clear no matter who is the nominee for the Democrats because this election is about rejecting the disaster that is the last 8 years of Republican dominance."
This shallow and vapid and false claim is about all you have going for you, isn't it? Running on the fumes of Bush-hate is all you got.

You dont have any real answers on energy because the Republicans are actually right. They have a pro-energy policy (support nuclear, alternatives, drill offshore and in ANWR, and say no to higher energy taxes) and the Democrats have an anti-energy ("high prices are good for you") dont drill, dont build, dont do anything except tax-and-spend policy.

You dont have any real answers on the economy, because Obama's cap gains tax hikes, his payroll tax hike and his income tax hikes will hurt everyone - investors, small businesses, people looking for a job, etc. The Democrats policies hurt the economy, which is fine by them I guess since dependent people vote Democrat.

The left today is no longer 'progressive' - they are the enemy of economic progress with their tax increase and big Govt pro-pandering and pro-subsidy plans. They are against cultural progress and civility via their attacks on family structures, traditional values, and unborn life. They are against national progress via their attacks on reasonable approaches to win the war against terrorism, eg, shutting down FISA, wanting to close Gitmo. The best reform in the last 20 years was Newt Gingrich's welfare reform. The left hasnt brought any 'progress' to anywhere in the last generation. Wake up and read some Sowell so you know whats good for you and America.

Silly leftist - dumb loaded questions are for shills.


Silly Right-Wingnut

Constantly vomiting WRONG GOP talking points is for Republican shills!

And just for clarification, repeating something over and over doesn't make it so.

Just for clarification

Your name-calling is not a refutation, but rather an acknowledgement that you've lost the argument and have nothing left to say. Thanks for the endorsement.


Keep your head in the sand & all you are is an ass with legs

I have family on both sides of the aisle.  DENIAL of reality gets tooooo many people spouting bogus claims such as yours:

"The Republicans have been right and the Democrats have been wrong on issue after issue.

On Bush's tax cuts in 2003, the Republicans passed tax cuts that the Democrat opposed, and the tax cuts helped create jobs and get the economy going.

Mess #1 was 9/11 and the GWOT, and was caused in part because USA was asleep during the Clinton years..."

Sadly Republicans have been demonstrably wrong about almost everything: Iraq, WMD, Imminent Threat, greeted as liberators, cake walk, mission accomplished, in the last throes, jobs and homes have been lost and are still being lost, and the oil execs are getting record profits while the environment goes critical mass.

No, you repeating falshoods, even three times like Lewis Carol, does not make them true. 

And as for America being asleep at the wheel under Clinton, what part of " Osama Bin LAden determined to attack US on American Soil" did Republicans not understand?

No, as the greatest nation we need to exercise more responsibility in maintaining peace not inciting wars and hatred and certainly taking care of our own people.

As Ricky would say on I Love Lucy, "You've got a lot of 'splaining to do!"

Moveon.org talking points

Scatalogical rudeness and leftism. It's like Simon and Garfunkel.

No, you repeating falshoods, even three times like Lewis Carol, does not make them true.

Oh, the trollish irony. How many times have you repeated those bogus moveon.org talking points, like a mantra? No matter how many times you say it - like "mission accomplished" etc. - they are still just backwards-looking talking points that dont do anyone any good, least of all your argument.

I have family on both sides of the aisle.

That's a Funny thing to say. Did that happen when you married your cousin?

And as for America being asleep at the wheel under Clinton, what part of " Osama Bin LAden determined to attack US on American Soil" did Republicans not understand?

Repubs read the fine print that Bin Laden had been doing it since 1995 ... Please tell me again the story again of how Clinton stopped the USS Cole attack and responded so brilliantly to AQ that AQ never bothered us again. I just love bedtime fairy tales.

Forgot about this one.

Certainly I was a bit over the top but I was hoping to get a funny reaction like this.  Thanks.  I especailly love the precious "The Republicans have been right and the Democrats have been wrong on issue after issue."  That's so funny.

First, the tax cuts.  hehe.  Someone doesn't know how to read measures of economic growth and vitality.  The Bush expansion following the recession that openned his presidency (which as an honest person can not be attributed to him) was the worst post recession expansion in recent history.  Job growth has been anemic.  Let's compare.

GDP growth is similar albeit not as stark.  I'll let you practice your research skills and figure out the difference between Dems and Repub presidents on GDP growth.  Hint: You'll find that Dems do much much better and that anyone named Bush really sucks at economic growth.

As for 9/11, considering Bush was spending all his foreign policy time shilling for a new Star Wars program to stop the threat of interballistic nuclear missiles while having exactly one meeting on international terrorism, I'd hardly applaud his foresight or skill here.  And then he invaded the wrong country.  As bad as he is on the economy and considering the worst attack on American soil occured under his watch, I'd say his record here is even worse.

The rest of your tirade starts to get incoherent.  I will just add that giving a tax cut to about 98% of income earners while working to provide healthcare for all, like Obama proposes is clearly superior to another tax cut for the rich who we find out today took in the largest share of income in 2006 since 1929 (the beginning of the Great Depression). 

But I do apologize.  I suppose you can be a Republican and an American.

More taxing arguments from an Obama flunkie

The numbers on Clinton are not all a credit to him.  I do admit that there is something to the fact that, aside from the wonderful Reagan years, the best governance era was the Clinton-Gingrich 1994-1998 era. (Maybe we should dump the incompetent Pelosi/Reid combo, make Tom Coburn majority leader and let him co-rule with Hillary.)  But I digress ...

Clinton inherited a growing economy that was growing 4% in Q4 1992. And he got lucky enough to have a very pro-Growth Newt Gingrich Republican Congress to work with. That GOP Congress was fiscally responsible and passed tax cuts in1997, and even those Clinton-Gingrich tax cuts worked to improve the economy while not costing much in revenues. The result, thanks to the GOP Congress, was economic growth and the only balanced budget years in half a century.

In 2001, Bush inherited the illusion of prosperity, which turned out to the bursting of the internet bubble,  and the illusion of peace, which was shattered when Al Qaeda plowed planes into the WTC on 9/11/2001.

.. while having exactly one meeting on international terrorism,I'd hardly applaud his foresight or skill here.

Nobody is applauding his forsight prior, America as a whole was unprepared, but his proper response AFTER. As for:

As bad as he is on the economy and considering the worst attack on American soil occured under his watch, I'd say his record here is even worse.

So you are blaming Bush for 9/11? That is truly nutcase awful. It like blaming Poland for WWII.

USA had to deal and work out those twin issues in 2001 and beyond - burst internet bubble and terrorist impact . There was a third issue of faked financials in the late Clinton era - something about how Presidents running orgs started thinking they could get away with anything right around 1998 or so, that caused some companies like Enron to fake their numbers.  So for the first 2 years of the Bush 43 first term, he had a whole heap of messes to deal with, that hurt the economy enough to mire us in recession.

Once the Bush 2003 tax cuts were in place by mid-2003, however, the US economic growth resumed and we've had strong growth, low unemployment, and the BEST productivity growth numbers ever.

I will just add that giving a tax cut to about 98% of income earners while working to provide healthcare for all, like Obama proposes is clearly superior to another tax cut for the rich 

... A tax cut for all income levels is something you can and should give credit to BUSH for.

The problem with the moron liberals is they believe their own spin. The Bush tax cuts gave a tax reduction in either rates or increase in exemption to every tax payer. Every single one. So unless you define 'rich' as 'makes enough to fill out a 1040 form' it wasn't a tax cut for the rich, but a tax cut for everyone.

Calling Obama a tax cutter is complete and utter BS. Obama has never passed a single tax cut. NEVER. OTOH Obama already, as a Senator in the Democratic kleptocratic majority in Congress, voted for multiple tax increases in this Congress, and further wants to increase capital gains taxes, payroll taxes and income taxes on millions of Americans. He wants to end the Bush tax cuts, which cut taxes for everysingle taxpayer and got millions off the tax rolls. He opposes making the Bush tax cuts permanent. And he foolishly wants to raise tax rates in ways that will hurt everyone. Just one example is his attempt to raise the cap gains tax rate from 15% to 25%.

I am not in that 2%, but I am going to be personally negatively impacted by the Obama tax hikes (actually most investor portfolios have gotten whacked in valuations just due to his proposals).  I therefore take your dissembling on behalf of the dishonest Obama personally.

Holy unaware of the facts!

Look, if you aren't going to bother getting any facts right, why should I bother.  Here's a chart from the Center for Tax Policy report comparing the tax policies of each candidate.

Obama cuts taxes more on the bottom 80%.  See that.  The bottom 80% get a bigger tax cut.  Obama isn't going to reverse the Bush tax cuts.  He's letting them expire as Republicans wanted when they cooked the books getting them through Congress and he's replacing them with bigger cuts for most Americans.  And considering that the hourly wages growth has stagnated for the bottom 75% for the past 30 years and that all the wage growth has flowed to the upper percentiles, I'm all for lower tax rates for us normal folk while the people who've seen their incomes rise at record levels move closer to the historical and world norms for tax rates.  They'll still take in way more adjusted after-tax income than they did in the 1980s so they shouldn't whine about it.  I'm one who believes that the prosperity of this nation belongs to all who help bring it.  And I'm not stupid enough to think that the bottom 80% have had nothing to do with our growing prosperity over the past 30 years.  Are you?

As for Bush and 9/11.  I don't blame him entirely for it.  I just simply hold him more responsible than anyone else.  He was our leader after all.  Does that mean anything to anyone?  Ever heard of personal responsibility?  If you lead a country while it is attacked then you should take most of the responsibility for not being prepared.  Duh!  I blame Clinton a bit too and the idiots in Congress (mostly Republicans if you care to look back) who didn't lift a finger on terrorism despite warnings from the Clinton White House.  I think you might have a little Bush derangement syndrome if you can't assign some blame to Bush for 9/11. 

I will end by arguing that you aren't much of a capitalist if you think the Capital Gains tax should be lower than the income taxes.  That introduces government interference into the market by favoring Capital over labor.  That's about as anti Adam Smith as you can get.  If you want to argue that tax rates should be lower, fine, but don't be so blind as to argue that lowering taxes at all cost no matter the damage it does to the marketplace is a good idea.  Captial Gains taxes and Income taxes should be taxed at the same rate.  Every capitalist should support that or I'd question your understanding of how markets work.  Although that's not as stupid as believing lowering taxes raises government revenues.  I hope you weren't saying that in your post cause that's batshit insane.

Promises get broken

Obama's been unusual in that his promises - on FISA, campaign financing - have been broken BEFORE he got elected.  Clinton promised a middle-class tax cut in 1992, and by june of 1993 it turned into the largest tax increase in our history. It's just a replay of the bait-and-switch to buy votes. Obama's $800 billion in spending panders cant be fit into a budget that does all these things. and btw The lowest qunitile doesnt even pay income taxes, so that is really a WELFARE PAYMENT INCREASE.

I spoke of the Bush tax cuts, so a compaison Obama/McCain chart from a liberal think tank misses a lot because it doesnt have the context of where we are today. Consider this:


To put the Obama plan in context, it is important to understand how divided America's tax burden already is between a large group of Americans who pay little or nothing and a shrinking group of upper-income taxpayers who shoulder the lion's share of the burden. For example:

  • In 1999, about 30 million tax filers had no income tax liability after taking advantage of their credits and deductions. By 2006, the number of non-payers had grown to nearly 44 million, one-third of all income tax filers.

  • According to the Congressional Budget Office, in 2005, the top 20 percent of households paid 86.3 percent of income taxes while the bottom 80 percent paid a collective 13.7 percent of the income tax burden. The top 1 percent of households paid 38.8 percent of income taxes.

  • Looking at all federal taxes, in 1990, the bottom 80 percent of households paid 42 percent of the tax burden while the top 1 percent of households paid about 16 percent. By 2005, the share of all federal taxes paid by the bottom 80 percent of households had fallen to 31 percent, while the share paid by the wealthiest households had risen to nearly 28 percent.

  • A recent Tax Foundation study found that in 2004, the nation's tax and spending policies redistributed more than $1 trillion in income from the top 40 percent of American households to the bottom 60 percent of households.

BUSH TAX CUTS HAVE ALREADY PUT A LARGER SHARE OF INCOME TAX BURDEN ON THE TOP 20%. Doing more and more and more to make the top 1% pay more will simply not work. It will keel over. Rates will go up, but revenues wont. Once the magicians looking at the numbes figure it out, and realize he CANNOT extract money from the top 1% anymore the middle class tax cut will go POOF, just like Clinton's did. Obama could even rerun the speech word for word "I tried my best...".

As for Bush and 9/11.  I don't blame him entirely for it.  I just simply hold him more responsible than anyone else.

Then you are an idiot. Most of the world understands that Al Qaeda is to blame.

I will end by arguing that you aren't much of a capitalist if you think the Capital Gains tax should be lower than the income taxes.

Wow, talk about unaware of the facts! These are not comparable taxes, and capital gains is more responsive to tax avoidance, hence cap gains rates need to be low. But for the record, I favor a simple flat and fair tax rate of 15% for both income and capital gains.

That introduces government interference into the market by favoring Capital over labor.  That's about as anti Adam Smith as you can get.

Bizarre. I'd think Marxist Government control of the entire economy and abolition of property rights and private employement would be it, but silly me. Having cap gains at 15% and income at 28% is really it, ...LOL.

Well, no

My progessive hero is President Theodore Roosevelt, actually.  Neither party has a monopoly on 'progress' thank you.  So stop with the false choice between my party and my country.



Well put - I can't stand it when people misread my comments



I would say that it had

I would say that it had impact. fat burning furnace and fat burning furnace

You're mistaken

The people of Europe dislike Bush and the neocon movement.

Congratulations on coming up with the Hitler analogy...I'm sure that will work well for y'all now that the Muslim thing is dying down...

Another wrong leftie talking point

The people of Europe dislike Bush and the neocon movement.

Silly Liberal troll. Another bogus talking point. Yeah, the Euro-trash left loved the US up until Bush, yea right. ... Consider this protest:

"An organization called Jubilee 2000, which advocates debt relief for poor countries, has organized massive protests to be staged during this weekend's annual G8 summit meeting, being held in Cologne, Germany.

The AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE reports that a massive demonstration is planned for Saturday, which will feature a human chain around the city of Cologne. Turnout is expected to number in the tens of thousands."

The president? CLINTON

The year? 1999.


Oh, and they protested the next year in Okinawa too.

The international left hated the USA in the 1980s when they protested when Reagan was President. They had massive protests against medium range nuclear weapons in Europe. They protested against Clinton when he was President at multiple G8 summits (like Cologne above) and WTO confabs (eg Seattle).

They don't hate Bush only, they hate American power, American freedom, American sovereignty and American dominance. They hate Bush because Bush's policies defend American power and freedom.

And the Euro-left will almost certainly protest the next President too unless he becomes an absolute doormat for the international left.  Maybe they have that hope for Obama, who knows. Obama's bamboozling lots of American voters; maybe he'll bamboozle them - but only for a while.




New campaign song?

This poster and some of Obama's "cult of personality" authoritarian statements cry out for a mash-up with this video


"don't turn around, oh oh....der kommissar's in town, uh oh!"  

"They hate America"

I have spent a lot of time in many parts of the world, and it really doesn't have a monolithic opinion. Many people are still very favorably inclined towards the US, and others, amazingly, would drop much of their resentment about America's economic and military dominance if it was felt that the US showed a bit more good-neighborliness. The Germans seem well-enough disposed to the US to turn out to hear an American politician speak, and they might not get that excited about one of their own. Perhaps you should be cheering that.

Now, about that "they hate us for our freedom"... uh... what? I have never heard anyone say that, so please don't quote it again. Even Osama bin Laden doesn't say that. He hates the US for putting troops in their holy land (Saudi Arabia), and for bombing a tall building in the Lebanon, and for propping up regimes in the Middle East (such as Iraq, before the relationship went sour). In reality the world loves the US for its freedoms, and would like to see them spread around more.

God bless America... yes really... I know it needs it, perhaps as much as everyone else.

Actually, no

"It's just that Obama is better known and more popular than almost any other politician."

I don't think we much at all about Senator Obama, his beliefs, of his vision for the direction of our nation.  He's simply 'not Bush' and everyon is projecting their own views on him.  A lot of people are going to be very dissapointed if he's elected.  A mere mortal simply cannot live up to the hype and expectations surrounding this candidacy.

It seems

what would have been arrogant would have been to only have posters for an event happening in Berlin in english.

 And why the outrage?   Michael Deaver certainly carefully staged Reagan's foreign trips partly as a way to get people to vote for him in the US.

Electioneering abroad

Wasn't this supposed to be an official Senate trip?

Didn't they claim this was nonpolitical?

Instead they're spending Obama campaign dollars on printing in Germany. Weird.

Much Ado

No, only the Afghanistan, Iraq, and Jordan portions were CODEL trips. Everything after and including Israel is purely his campaign.

Not sure what the big deal is here. Are we to presume that if he hadn't opened up his speech to the public, that it would have magically turned non-political? Likewise, were McCain's trips to Latin America, Mexico, the UK, etc., non-political? Please.

Plus, had Obama printed up posters around Berlin in English, he would have rightfully been ridiculed. THAT would have been arrogant. Advertising in your host's native tongue? That's such bare-minimum diplomacy that it shouldn't even count as diplomacy, it's just polite and respectful.

What is a little jarring

is campaign paraphenalia (with his logo, and everything) targeted at Germans. Doesn't matter so much if it's in English or German.

Are they afraid no one is going to show up?


especially because he's so foreigny and muslimy and different. why does he need to communicate with foreign peoples anyway with his american campaign dollars? we're over here, barry!

Yeah Foriegners.....why do there have to be so many of them n/t


Call me provincial......

but when thousands of Americans show up because they like Obama in Portland or Philadelphia that matters. I'm a bit offended he wants us to think because he's popular with foreigners that should make him a better Presidential candidate for Americans.

I could be popular with neighbors if I promised to give them all my stuff, let them park on my lawn, run all their errands for them, and let them tell me how to dress. I doubt my spouse would think that made me a better husband. She might decide it wa better to be disliked than to be walked over.

Also, at the risk of breaking Godwin's law, isn;t there something a bit unsettling about fliers using an iconic image printed in German promoting a rally in Berlin---for a guy who keeps trying to deny he is going to sell Israel down the river?   


you should just come out and say it:


obama is the next hitler. (or at least it's funny to make that comparison! tongue in cheek LOL)

Don't Call Barack Jimmy Carter Obama a Juan Peron!

"obama is the next hitler"

Uh huh ... snark, double-satire or troll-bait? 

Presidentially, Obama is the next Jimmy Carter.  Take it to the bank.

He's not Hitler, Mao, Stalin, Elmer Gantry, Jim Jones, Juan Peron, Peter,Paul and Mary, or Elmer Fudd. He's another Jimmy Carter. which just so happens to be a curious combination of the previous list.

May We Mock?


...maybe we cant.

Given that we have an opponent think-skinned enough to say calling him inexperienced is akin to racism and whose middle name is now 'name-calling' (huh? I am going to call his middle name "jimmy carter' a safe anglo-saxon middle name then), and who bleated over a magazine cover that dared to be satirical, we've got a low quotient on the satire ratio.  Any Third Reich analogies are more about the mass-cultic appeal of Axelrod's Nuremburg-rally-like stadia/media events featuring  his "Escape from Freedom"  adoring crowds, and not about concentration camps or invasions of Poland.  There are creepy analogies in mass-appeal presentation worthy of good satire, but you're not plumbing the depths of that analogy with "obama is the next hitler" statement - its as blunt as the lefties foolish "Bushitler".

Word of advice: If you're not clever enough for clear satire or snark that escapes the sensitive Obamessiah thin-skin tripwires,  let the Protein Wisdom guys - 


... or other such high-snark blogs do the heavy lifting for ya.

Oba-fuhrer and Triumph of the Axelrod

"Also, at the risk of breaking Godwin's law, isn;t there something a bit unsettling about fliers using an iconic image printed in German promoting a rally in Berlin---"

Yes, it does tread that dreaded Godwin's law line, but unlike in many arguments ... it fits. Triumph of the Axelrod, if you Will. ...


A response to this Protein Wisdom pearl of wisdom: “Remember: hope and change are not about falling in love; they’re about falling in line.”  My response:

Well, its about the falling in love first and then getting in line.
I envision a YouTube:
- Marlene Deitrich’s “Falling in love again” in the bilingual German/English version, which BHO would surely approve as an attempt at teaching American yahoos some Euro-culture, we overlay …
- the adoring crowds throwing flowers and kisses on the original model for cult politicians Herr Hitler and mix in the soon-to-be adoring crowds in Berlin cheering again with the new cultic leader, the Oba-fuhrer.

“Falling in line again, what can I do? What can I do … I can’t help it.”

Hey Dummy, Hitler doesn't live here anymore!!

Next thing you know, candidates will be printing flyers in Spanish and Chineese and all them other foriegn languages that voting pamplets are printed in in EVERY multicultural neighborhood in America!..

What lack of cultural knowledge some of you blatantly, and arrogantly and yes presumptuously promote.

What you really want to say is:  "How can Obama be so uppity?" 

You are complaining about a German flyer in Germany?

Wow....how silly and trivial and stupid can you right-wingers get?


Printing a flyer for an event in the local language that the people in the country speak and read?


What is the world coming to???

Didn't Obama say all the Europeans learned foreign languages?

There are 36 million Enlgish speakers in Germany http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_English-speaking_population

Maybe this really is about Obama being a bit ashamed of the English language


36 million speak English in Germany --- BS

36 million Germans have probably had several years of English, which is a required subject.  36 million Germans is close to half the population and they may claim to speak English, but it's BS.  I lived there 3 years, my wife's relatives are there and not one speaks English.

On a separate point, is this common for outdoor speaking events: 

For security reasons, do not bring bags. Please limit personal belongings. No signs or banners permitted.

Bags and backpacks I can understand.  But no signs or bed-sheet banners?  How's that a security issue?  Is this standard practice now?  Does the campaign get to determine that only official Obama signs will be allowed?  I just find this a bit suffocating.  And wouldn't home-made signs by the locals show spirit and life?



Che Guevera flags, Palestinian flags and anti-US posters

That's what I saw when I was in Munich in early 2003. I was there when the Communists and their leftwing friends marching against the US and protesting Rumsfeld's visit to Munich Germany just prior to Iraq invasion. There were also hammer and sickle type flags mixed with the Che Guevera flags.

If someone brings an "End American imperialism" poster with an American flag with a swastika drawn where the stars should go, it wont quite fit the message Obama wants to project.

Those same anti-American leftists are the types who will be showing up to hear Obama, and the Obama campaign doesnt want to get embarrassed by visuals like that. Folks like us right-bloggers would have a field day with that for sure.

Ironies abound in the stage-managed Obama making speeches that are more moderate than he is to crowds who are being told not to express what they really think. One big Charade.



Guess what?

You saw those flags, etc. because there are many Europeans who dislike Bush and neocons!

I have to give y'all credit tho...you take a talking point (this one being about how un-American Obama is) and march it out in perfect lock-step while chanting.

I'll laugh my ass off if Obama isn't wearing an American flag pin! That'll give you people enough to talk about from here til McCain falls on his face in Nov.

Euro-Leftists and Communists hate America, that's the point

Leftists like you are Hard of Thinking. The key point about the hammer and sickle and Che Geuvera flags etc. was that these were loud and proud leftists and Socialists.

Communists, socialists, the Green Party and other lefties in Europe hate America.

Your babbling about Bush misses the point. The International Left will continue to hate America so long as we are the best economy in the world and the most powerful country in the world, built on free-market capitalistic success.  They really hate that stuff. They desperately want USA in the dumpster.

They've hated America for decades and will continue to do so.

THose were AMERICAN FLAGS being waved buddy.

And Europe is a capitalistic economy... Free Democracies with more freedoms and less censorship than we have.  So no, they don't "hate our freedoms" you parrot head.

When German Commies marched

I don't dispute that Germany is a free country and people are free to march and express what they want. What I saw in Munich in Feb 2003 protest march was the freedom of marchers carrying Che Guevera flags, hammer and sickle flags, and socialist and anti-Bush slogans. These marchers were German socialists and communists who hated America and the freedoms that we stand for.

Your statement about American flags being there is an idiotic one based on a mis-understanding of what march I was referring to in my comment.

"And Europe is a capitalistic economy." Their capitalism is about as pure as Madonna's virginity.

Grow up

Blaming anti-Americanism on Bush ignores the fact that Europe and the United States have been drifting apart for years.  Without the common enemy of the Soviet Union to drive us together our differences have become more pronounced.  Check out "Of Paradise and Power" by Robert Kagan.  He does a good job hilighting the areas of disagreement that stretch back much further than the current administration.

Where are Leni and Albert when Barack needs them?

Now, in his time of need, Barack must do without the two Germans who really knew how to put on a campaign rally and then film it - Albert Speer and Leni Reifenstahl. Alas for Barack (but not maybe the rest of us), Albert died in 1981 and Leni in 2003.

I guess he can have David Axelrod study "Triumph of the Will" for some pointers. To make it easier for him, I found that Best Buy has it for $29.99.


And this is not some tawdry regular edition unfit for the Obamamessiah, it is listed as a special edition as befits him.


His Struggle

Following Obamas former audacity of arrogance to move his Denver speech to the 76,000 seat stadium, perhaps Obama should move his German speech to Zeppelin Field.

It is starting to seem like a more appropriate venue for Obama to bask in the cheers of the adoring masses.