RPV Convention: Gilmore Narrowly Wins, Hager Loses Chairmanship

The Republican Party of Virginia convention was today, and at a 30,000 foot level one has to say that the level of grassroots ferment in the Old Dominion is very high.

Jim Gilmore only narrowly won the Senate nomination over conservative Del. Bob Marshall by a vote of 5,222.73 to 5,156.97. Marshall hadn't been given much of a shot.

The election for party chairman wasn't as close. Del. Jeff Frederick defeated John Hager (Jenna Bush's father-in-law) comfortably. Hager appeared on stage to nominate Frederick by acclamation before a full tally could be released.

See live blogging at Bearing Drift and wrapups from Next Right bloggers (and Marshall supporters) frashure and GeorgeFitchRepublican.


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is a real non-starter as a candidate. The Virginia GOP desperately needs new faces statewide... Everyone is going to remember how Gilmore promised to eliminate the car tax as governor, yet Virginians continue to pay the car tax. He ran a lousy presidential campaign, similar to his job performance at the RNC. He isn't exciting; just negative. He alienates Virginia social conservatives, as he supports abortion in the first trimester, and makes no sense when trying to explain his position.

The establishment really got this one wrong. Marshall is exciting. They say he has low name recognition, but now is the time to elevate his profile in a race that is bound to be lost anyway. Getting Marshall's name and views out there even in a loss would prepare him for another statewide campaign. Its a real shame. Good news is that at least the establishment was tested and nearly overthrown. And it certainly was in the race for Chairman, as the closet-Democrat Hager was defeated.

Go Jeff Go!!

The Republican Party just got a "shot in the arm" with the election of Jeff Frederick to Chair the RPV.  He is a young, dynamic and up and comming Conservative Republican.  I can't wait to see him shine and lift this party out of the doldrums.  It was an exciting convention and I was sorry to see Marshall loose, but IMHO, we need to get over it and elect Gilmore, and McCain.