Save the Filibuster

If you're a conservative looking at the odds, what should really scare you is not the 80 to 90 percent chance that Barack Obama is the next President. It's the very real chance that Democrats could get to 60 or tantalizingly close to it in the Senate. President Barack Obama is unfortunate. President Barack Obama with 60 votes in the Senate means a socialist America.

If the Presidential race manages to get tighter than it is, it won't matter in the end. A loss is a loss, just as a win is a win. Obama will claim -- and the media will grant -- a mandate regardless of the margin. Bush was pretty darned influential in his first term having won by 537 votes. The margin of victory in Presidential races is academic.

But marginal gains will matter in the Senate. Losing by a little or losing by a lot makes a big difference -- dictating targeting decisions for one, possibly two six year terms to come.

There a group of seats we should not lose that are teetering on the brink -- North Carolina, Oregon, Minnesota, and now, quite possibly Georgia.

The NRSC and the NRCC, like the McCain campaign at the national level, are being buried by the Democrats' massive financial advantage. In 2006, the RNC was able to come to the rescue of these committees. In one case, I believe one of their independent expenditures tipped the outcome with their humorous, effective, and perfectly legitimate ad against Harold Ford in Tennessee.

This time, no such help has been forthcoming in Senate races. The RNC IE unit has targeted one and only one candidate: Barack Obama, with $15 million.

Extraordinary circumstances compel us to begin considering different strategies, including a break with the RNC's tradition as the Presidential committee in Presidential years.

The RNC's IE unit should drop at least $15 million on 4 or 5 key Senate races that are salvageable in the last three weeks.

And the decision for Victory to stay in or pull out of states should be heavily influenced by the presence of key Senate and House contests.

And McCain should start explicitly making the argument for divided government, with him as the only hope of preserving it. This is unlikely to be a voting issue at the Presidential level, but we need to get the idea percolating that we are about to elect Obama with unchecked, unlimited power. Power corrupts... absolute power corrupts absolutely, etc.

Obama at 56 seats makes life hard, but a lot more bearable than Obama at 60 seats. The death of the filibuster would be like losing the White House all over again.

And while we all to some extent will continue to fixate on the Presidential race, we need to understand the very real consequences if the Senate is irredeemably lost, and if our bench in the House is wiped out. You may not know it, but conservative icons like John Shadegg (AZ-3) and Tom McClintock (CA-4) could lose.

And all the punditing in the beyond-the-margin Presidential race is going to matter a whole lot less than having at least something to fight the Obama agenda with next year.

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Justice Anthony McLeod Kennedy...

...will become one of the most powerful people in our nation.  In the event of a loss as you describe, Patrick,  the only means we'll have left to defend our nation will be with the courts.  We'll have to take a page from the democrat play book and use the courts.

But like you I still believe there's hope. Certainly the money won't hurt but I think its more important for McCain and these crucial Senators to change their message.   The economy and jobs are weighing heavily on peoples minds right now.  If  we  would revive the Energy issue "but" as it specifically relates to the number of high paying domestic oil production jobs that would be brought  into the job market if that $700 billion were being folded back into our own economy.  Jobs.  And pose the question loud and clear, "why are the democrats standing in the way of high paying domestic oil production jobs for U.S. workers!"  The dem's have done a great job of shutting this issue down.   

One other issue that's hurting McCain in farm states is his opposition to the corn ethanol program.  We're all very aware of the short comings of corn ethanol, etc. We've been entertained with all the stats of why its not efficient, blah, blah, blah.  But it has driven the price of corn and other grains up about 300% - an unexpected consequence.  And the US is the largest exporter of corn and grains in the world!  We're bringing in boatloads of foreign currency as a result.  And, as I think most farmers understand it, McCain is threatening to shut that down.  Its not helping in farm states.  Wish he could reverse himself on that.

Just a couple of random thoughts.   DD

Is the idea that the Supreme Court Justices are supposed

to be above party politics completely dead? Aren't you arguing for activist judges?

Desperate Times Call for...

...drastic measures.  And no, I'm not calling for our 4 conservative Justices to become activist.  But when the dem's try to push through legislation that is really unconstitutional and that is challenged in the courts then I would expect them to come down on the side of the Constitution.  And, of course, Kennedy likes to play both sides of the fence.  So we could only hope/pray that he, also would opt in favor of the Constitution.  That'd be all we would have in an environment created by radical, socialist, Constitution-hating democrats filling both houses of Congress and the POTUS position.  Its really a scary thought.   Let us hope it never becomes a reality.  Darvin Dowdy 

Two points:

First, I would hope that when EITHER party pushes through "legislation that is really unconstitutional and that is challenged in the courts"  the Supreme Court woud "come down on the side of the Constitution".

Secondly, please give me a list of all of the evidence you have that the Democrats are "Constitution-hating".

In return, if you like, I'll give you a list of all the violations of the Constitution perpetrated by the Bush Administration.

Will be?

Dude, we've been a socialist country for 50 years. Where have you been?

the problem in USA is too little socialism rather than too much

Danes are once again rated world's happiest people, while we in the USA come in 16th (or 23rd by different mehodology)

"What is it about Denmark that the rest of us have failed to grasp?

Achieving the right balance is probably what most sets the country apart, suggests VisitDenmark's Kiilerich. Happiness in most Nordic societies, all of which ranked high on both studies' lists of happiest countries, hinges on an ineffable combination of economic strength and social programs. Denmark's approach relies on high taxes and aggressive redistribution of wealth—anathema to many free-market Americans—which results in a broad range of social services like health care, retirement pensions, and quality public schools. Yet remarkably, the country has managed to make this model work without crushing economic growth or incentives to succeed. "Denmark has a head and a heart," Kiilerich says."

Don't be afraid, give greater socialism a chance.


Sweden already went de facto broke a decade ago

Iceland is on the verge, and the Irish government has put its taxpayers on the hook for something like 150% GDP in bank obligations (most of it held by foreign nationals). And the Euro has dropped like a stone in recent weeks.   

Socialism is a great placebo, but it just masks the structural problems herein

The RNC could recruit Huckabee

to barnstorm the two southern states on this list.  Palin could be a help in MN. As for OR, I thought Gordo was trying to run as a pseudo-Democrat;  visible national party support works at cross purposes. Besides, with the amount of early voting in OR a late rush won't do much there.

I think Sununu could pull it out in NH. There's another state to play hard in and the money advantage isn;t as big a deal in a smaller state unlike . say, NC.   

Palin could help in Minnesota?

What's your basis for that - becasue she's a "hockey mom"? Yeah, that worked well in Michigan. Cause she sounds like Marge Gunderson from "Fargo"?

I'm from Minnesota. People here see right through her - we know her for the completely unqualified phoney that she really is. Obama has opened up a huge lead in the Minnesota polls since she was picked - NOT a coincidence.

The Rabbit and the Hat


In the last week or so I have read a lot of posts on here, and the majority of them are about gimmicks and tricks to help McCain win the election.  And that seems to be the problem, the republicans do not have anything of substance left in their tank--they are just desperate to pull a "Rabbit out of the Hat" at the last minute, not for the good of the country but for the salvation of there party.  The message of division and hatred spawned by the Neo-cons has backfired on the republicans, and when directly confronted with the message McCain’s honor could not bring him to continue the lies.
Do you really believe that an administration of Neo-cons that have acted so reprehensible in the execution of their duty to the American people should be rewarded by putting the same kind of people back in power to continue the same failed policies.   



McCain's Honor = Oxymoron

I think you used the term sarcastically, though...

Obviously you've seen his ads. They aren't even 'spin', they just flat out lies or slander. His campaign represents almost an entirely new 'low' for American Politics...

The bigotry of his campaign and his few remaining supporters is palpable. The McCain camp will apparantly do ANYTHING to win. This is what represents one half of America? This is 'Country First'? We are so F'd...

read you own damm posts

which are one long insult against McCain, Bush and Palin with a nary a positive policy agenda interjected amidst the tirade.

Perhaps the folks who firebomb campaign signs, suggest Governor Palin ought to be gang raped and spraypaint racially charged insults on campaign offices have some "palpable anger". FYI. They are not Republicans 

I Suggest You Reread My Posts...

So you think that if I call out the McCain camp on their incendiary BS Ads and behaviour, I'm somehow saying it is OK for other campaigns to engage in the same? Good try. You fail at logic.

Such activities and actions do not help anyone, and the activities you describe could be the acts of some individuals, not acting on behalf of the Obama camp. However, McCain's National and Regional Advertising campaigns are insinuating that he's a terrorist, stressing his Muslim name, and outright lying about parts of his record. This is a escalation of 'Fear Mongering' political strategy by the McCain camp. These activities and ads are conducted with McCain's knowledge, therefore he is endorsing them. They are distracting us from the issues at hand.

Fear, Loathing and Distraction... McCain 2008

I have nary anything positive to say because there isn't anything positive to say about the McCain campaign (The lack of 'good' candidates really distresses me, the lack of 'honor' in McCain's camp horrifies me). I am replying to posts about the tragedy of the Republicans losing ground in the legislature. My replies are an effort to point out that this a tragedy of their own making, and that the GOP still doesn't seem to realize they did anything wrong or that their overall trajectory needs a dramatic change...


well, are you arguing undivided power in your hands

is going to be such a wonderful thing?

Why should we reward the incompetence of Reid and Pelosi?


We Shall Reward Them By...

Un-electing them on the next go-round is how we should reward them. Reid is a freaking short sighted moron if the Bail Out is any indication. Pelosi has proved incompetant / impotent...

Where was Patrick 2001-2006

Patrick, if you wanted the Republicans to remain relevant in 2009, you would have been campaigning for competent leaders in Congress from 200-2006.   After the leadership disasters of Frist and Hastert, the idiot Republicans in Congress have still not learned their lessons.

Look at the silver lining.  Maybe pork barreling incomptent idiots like Mitch McConnell will be voted out of office and the few remaining Republicans can concentrate of competence instead of defending idiots.

Few Remaining Republicans... Well Said.

Couldn't agree with you more. The same could be said of the last bunch of Democrats we elected to replace the republicans. They are all proving incompetant as well...

We need to start electing officials that are highly intelligent and competant (I.e. 'Elite'). As many of you now recognize, electing Joe Sixpack can and usually will have disasterous consequences.

Views on socialism

Have you read the papers recently? Did you perhaps notice that the REPUBLICAN administration of George W. Bush is in the process of nationalizing the banking system of the world's formerly great financial superpower. A process that is the end result of a party that rails against government and then demonstrates that when it has the chance to govern that it is beyond inept. The so-called corporate approach to governance, as demonstrated by George II has proven to be an ABJECT FAILURE. What more proof do you need then a loss of 2 trillion dollars in less then 2 weeks? Two wars going nowhere, an economy in the toilet (circling the rim), a country so politically divided that one has to doubt that we will ever get the train back on the rails, a Republican political campaign channeling George Wallace and the bottom line of a president with approval ratings so low that over 80% of the country (that's over 250,000,000 Americans) believe the country is going in the wrong direction.

Do you think maybe this is a wake-up call? 

Do you think maybe that the policies of the Contract for America and the neo-cons is somewhat off the mark and not working?

Do you think maybe - just maybe - that the sacred policies of Reaganism are so far from the reality of the world that we live in that the American public is owed a change?

If you don't see this then perhaps you should remove those blinders and get a grasp on reality because reality is biting you on the ass.



Republicans Redistributing Wealth - I.e. Corporate Cronyism


I find it funny that the author of the post is worried about Democrats pushing us towards socialism when the fact is that Republicans in the latter half of last century have done the most to ensure the slide to socialism more than any other group.

Republicans have repeatedly attacked and mangled the constitution - taking a gigantic puritanical dump on all of our rights in the last 20 years. We can still own guns, but that's about the only thing Republicans haven't 'massaged' or done away with.

The worst part of it all is that Republicans have morphed into Fascists. Corporations are running this nation. They effectively buy the legislation they want. Their actions repeatedly result in anti-competitive practices. Corporations have effectively bought off most Republican and Democrat politicians. However, Republicans are probably the most corrupted at this point. You need to face the fact that your Republican party has 'embraced the suck'. The American public, despite the seemingly limitless ignorance, have finally seen through all the lies and money. Republicans will now pay the political price. Republicans have shown us that it is a very bad thing when one party controls the Executive and Legislative branches of our government. Unfortunetly the American public are about to reverse course in terms of the government they elect this fall. Democrats aren't really any better, but they are less likely to walk in lock step and rubber stamp any damn bill that comes through the 'door'.

Our government needs a major overhaul and downsizing. Ron Paul's ideas can be a little extreme, but he's probably the only one espousing truly sustainable governmental reforms.

I also love all the negative comments on Socialism and how Sweden almost went bankrupt. Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Denmark's economies are fairly strong. Their economies experienced 'shocks' in the past as a result of poor management and planning - in Sweden's case, some of their nationalized industries were essentially stagnant and faltering due to mismanagement and zero accountability / incentivization... Many of these countries have successfully re-privatized their once nationalized industries. Their economies improved as a result. These same countries are also strong proponents of strict environmental legislation and planning. Scandinavian countries lead the world in Eco-Technology and related services. Their form of government isn't perfect, but on average, it works. If you go by key performance indicators like Health, Education, Standard of Living, etc... They are routinely kicking our collective asses. I've lived over there. Social Democracies have their issues, but the Scandinavians are PROVING that it works better for the average citizen.

As much as it pains me to say it, our country is very 'broken'. The Fed Reserve system is going to lead to an implosion of the dollar. These bail-out plans using newly minted funds are only hastening the arrival of that 'D' day. We have got to take a serious, non-partisan look at our country's issues and address the root cause issues in a manner that embraces the ideals this country was founded on.

And the rich and well off (I.e. Upper Middle Class) in this country had better start to realize that they are an ever shrinking minority in this country. If they keep dumping on the less fortunate via legislation that limits social mobility and corporate shenanigans, they're going to find themselves in some situation similar to the French Revolution...

Even with only 56 senators dems should be able to pass

much of their agenda with the help of the few remaining republican moderates like Collins and Snow.  Coleman and Smith also among the moderates, so their wins would may not be that helpful to obstructionists.  I also wouldn't bank on Coleman retaining his seat, his campaign is too scandal plagued and he is viewed as an opportunist looking out for his own best interests.  I think Barkley, the IP candidate, could make a late strong run for the anti Franken, anti Coleman vote. I am still considering voting for him if it looks like he is a contender.

As much as I want to comment,

As much as I want to comment, it looks as if only Kossacks are reading this.


Afraid you show your ignorance? Can't support your arguements? Can't handle a real debate on the issues at hand?


Or maybe...

Even republicans are sick of our own politicians and need a good fever to cure that and get rid of the bad ones to make way for new ones...

Palin in White House

As a loyal republican we cannot afford Gov. Palin in the White House.  Gov. Palin signed into law a windfall profit tax against American Oil Companies.  Gov. Palin increased Alaska's state budget by 60 percent, and Mrs. Palin believes as Obama/Biden in civil unions for gay couples.  We cannot afford a liberal republican in the White House.


dunno, some folks complained about you, too

Yep, raised the state income tax and allowed abortion laws to get passed pre-Roe v. Wade.  Even came out for allowing gay schoolteachers, which was controversial in the late 1960's. Good thing we elected you in spite of those complaints.   

What Can We Afford, Then?

We can afford another GWB - I.e. McCain? At what point do you figure out that the policies you've supported over the last few years are the very reason we're in this financial mess? Two endless wars - I.e. the war on terror... The 'War' on Drugs (Another collosal waste of resources). The 'War' on Biology (Abstinance policies [Ask Palin how this policy worked out for her 16yo daughter], blocking stem-cell research, Pro-Life, Anti-Gay, etc...). Republicans waste more money and time trying to legislate their version of Morality on everyone else. When does it stop? When do you get serious about your government running in a fiscally responsible manner that upholds its citizens constitutional rights?

Did gays attack the Trade Towers? Did gays export Americas manufacturing base to other countries? Did gays create and support the federal reserve? Did gays make you as ignorant as you sound? Did Gays elect George Bush to the White House?

Stop being a damn bigot. Homosexuality occurs in nature at almost every level and every species. If it happens in nature, that means it is 'natural' (I.e. 'nature' is the root word). If you'd read a science book every now and then, you'd know this. Stop worrying about the 'Gays' and start worrying about all the damage your party has done - and the damage it will do if McCain and 'TweedleDitz' are elected...


Just let them have it for 4 years.  By that time we can revisit our message and get this country going again.  Give the dems 4 years to make sure they get all the blame and we can ride in real reformers with a clear message of change... we can't do worse then 8 years of Bush and then 4 years of Obama.  It can only go up from there.  


p.s. Hopefully Obama is as bad as we say he is, or this plan fails and America won't need fixin'

Sarah's Subtle Slam

Sixty votes are required tTo break a filibuster, not 60 democrats.  Even without the 60 democrats, Reid could garner a few republican votes to do the trick.  Or perhaps the democratic majority could simply vote to do away with the filibuster altogether?  It's about time. 

"Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely."  An axiom or a cliche? 

Sarah Palin's Subtle Slam Against Obama... and the rest of us.  What is it?

I have read a lot of posts on

I have read a lot of posts on here, and the majority of them are about gimmicks and tricks to help McCain win the election. And that seems to be the problem, the republicans do not have anything of substance left in their tank--they are just desperate to pull a "Rabbit out of the Hat" at the last minute, not for the good of the country but for the salvation of there party. The message of division and hatred spawned by the Neo-cons has backfired on the republicans, and when directly confronted with the message McCain’s honor could not bring him to continue the lies. club penguin

Believe it or not

Believe it or not, and call me a traitor, the more time passes, the more I like Obama. Even O'Reilly seems to have gained quite some respect towards him, his criticism is no more harsh towards him than towards any Republican senator!

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