For those silly ones who regard government as a moral institution, an article in the business section of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch 1 March 2009 may provide some problem in reconciling their delusion with reality. The article “Missouri could win in shell game” describes the Missouri legislators as a pack of con artists engaging in shell games with Federal bailout money. Republicans and Democrats are engaged in activities, which in this land of two laws, one for the politicians and another for the citizen, would be invite a visit from the FBI if the average guy tried the same con. But be not concerned. Senator Victor “Bagman” Callahan thinks there is “…enough to go around for everyone.” By everyone, of course, he means the politically connected, not the fools who actually pay taxes. Thank goodness there is $4 billion for the gang to split up. Imagine if it had only been $3 billion. Morals are cheap in the Missouri legislature but not that cheap. Missouri legislators, who are busy trying to con the con artists, seem to have let their mathematics slip. Missouri is getting $4 billion out of an $800 billion “beggar the children bill.” That is only 0.05% of the loot. But Missouri has almost 6 million folks out of an estimated 300 million Americans or almost 2% of the population. Shouldn’t there be a more equitable distribution of the swag?      The article suggests the felonies will result in a win-win for “conservative” Republicans and Democrats. What the benefit is to the taxpayer is left to the imagination. Don’t pay taxes, don’t worry. Running the government printing presses will set the classic conditions for inflation, too many dollars chasing too few goods. The “stimulus” bill will only stimulate production of taxes and money to cover the trillion dollar debts “as far as the eye can see.” Fortunately the naïve innocents of the Missouri legislature have consultants from the National Conference of State legislators to advise them on the running of scams. “It’s all a matter of appearance,” stated one consultant who had the wit unlike the Missouri legislators to go nameless – just in case someone decides to make a Federal case out of a little graft, corruption and misappropriation of Federal funds. After all didn’t Obama say if the bailout money was misused he would see that the miscreants would suffer? Perhaps the legislators are expected that Obama to expire just like so many others.   Senator Callahan shows he knows as much about economics as he does about morality. “I’m happy we’re not in South Carolina. And I hope, by the way, we get some of that moron’s money.” The senator, who is a living example of why Mark Twain thought idiot and politician were redundant terms, obviously believes pixies bring the money to Washington and unicorns bring it to the wise folk for their enjoyment. It is not “that moron’s money”; it is not Callahan’s money; it is not even Obama’s money. It is the taxpayers’ money. Jay Nixon, who apparently believes that sins of the father should be visited upon the son, has said apparently with satisfaction our children and grandchildren will be paying off the Obama debts. But that is the hope of these politicians – that the bill comes due long after they have left office. At the end of the day Missouri voters will wish their politicians had the sense that South Carolina’s does.


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