RHR Launches www.ChooseYourChairman.com

The 2010 elections have ended, and the House and Senate Leadership choices have been made, but the Republican Party still faces yet one more crucial choice: selecting the next RNC Chairman.

Republicans Helping Republicans, has launched www.ChooseYourChairman.com allowing you to “voice your choice” for who should be the next leader of the Republican National Committee. 2011 and 2012 will be very crucial election years for the Republican Party. We’ll need a strong RNC Chair to help lead this charge and to ensure that our candidates are equipped for the upcoming challenges.  Please visit www.chooseyourchairman.com and let your voice be heard. ---Princella P.S. Thursday morning (11/18/10), I’ll join Jansing & Co. on MSNBC at 10am Central / 11am Eastern and then a few more times within the hour. Will try to plug the site then, too. Tune in if you can! 


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Need a Better Voting System

Pick-your-favorite voting does not work when you have more than two candidates. I only gathers the information of which is the favorite (assuming people don't game the system) while providing no information on the other candidates.

If you want to find out which candidate has the most support overall, who will unite the Republicans, use Range Voting. Let people rate each candidate on a 1-10 scale. This gathers information for each voter-candidate relationship. See rangevoting.org for more information.

New RNC Chair

Re-Elect Michael Steele..  Please.

The Democrat Minority Leader

Elect Pelosi minority leader, Please............We want the gavel back also, but wash the handle off since the Tea Party shuv'ed it up your Liberal "Platform". 

Mission Accomplished.  

Pelosi's "approval" rating is below George Bush's, and his Book certainly outsold hers.   I don't think the "Lame stream Media" has a clue about the mood of America, and neither do the people that watch ABCMSNBCCBSCNN............yet.


I think this is something that should be broadcast to all Americans. Everyone needs the opportunity to vote on this. It is really important and I hope that the right choice is made.

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