HUCKABEE VS HUFFINGTON: The Pennsylvania Debate 10/6

That's not a hypothetical matchup folks, it happened this week on Monday night.

It didn't leave much of a paper trail in the MSM, But Huckabee and Huffington engaged in a vigorous debate as surrogates for McCain and Obama in Pennsylvania on the night before the second presidential debate.

On paper, given the clearly polar opposite natures of the worldviews these folks represent , this debate could have resulted in some serious fireworks, (which I'm sure was the intended appeal of the event) but Huckabee and Huffington rose to the occasion with a civil but vigourous debate on the issues. To be honest, there were more on target, real honest to God townhall style questions answered in this debate than in the presidential one which followed Tuesday night

The debate took place before a dinner for business owners and was telecast on t.v. and radio across the state. Live feedback from phone in commentators after the debate revealed an appreciation for the civil nature of the debate, and showcased a number of undecideds who now lean McCain after Huckabee's sterling performance as a surrogate in this context.

Click on the 'Election 08' tab on the following link to view the video of the debate in its entirity. You will need quicktime to view it.

There is no doubt in my mind that Huckabee could have gone toe to toe with Obama in these presidential debates, wiped the floor and sqeezed out the rag. As it is, McCain is well advised to continue to use him in a surrogate capacity in those blue collar swing states.

If anyone out there knows how to get this debate recorded in a format that can be loaded to You Tube... Do it!! I'd love to be able to email links that may be more user friendly.


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Will someone please youtube the video

I really wanted to watch the debate.  I did a Google search hoping I could watch it.  I posted the link for my fellow Huckabee supporters on Huck's Army and HuckPAC and enjoyed reading their posts.  But, I couldn't watch it - because, I'm clueless how to download that stupid plug in I need to watch it from their site.  I tried several times and it just doesn't work for me.  I really believe my son blocked my downloading somehow because he got tired of reformatting for me when I crashed.   (His brother couldn't download a different program for me either)

I'd greatly appreciate someone youtubing this for computer dummies like me.  Thank you in advance. 

hmmm Wonder if Huckabee would consider being McCain's WH Press Secretary. 

This was a great debate

I watched this on and off throughout the day.  I was VERY impressed with Governor Huckabee.

Thank you, Rensen, for bringing this out.  I wouldn't have heard or seen it otherwise.

After stating that he would do everything he could to help John McCain, Governor Huckabee had some closing words:

Our wonderful republic, I'm convinced, will survive either person getting elected President, because ultimately the real power of this country, the genius of it, and as I've seen, the greatness of it - is not in who we elect to run it, it's in the people themselves.  And I have great confidence in them, even when I lose all confidence in congress and all confidence in whoever is in the White House.  We have a way of self-correcting.


Huckabee mopped the floor

Huckabee mopped the floor with her!