The scoop on Huckabee's new Fox show

In a recent 45 minute podcast interview with CATALYST, the former governor of Arkansas and presidential candidate Mike Huckabee chatted about a wide range of subjects from his experiences in pastoring and politics, to his plans for the immidiate future. The full interview can be heard at the link, and plays on Windows media.

Of particular interest to fans and foes alike, should be the innovative format of his new show on Fox, scheduled to begin airing at the end of September, (just in time for the start of the general election campaign)

According to Huckabee in the interview, the show will feature a live studio audience, and a format that allows for participation on the internet as well.

Huckabee has relaunched his personal website with a new look and format, completely separate from the site that his PAC operates, HuckPAC. It appears that this site will play some role in the interactive net component of his show.

The news of these plans may come as a bittersweet pill for many to swallow. It would seem to indicate that Huckabee REALLY isn't waiting around for that veep phonecall, a dissapointment to many of his hardcore supporters. But one could argue that a show with such an unprescedented format in our reality tv. obsessed nation, at the height of the political silly season, has explosive potential.

Huckabee promises that the show will not showcase the usual punditry of the talking heads, but rather an open an honest discussion with and about the concerns of the American people. Essentially, a live town hall meeting once a week for as long as the show is a Fox staple.

I would suggest that those waiting for Mike Huckabee to fade quietly into the long, dark political night, have a long wait on their hands. Huckabee's light is just starting to shine.

In Huckabee's own words on his future in politics, from the interview, " I think there's some fight left in me!"

You go Gov!

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Huck can be on TV with the

Huck can be on TV with the other TV characters all he wants.  Just don't want him trying to represent conservatives!  As for his show, perhaps he can again raise the issue with his audience he brought up to a reporter in Iowa:

"Don't Mormons believe that Jesus and the devil are brothers?'

You Got to Be Kidding

Someone writes this nice blog post and all you want to do is inject division. I'm sorry but that is just messed up. Plus Huckabee publically apologized about that like the next day. You don't have to vote for the guy but get a life and move on.

I think Huckabee is probably the best communicator in the GOP and I hope the show is used to break the trend of the GOP losing voters like they have for the past 8 years. The establishment just doesn't get how to grow a party and will lose the Latino vote even though there is a lot of natural fit because of their supidity.

I hope Huck does well with his show and I hope that there is real discussion with the American people about issues and ideas. The show concept is very fresh.

What a hypocrite.  I will

What a hypocrite.  I will stop the Huck comments when Hucksters stop with the anti-Romney stuff.  Both sides had quieted down until it recently became increasingly apparent that Romney, not Huck, was still being considered for VP.  Then the newspaper adds by Huck supporters started up again essentially threatening McCain if he picked Romney.  I even recently saw Huck supporters posting old video of Romney criticising McCain during the primaries.  Move on your self.

As for Huck's "apology", no one believes it was sincere.  Only Hucksters could possibly believe that Huck, in Iowa, was just "asking a question" when everyone knows that this a topic often used to try and attack the LDS faith.  There is nothing worse than an insincere apology!  Granted, Huck was in a tough spot.  Hard to admit you really did try and use another candidate's religion for politcal advantage.  What kind of a candidate would that make you?? I do take delight in how it backfired on Huck, however, constantly having to defend against the bigotry charge. 

As for growing a party, thats funny!  Evangelicals are not exactly known for having a big tent -- unless, of course, everyone believes like they do.

Unfortunately, Brian

It is you who sound like the religious bigot. You have blown ONE perfectly innocent question into a mountain - it won't fly. Anyone who looks more than skin deep will see your cry of bigotry is a simplistic attempt to show negative-ad Romney as the victim. He is the one who (with the help of his well-funded 527s) ran vicious ads against both Huckabee and McCain, knowing they had no money with which to respond. With all his money and influence, Romney simply could not connect with ordinary people. In fact he still has high unfavorable ratings in MA where he served as a one-term governor; during the primaries, he had the highest unfavorable ratings of all the candidates in either party (except Hillary, who he tied), and in the latest Rasmussen poll of potential VP contenders, he has high negative ratings. Face it, the general electorate simply does not like Romney; it has nothing to do with his religion, and your feeble attempts to affix the bigotry label to Gov. Huckabee and those who support him are without merit.

This is wonderful!

I think it's great that Governor Huckabee will have a show on Fox.  I look forward to seeing him.

Great News!

I have missed seeing Gov. Huckabee serving as an advocate for the people of this country. He has a keen sense of the issues and is a gifted communicator. Without a doubt he will have an innovative and thought-provoking program. I'm still holding out hopes McCain will select him for VP!

You can't possibly believe what you say.

You can't possibly believe what you say.   You seriously expect people to believe that, for some reason, during the Iowa caucuses that are, of course, heavily influenced by evangelicals, that Huckabee just "innocently" inquired about whether Mormons believe Jesus was the devil's brother??  Funny, I don't recall that being one of the election issues last year.    Must have just been something that was on Huck's mind.  The funny thing is that is an issue often used by some evangelicals to belittle the LDS faith.  You would think that a Baptist preacher would know the answer to that "innocent question."  Guess he thought the reporter would be the one to ask.  Right?  This is why Charles Krauthammer called Huckabee's actions 'Un-American."

As far as connection with voters, it was Romney who, before withdrawing when McCain had the nomination wrapped up, FINISHED SECCOND to McCain in delegates AND VOTES.   Winning votes is usually a good way to tell if one is connecting with voters (examples of those who did not connect are Guliani, Tancredo, Hunter, Fred, etc.).

As for polls, including the Rasmussen polls, they almost universally have Romney at or near the top of the list for VP picks -- often with very little difference between the top 2 or 3.  I will agree that Hukabee is also polling well -- but don't try and argue that Romney is not polling well or try and cherry pick your numbers.

It strikes me as interesting

It strikes me as interesting that Fox news who did everything possible to stop Huckabee and prop up Romney (Hannity may as well have wore a Romney T-shirt) have set Huckabee up with his own show and made him a contributor as well. Wonder why if Romney is so popular Fox has dropped him off their radar. When Huckabee runs again he will have Fox's support not likely they will eat their own.