Calculate What the Bailouts Cost You; Win $27,599

Ever wondered exactly what the Bush and Obama corporate bailouts have cost you? Some would call it a pretty penny. Over at Right.Org you can precisely calculate your losses. Let me warn you though, it’s not pretty.

For the average American, we’re talking $53,000. Think 4 Chevy Aveos. Two college degrees. 41 iMacs. 13 vacations. Currently the total the U.S. has committed to failed corporations is $8,439,120,000,000. That's nearly three times the size of Congress' total budget last year and nearly two-thirds of what the entire U.S. economy produced last year!

If you think these bailouts are a bad idea, make your way over and sign the petition.

It gets better, too. Submit a 30-second film that says why you think the bailouts are a bad idea and you could win your own personal bailout—$27,599. The contest also offers a second-place prize of $2,759, and five runner-up prizes of $275 gift certificates to the Apple Store. Videos may be submitted between February 23 and May 25. Winners will be announced in June. Contest rules and submission guidelines are available here.

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Where were you when-->

Bush and the the rest of the bozos were spending money on two wars, a build up in national defence, and homeland security and at the same time giving away 1.5 trillion in tax cuts to the wealthiest of Americans---and adding it all to the national debt??????

Please-----8.5 trillion now the right wing nuts are pulling numbers out of thier ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!  You do realize the TARP and stimulus plan just passed adds up to 1.6 trillion.  

I want to sign a petition that keeps us from having 20 to 30% unemployment if the economy implodes.

But please go on, economic ignorance is bliss