They're arming raccoons?

I didn't think this Administration could get any dumber. But they're allowing people to carry concealed, loaded guns within national parks. New Rule. Dumb Rule. You don't want anyone shooting wildlife, you don't let them have loaded guns.

I've been within twenty feet of a bear, a day and a half in all directions from civilization (more if you cross the mountains).

We have bears capable of pushing their babies up onto treelimbs to chew down ropes in order to get at bearbags full of human food.

We have bears that regularly break into cars on the sight of a gum wrapper.

We have raccoons famous for stealing, well, basically whatever they can get their hands on.

You think they won't grab our guns?


This bit of paranoia brought to you by the NRA.

Ronald Reagan is rolling over in his grave.


(I do get gun catalogs in the mail. mailman keeps on giving me weird looks. I wonder why...)

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They already have masks.

Makes sense  :)

(sorry, couldn't resist)



Good rule, glad to see it

I live in Virginia where NP boundaries can and do run down the middle of a city street.  If you are driving on one side you are a legal Virginia resident exercising your 2nd amendment rights. Make a U turn and you are a federal felon.  And yes, people have been pulled over on traffic stops and subsequently arrested for gun violations.  Also, the Shenandoah National Park and Blue Ridge Parkway run for nearly 300 miles through the state.  There is no way in or out of the Shenandoah Valley from North Carolina to Front Royal that does not cross National Park land.  during the Clinton administration, the park police used to arrest hunters crossing the mountains (foot hills to you westerners).  Finally, we had a rash of hikers raped and a few killed in the SNP during the 90s.  I've never felt a need to carry a firearm while hikeing but I doubt the rapist (never caught) was interested in middle aged men.  I young woman might feel a need for an "equalizer" when facing an opponent more vicious than a racoon or bear.

you've never seen bear sign on a bear can then.

bears can rip you to pieces. And this one wasn't running away.

Guns weigh too much for hiking.

In MY state, we have armed gunmen walking onto our airport.... hunting deer.


Yes, they did get written up for it, too.

Actually, I have

Mama Black bear about 1/2 a mile from the Skyline drive and 30 feet from me moving forward.  I carry a loud whistle that has high pitch to hurt their ears.  It works.  She backed off quick and gave me a dirty look.  Of course, being slightly insane, I waited until after I had snapped some good pictures before blowing the whistle.

I've considered carrying a 9mm with hollow points (hey, their not grizzelies) but the whistle seems to scare them and it is a lot lighter.

bears are tame in the smokies

you don't see them jumping into cars. (I swear the air out west drives them crazy).

Never had any need for a bear can out east.

Is moving forward bluff charging, or just sorta walking?

I like the Smokies, very nice country...

Wildlife entirely too tame

I've walked upto within 6 feet of yearling cubs digging ants and snapped their picture.  If they are born near the drive, they grow up totally unafraid of humans and once Mama kicks them out they sort of wander along the fringes until the rangers get annoyed and move them into the back country.  Deer are even worse, I've seen children petting them as the lyme desease ridden ticks jump from animal to human.

You still need bear cans.  A large black bear can weigh in at 350 lbs.  No grizz but large enough to make trouble.

Moving forward means sorta of walking after we made eye contact and she changed direction towards me.  I didn't want to wait for a charge, bluff or otherwise.

Oh, and some of the yearling cubs will jump into cars, which earns them a quick tranquilizer followed by a truck ride to West Virginia.  Each time they get a ride they get an ear tag.  One tag takes them to back country.  Second tag takes them to WV (unless they jumped in a car in which case they ride early).  Third tag turns them into a rug.