SCGOP's Katon Dawson urges activists to participate in platform development

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Cataloged and reviewed... that it?  Is that the extent of the GOP imagination as it relates to its Internet application and how to enhance our party's political process to develop its own political platform? Pathetic.

I have just been looking at the Netroot's example of how to developed a political platform. It's not perfect, but ...well, why should I tell you what I think? Look at it for yourselves and ask yourself, if you were responsible for developing a political platform for your party, which one would you choose?

Netroot's Political Platform

GOP Political Platform 2008

Both, of course, are completely bogus. But someday soon, a forward-thinking political party will start the political process to develop its real political platform online four years out from the next convention, and by convention time, the voting membership of the party will adopt it online -- someday, someday soon.

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