Stop Solis for Labor Secretary

Americans for Job Security has launched a petition to urge Senators to oppose the confirmation of Rep. Hilda Solis as Secretary of Labor. Rep. Solis is a staunch opponent of the right to a secret ballot in organizing elections.  In 2007 Rep. Solis was a co-sponsor of the “Employee Free Choice Act,” sometimes referred to as Card Check, which would eliminate a workers right to a secret ballot in organizing elections.

Besides being an opponent of the Secret Ballot, Rep. Solis has also violated several campaign finance laws and the House’s own rules of Ethics.  Rep. Solis is a member of the board, and treasurer, of American Rights at Work (ARW) a pro-union advocacy organization.  In that capacity, she had fiduciary oversight on over $220,000 that ARW spent to lobby Congress on legislation she has sponsored a clear violation of House ethics rules and until recently Rep. Solis had not reported her position at ARW as she is required to do under House rules.

In addition to alleged violations of House ethics regulations others have charged that a more serious legal issue has arisen; whether or not Rep. Solis and ARW violated the Bipartisan Campaign Finance Reform Act of 2002 by sponsoring television advertisements which the group classified as "electioneering communications” in a report to the Federal Election Commission.

Join Americans for Job Security in standing up and saying NO! to Rep. Hilda Solis for Secretary of Labor. Visit our website and sign our petition today.


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American Rights at Work goes

American Rights at Work goes by ARAW and they are just another front organization for SEIU. Andy Stern is desperate to pass the Employee Free Choice Act, so that regular employees can be pressured by their peers for not checking a box on a card with their name and address. Stern has spent a lot of money to gurantee this nomination.

let me ask you a question?

who has more money?

unions or the terrorists?

last I checked, the terrorists have 2.85 billion dollars market cap.


what you say is flatly untrue.

it eliminates the employer's ability to enforce a mandatory waiting period of nine weeks before forming a union -- which 25% of the companies fraudulently refuse to form even after that.

Card Check versus secret balloting is still within the legislation. the LEGISLATION CHANGES ONLY WHO GETS TO CHOOSE WHICH METHOD IS USED. from the employer to the worker.