Obama Fundraising, Ctd.


Obama's then-record-breaking $32M fundraising haul in January was released on February 4.  Which just happened to be right before Super Tuesday.

Obama's record-breaking $55M fundraising haul in February was announced on March 6.  Two days after the Ohio/Texas campaigns, when he desperately needed to release some good news.

Obama's pretty-darned-good $40M+ fundraising haul in March was announced on April 3, early in the month. 

But Obama's now-under-expectations $31M in April wasn't announced until May 20.  You remember, the day of the Oregon and Kentucky primary, when everyone was talking about things other than fundraising numbers?

And the May numbers ($22M) weren't announced until June 20.  A Friday, aka "bury news day."

So in other words, Obama's campaign gets the importance of the news cycle with respect to fundraising.  In the heat of the most competitive primary in recent times, Obama managed to get his fundraising dollars counted in 3-4 days.  But now, its taking him 3 weeks to do it? 

It is still idle speculation, but we might be in for a treat tomorrow or next Friday (or whatever day they can bury the numbers).

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This calls for an Ode to a Gaffe


 The McCain camp does the same thing, the better the numbers, the earlier the release.  I expect Obama to make somewhere in the mid 20s, maybe as high as 32 mil. 

This will probably be one of Obama's best months going forward.  Anyone waiting for the Democratic nominee to emerge gave money in June.  As for July, Obama's actions have further upset Clinton supporters and his moves to the center have outraged progressives.  If they do finally come around, the donations will come late in the campaign.  A tougher economy will depress donations from small donors and the stream of negative information unearthed about Obama has made many voters too uncomfortable to send in cash.  Obama and the DNC still have to pay for a convention that looks increasingly like a disaster, and both organizations seem incapable of reining is spending even in the face of drastic funding shortfalls.  Don't forget that Obama's latest media buy kicked off in July which should make for interesting numbers.

It looks like Obama's main talent was to fire up democratic activists.  As with Kerry in 04 the media tried to pretend that activists are the same thing as average Americans.