Delaware Republicans Back Liberal.

It’s not often that a writer gets a gift handed to him, but I got one today. My article yesterday focused on the necessity for the RNC and the so-called establishment Republicans to find common ground, and recognize that we (the Patriot movements) are not going to allow the Rockefeller establishment Republicans another shot at screwing up again.

Christine O'Donnell and Mike Castle

I was pointing out that party bosses in various states, who have an altogether inflated opinion of their own importance, can cram any candidate down our throats whether we like it or not.

We’ve seen it in Arizona, Nevada and Alaska… Tea Party/Patriot candidates have been kicking butt all over the place. It’s not surprising that the establishment types panicked and started undermining the work of the Patriots wherever they could, and that they were no more successful at it than the DeMarxists have been is not surprising.

The Republican Party of Delaware has endorsed a huge RINO, nine-term Representative Mike Castle, over the Conservative Patriot challenger Christine O’Donnell. In a shocking turn around she has come from near obscurity to within two points of Castle.

That’s where the rub is. Would somebody please tell me why the RNC and their various committees keep coming up with candidates nobody wants to vote for? Time after time. Then, when a totally spontaneous grass roots movement gets candidates elected all over the country, they go out of their way to suborn the efforts and the true will of the party as expressed by its grassroots members.

What this also means is that the party hierarchy isn’t listening to the country either. Well, it’s like this… you guys weren’t getting the job done and, in fact, many of you were prepared to lie down with the DeMarxists as long as they made nice with you.

It’s going to be a very tough year on incumbents… yes, indeed it is. You see, we know how you voted… we counted the votes… we counted who voted on what.

It’s going to be a very tough year for anyone who voted in favor of health care, or the stimulus, or the banking regulation bill or cap and trade… the whole gamut of Obama’s Marxist menagerie. Yes, we know how you voted… and we are going to vote you out of office.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

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In a shocking turn around she

In a shocking turn around she has come from near obscurity to within two points of Castle.

That’s where the rub is. Would somebody please tell me why the RNC and their various committees keep coming up with candidates nobody wants to vote for? Time after time.

That "nobody" includes most Delaware Republicans--that's why the O'Donnell is trailing Castle, and probably going to lose to him. The RNC is backing Castle because he has a chance to win in Delaware in November, whereas the freakshow O'Donnell--the one you suggest everyone wants to vote for--doesn't. There's no more to it than that.

Classic is "shockingly" out of touch, for sure

I'll give you a break this time, on your prediction, but ya gonna hafta get with the program here.

The "Next Right" is on its way to Congress.

Things have changed, when Carl Rowe says O’Donnel can’t win, he ends up having a single Vote to back up his choice.   When someone’s cousin who attended a Tea Party reads their E-mail on Castle’s voting record, the choice of the “politics as usual” voters suddenly do not matter like they used to. 

Americans are the Boss of Congress,  Americans love freedom of choice, and they know when they’re being lied to by politicians who forgot who their boss was, and it isn’t the lobbyists. Guess who is coming to Washington ?   The Tea Party Candidates and their friends are on their way to DC, I hope the Alphabet media can count ‘em this time, if not, the Senate roll call will record their presence.  The American Majority is coming to Congress, and they’re going to read the bills, BEFORE they’re passed.


Americans love freedom of

Americans love freedom of choice, and they know when they’re being lied to by politicians who forgot who their boss was, and it isn’t the lobbyists. Guess who is coming to Washington ?   The Tea Party Candidates and their friends are on their way to DC

You can't seriously be saying that with a straight face.  The "Tea Party" is nothing if not Americans who are being lied to by lobbyists.  Dick Armey?  The California lobbying group behind one of the major "Tea Party" outfits?  Where do you think all the money comes from that national "Tea Party" groups helicopter into a state with, and shower on some loon like O'Donnell who has never before been taken seriously as a candidate?  She's a woman who stiffed her campaign staff and local vendors in past campaigns, while paying her own living expenses from campaign donations.  She is a wholly-owned creature of California lobbyists at this point. 

We really need some new terminology, because these aren’t "Tea Party" candidates. There is no such entity as the "Tea Party." These are Limbaugh-Hannity-Beck-Fox-Koch-Funded Dick Armey Party candidates, but that doesn't fit easily on a sign. 

Dick Armey and his ilk crafted the "Tea Party" strategy to alleviate some of the dissonance between the corporate interests that have always controlled the GOP and the easily manipulated loyal Fox watchers who are starting to feel the real effects of the plutocracy's stranglehold on the country.  The Dick Armey is using the Christian revivalist approach to meld the socon agenda to the new 'religion' of unblinking acceptance of the corporate agenda.  It's the classic pickpocket con, writ large -- distract the victims with bright shiny 'rallies' over here, while the plutocrats reach into their pockets for an ever greater share. 

We really need some new

We really need some new terminology, because these aren’t "Tea Party" candidates. There is no such entity as the "Tea Party." These are Limbaugh-Hannity-Beck-Fox-Koch-Funded Dick Armey Party candidates, but that doesn't fit easily on a sign.

Just call it astroturf--that's what it has always been. Look at Sharron Angle's "grassroots" primary campaign in Nevada; it was almost entirely funded by huge donations from Wall Street, laundered through outfits like the Club For Growth. In Delaware, the "grassroots" O'Donnell campaign was backed by the Tea Party Express, a massively-financed front for a Republican consulting firm in California.

All true and of course

All true and of course astroturf is what it is, but 4speed has been conditioned by the right-wing media to reject everything that comes after that term.  I'm trying to find ways to encourage 4speed and others to follow the money and question themselves how these 'grassroots' candidates come to have such warchests.  It isn't local money.

4speed does in fact grasp the underlying problem -- the plutocracy and the lobbyists who carry their water -- who have pretty much owned GOP politicians and to a large extent Dems as well.  The tragic irony is that the 'Tea Party' solution he has embraced is nothing more than a front for those very same corporate interests and lobbyists, dressed up in fundamentalist overtones and fueled by fearmongering about the 'other'. 

Often, fraud victims are embarrassed to admit they've been targeted (think Bernie Madoff's victims).  it's understandable that admitting you've been duped is difficult, because everyone likes to think they're too smart to be taken in by a scam, which helps explain why there is and may always be ferociouis resistance in the far-right wing to questioning and accepting the reality of the "Tea Party" astroturf.  Those people may be unreachable but I'm determined to do what I can to reach others who aren't as thoroughly propagandized, because the crazy is spreading much faster and wider than I imagined it ever could. 

I know where O'Donnels 500,000 came from, it wasn't Lobbyists

UPDATE.....O'Donnel is at  $ 1,000,000 in campaign donations.

The Tea Party has no leaders, its certainly not Astroturf, its very Real, and very American.  An "old Tradition" you might say.

I will correct the term "Tea Party Candidates" to "Tea Party Supported Candidates", OK ?   Is that better ?

And yes, Tea Partiers are for Corporations, we work for them, ya know ?

Obama was the "classic pickpocket con, writ large -- distract the victims with bright shiny 'rallies' over here, while the plutocrats reach into their pockets for an ever greater share", but you don't remember the Greek Columns in Colorado, do you ? 

Distract the victims with bright shiny rallies ?  mber The Tea Parties in DC looked like this ?


The Tea Party remembers, and we're doing something about it.   We're the boss of Congress, ya know ?

 O'Donnell is more concerned

 O'Donnell is more concerned with masterbation than anything else. And this is what happens when you get right wing nuts in office. Things like this shows than republicans shows their laissez-faire and neglect to the rest of the country and the middle class. They will pander and give tax cuts to the rich and interest groups and the middle class will be left out. Why? Because they think that tax cuts is the only thing that is needed (wrong), and they will be more concerned with abortion, gay marriage, and other social issues. 


Gee, another O'Donnel attack already. She must be Scary

The Repleacement workers headed to Congress in November will Give Tax cuts to the Middle class small Business owners, who earn over 250,000 Gross, because it WORKS.

The poor people are not hiring or building new businesses.

In case you haven't noticed, Obama's Economic Keynesian disaster is NOT WORKING.   Tax Cuts work, just ask John F. Kennedy........or see his quotes on cutting taxes for Americans, and creating Revenue for the Government.

Gee, what a bunch of historically ignoramuses the liberals are.   2 years of Failed Obama Economic policies, 1.4 Trilling in Deficit spending, an 800 billion Stimulus that didn't work, and no common sense.

 Hey, we are still living

 Hey, we are still living with the Bush tax cuts. The economy is doing good, jobs are plentiful, no more recessions, and we have prosperity. Sure glad Bush came to Ohio all those years to tell us that "free trade is good." It sure is working for us. 

You can give all the tax cuts to small business all you want, but you still have to have the traffic. With factories closed in my town and other towns, small business cannot survive.  But I know, the tax cuts work. And it is our fault that factories close up because of cheap labor. 

This is like a CEO telling his employees that it is their fault for not having the right sales team or product for the market. Always blame the little guy and not yourself. 

2 years of Failed Obama Economic policies.

Yeah, compared to 8 years of Bush failures. 


Sorry, no one buying the "8 yrs of failed policies" Bush line

That propaganda doesn't work anymore.   Thank Democrat controlled Congress since 2007, and you will understand why Pelosi is being fired, and Bush is not to blame.   Unless Obama is just a powerless Presidential Dufus standing in Bush's shadow ?

Removing the Bush Tax cuts, is a TAX INCREASE, that's why "o" and friends don't want to let them expire.   Leaving the Tax cuts in place would instead prevent a massive $4 trillion tax increase. The extension would simply continue the status quo, not deduct revenue the government receives now.


As Greenspan said from WSJ today:

Bloomberg News Former Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan At this point, “we’d probably be better off doing less than more” because “you’d be far better off to allow the normal market forces to operate here,” Greenspan said. That’s largely because stimulus spending is not proving as effective as many had hoped. “To the extent the evidence suggests very large deficits concurrently crowd out capital investment, there is a debit to the stimulus program that is somewhere between a third and a half of what the gross stimulus is,” he said.

Translation:  Stimulus didn't work.

 We saw the Bush problems

 We saw the Bush problems well before the democrat congress came in. Bush was running up defcits and debt, two wars not paid for and hidden in emergency funding. Staying course as globalization was taking more of our jobs. And an infrastructure starting to fall apart.

We are trapped in a corner as any stimulus is not having an effect. The tax cuts are less stimulative. The low interest rates are less stimulative. And as long as we keep sending jobs overseas, you cannot create jobs here. 

And Alan Greenspan said taxes need to be raised.

Greenspan, in switch, now favors higher taxes - Business - Eye on the Economy -

Yep, that 5% Bush unemployment rate was a problem

I even remember Pelosi griping about Bush only creating 1 million jobs one quarter, and then Pelosi did her best to keep it under 1 million.

As for Greenspan, we can't afford to wait and find out he was WRONG again, this time on raising taxes.

The only thing falling apart, is "o' and his ignorant lying Administration.

 You can't get it through

 You can't get it through your head. Those Bush tax was for the here and now. It is spent money. And while Bush was more consumed with Iraq, our jobs left the country. We don't have the jobs, we have no more in tax cuts to give and they are less stimulative, and the fed can't stimulate either. We lost all the leverage we had. We have not invested in our country, in our people, and in the future. Bush did not care about science. And he evidently didn't care about our infrastructure. I really didn't think he cared about anything. Just his failed ideology. Well, we stayed the course. You see what we have and China is walking all over us. 

The Bush economic record

Bush's stewardship of the economy, to the degree that presidents can have any effect on such things, made a multi-year "boom" that was a whole lot like a complete bust, absent any of the growth that should have accompanied a boom. Economists are calling it America's "lost decade." No decade since the 1930s had featured net job growth of less than 20%--there was no net job growth during the Bush years. Zero. None at all. Economic output was the lowest it had been since the Great Depression. Median household income actually fell by $1,000 in those years--an historical first. Americans' net worth declined as well--the first time that's happened since figures have been collected. And it was capped by the current depression, the worst since the Great one. The economy during his administration (which we're still trying to escape) was abysmal--literally one of the worst in American history by every significant indicator.

Obviously you don't want to talk about 2003 -2006 Job growth

All you liberals only want to talk about the Pelosi Congressional economic sabotage starting in 2007.   Lets talk about BUSH's first few years, after the DOT COM bust........

In 2003 President Bush persuaded Congress to abandon the five-year, incremental schedule, and enact large, sweeping tax rate cuts for individuals and small business.  Rates were reduced across the board for all income brackets and for capital gains and stock dividends.  This was the “stimulus” of 2003, a stimulus based on greater liberty.  Tax rate reductions, was a strategy that had proved successful when implemented by Presidents Kennedy and Reagan.

Over the next 52 months of continuous growth private sector employers added 7.3 million jobs.

Here are ALL the facts, not just the ones you want to talk about....Read more at link


 We saw signs of trouble

 We saw signs of trouble before 2007. The deficits were piling up. Our infrastructure was being ignored. The tax cuts was for the here and now and spent and did nothing for our future, did not prevent a recession, and did not create prosperity. And globalization and the loss of industry totally ignored. The tax cuts is spent money and does little when half the goods in the country are foreign made. The fed can no longer stimulate the economy. And you can't stimulate the economy when we have sent our jobs away. And this is where we are. Obama is not doing enough and not targeting enough areas. The infrastructure alone needs 2 trillion dollars, far more than the 50 billion that Obama is spending. Of course we have no money, as we spent all our energy, time, and money on Iraq. While Bush had his mind on Iraq, China is taking over the world. Globalization, two billion cheap laborers, and the loss of jobs is the biggest issue. And without jobs, you cannot solve one problem. And you cannot create jobs if you keep sending them overseas. 

Trouble before 2007 ? In 2007 the deficit stood at $161 billion

Notice the change in the Downward BUSH deficits, started UP with a Democrat Congress.


 The problem again, is that

 The problem again, is that the Bush economy had no legs. It did nothing for the future. It ignored the cost of war, which is still not paid for. It ignored our infrastructure, it ignored what globalization was doing to our factories, our people, our towns, and our states. Bush only relied on tax cuts to run the country and it failed. The tax cuts only gave a certain amount of stimulus. We still have the tax cuts and it is not doing much good. The fed has lowered interest rates and that is not doing much good. We used all our ammunition to keep stimulating the economy that we are all out of ammunition. You need long term planning to fix our country as we have long term structural issues. Obama is too short term, and republicans have no answers. It will take some 10 to 20 years to clean up the Bush mess. 

Obama still has to deal with the war. Has higher unemployment due to a recession, and that means higher deficits. A lot of bailouts were needed to prevent a depression and 25% unemployment. This is what he inherited. Could he do better? Most definitely. But again, republicans give no answers.

In short, the Bush economy was a fake economy. Running on tax cuts and not worrying about the future is a failure. 

basically, you want Government to Control the Economy

Get in line behind the Tea Party Candidates, we're in control of your future.  You still think like the  3 or 4 people still left who think that Bush or Obama, or Pelosi, or someone in Government in DC just has to pull the right strings, pass a Stimulus or a HealthCare bill or two, and the Economy reacts positively as if directed from Pennsylvania Ave.

The "o" Keynesian experiment is OVER, it failed.  Now, over 50% of Americans prefer the BUSH economy and his 8 years of "Failed policies", compared to "o"s success stories and the Pelosi Democrat Economy in which we're currently trying to survive.  

Pelosi is fired, pending the November vote.  

And if you can't see that Tidal wave, then you're just a blind Ideologe full of future predictions that you can't back up, and trying to rewrite history with Leftist opinions and failed Democrat talking points.

Without government the

Without government the country will fractionalize. And maybe that is what we are seeing. People splinting off to different groups and having different ideas. The sad fact is that we are fighting each other and every state and the real winner will be China.  

The problem again is, too much government spending

To QUOTE Obama, Monday, Fairfax Va........."They saw the Recovery Act," he said. "They saw TARP. They saw the auto bailout. And they look at these and think, 'God, all these huge numbers adding up.' So they're right to be concerned about that."

Government has outgrown its revenues, for whatever reason, and spending without a Federal Budget is suddenly acceptable ?   Trillions in debt is OK ?   There is no acceptable economic theory to justify the out of control, over the edge spending, coming out of DC.

We have a bunch of squirrels infesting the Congressional halls, and we need an exterminator to clean up the pests.  


 I don't think anyone says

 I don't think anyone says the spending is okay. (Well, Cheney did say deficits don't matter) Certainly, the Obama healthcare plan should have been held back. But when the economy is going downhill and you are afraid of a depression (and people have come on CNBC stating that the spending at least prevented a depression) then spending can be justified. Capitalism is not perfect and you can have depressions, and it would be the most brutal in having a depression and seeing 25% plus unemployment. And the deficits would be much higher.  And there would be no way out. 

While no president is perfect and mistakes will be made, we need to ensure that we invest in our country, in our people, and in the future so that we have something in the future to hang on to. With the Bush tax cuts spent, with globalization taking jobs, with wars taking our money, with a crumbling infrastructure, with deficits and debt, with ignorance and arrogance, with Wall Street derivatives, with bank failures, with targeting housing and not focusing on globalization, there was nothing for our economy to hang on to. 

I don't think anything would have been any different with McCain in office. The best time to cut spending is when you have a good economy. But that goes against the psychology of times that are good and keep spending and when times are bad and deficits are going up (when you have high unemployment)  and people think we should cut spending. 

All I can say is that we are trapped in a corner, and any way you turn will be the wrong move. The most important thing to do is have jobs, because without jobs you cannot do anything. 

And I would say, that there is no justifiable reason to just throw away our jobs and not be concerned in replacing those jobs. Jobs is any country's best commodity and we gave them away. We cannot make up those lost jobs. 

But what you get with a Tea party is that you may have spending cuts, but there will be enough nuts to spoil it all with their preoccupation on gays, abortion, religious values, and laissez-faire that the middle class will feel abandoned again. 

They control it whether they control it or not

That's one of the basic concepts behind the Austrian school.

Practically all modern economies are mixed economies.  That's fact.  It's not going to change any time soon.  That too is fact.  But the words "mixed economy" just isn't the sort of thing that gets the peasants marching on the castle with pitchforks by torchlight.

The monetarists are pretty much screwed right now.  Interest rates are near zero, and yet people are paying down debt rather than spending more money-- exactly the opposite course of action that they should take.  The tax rates are significantly below where any reduction would result in an increase in revenue-- lowering the rates can only result in reducing revenue.  They've lost their two main tools.

The Austrian answer is to let it go and let it even itself out over time.  The monetarists are at a loss.

Do you go with Keynesianism, or do you just let it go?

FWIW, a lot of economists from the monetarist school have a long history of being very, very wrong about specifics.  The price controls that Nixon enacted were basically a result of his having listened to Friedman earlier, and that was the natural result of having pursued those policies.

And, to be very clear on the

And, to be very clear on the point, the crap 4speed is posting employs a well-worn conservative gimmick of comparing entirely dissimilar phases of the economic cycle. If you start your "figures" from the trough of a recession, there's nowhere to go but up, but the resulting "data" is literally meaningless. The actual economic figures from the Bush years are exactly as I described them. Economists are calling it America's Lost Decade (a reference to Japan's "Lost Decade"). Essentially, everything sputtered to a halt, and Americans actually lost ground for the first time in modern history. Americans' income declined. Americans' net worth declined. There was no net job creation--literally 0%. Every indicator that has shown sharp improvement in every decade leading up to that one either went very dramatically flat, or actually fell.

Figures do not lie, Obama does

I love these generic statements "There was no net job creation".........hmmm, I wonder what years you're talking about, 1937 ?   Just least my "posting crap" has actual "dates".

I notice there was a Deficit trough in 2004, an then the graph started going up, until 2008 when the Pelosi effect hit, and its been hitting us ever since for 2010 and the HUGE "trough" Obama has dug by paralleling huge spending increases while watching Goernment revenues decline, the rise from the bottom of 2010 is just a projection, as are the following years, projections.  

Go ahead and say it, "Bush had a good 6 or 7 years".   8 years of failed Bush policies, just doesn't pass the smell test.

So there is reality, history, and then there is "its going to get better" projections for 2011 and beyond.   I'd look up the 2011 budget projections for Obambi as I think there were the SAME as 2010, no retreat/rise in sight, but I think that reality will arrive soon enough.

If you're in a hole, quit digging.   As I've said before, people with common sense are starting to look like today's Rocket Scientists, compared to the clowns in DC.  The latest Audit out today, shows  $ 2,000,000 spent per stimulus job .......  2 million per job ....... and November can't come soon enough.

The Rocket Scientists are taking over from the clowns in November, and let me put a year on that, Nov. 2010.   And let me do a little show and tell on how Flyover country is thinking...


Poll shows the incumbent Governor trailing his Republican challenger, John Kasich, by 17 points

Republican Rob Portman holds a 55 – 35 percent lead over Democratic Lt. Gov. Lee Fisher among likely voters in the race for Ohio’s U.S. Senate seat.

Wisconsin: - The latest Rasmussen Reports statewide telephone survey of Likely Voters shows Johnson picking up 51% support, while Feingold earns the vote from 44%.