DeMarxists’ Worst Nightmare A Reality – Sarah Palin Can’t Be Destroyed.

They’ve done their best. They’re still trying…and they’ll keep at it for all the good it will do them. They haven’t fooled you, the American people. I’ve spoken about “the language of truth” at some length. I’ve said that truth has a ring to it that the human soul recognizes and responds to. It has life and an energy all its own.

That’s why things like the FRAUD packed health care bill, now awaiting debate in the Senate, and the Senators that support it engender so much anger from the American people. We know they’ve shut down their Senate offices phones because they don’t want to face us. This week they return home to their districts. We will find them there. If they shut down those phones we will smother them with our emails, letters and visits to those district offices. WE know the truth! They do not want to face our truths or face us, but face us they will. These people who would command our lives, our very fortunes and the futures of our children. JUST who the HELL do they think they are? We threw the Brits the hell out of here for a lot less than they are trying to pull. Landrieu, Bayh, Nelson and Lincoln all deserve special contempt but there are many more.

We have a narcissistic budding megalomaniac, who also has some serious issues with the truth, sitting in the White House. The American people have sensed this through all his high-flown rhetoric and his promises of utopian nirvana on Earth. Even the skeptical in the beginning were willing to ‘give the guy a break’. After all, look how bad George Bush and the Republicans screwed things up…ouch. Another truth. As the fallacies of his promises came to the fore, people started really listening to what he was saying and found that the truth wasn’t in him. So what does all this have to do with Sarah Palin?

I was at first astounded at the vehemence of the attacks mounted against her. The lengths to which not only the extreme left was going to discredit and marginalize her, but many supposed conservatives as well. Surprise, surprise. It didn’t work. Slanderous vicious attacks on her and her family. Hundreds of thousands of dollars spent trying to play ‘gotcha’ with her life and none of it worked. The LIBERAL, PROGRESSIVE MARXISTS were in an absolute state…still are. They’re wedged so tight it would take a post hole digger to get them out. They’ve done their best to destroy her and it hasn’t worked. Her popularity and her approval ratings among the American people have only grown exponentially with each new assault. Those of her own party who have taken so many back door snide shots at her have, in their own turn, been exposed for who and what they are and dismissed by America as irrelevant.

So what gives? What is it about this lady that Americans see and want so much? It’s easy. It’s the same easy that the DeMarxists can’t ever figure out. It’s truth…it’s plain old-fashioned Conservative value truth, and the country yearns for it like water for a soul lost in the desert. We see, hear and feel ourselves in Sarah Palin and that ain’t such a bad thing. Look for the next big wedge issue to be the libs linking Sarah to the Tea Party leadership, and to then start touting a ‘third party’ a la Ross Perot. It’s nonsense. Sarah knows it, she’s said so. She knows that what we need is a solid revitalized Conservative Republican party.

There’s been a lot of speculation of whether she’ll run in 2012 and if so, can she win? My answers to that would be, I don’t know…but oh hell yes!!

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2009


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I doubt that she'll be able to make time for it,

given her busy schedule updating her Facebook page and waging a public war of words with a 19-year-old high-school dropout porn model.

Or with late-night comedians,

Or with late-night comedians, or with low-level campaign workers (who said she completely lied, and have her own emails to prove it), or with journalists who ask such tough questions as what  newspapers she reads (she's come up with the solutions to such hard-nosed journalism--she has refused every request for an interview by political reporters). She fills her time between such farces by lying about "death panels" in health care reform, lying about her support for the Bridge to Nowhere, lying about the origin of the financial crisis, lying about the "new" dollar coins (something she picked up from a spam email)--just pretty much lying about everything. And, of course, raking in huge bucks for a book she didn't write, and raking in six-figure fees for delivering secretive speeches (a lot better than doing the job for which she was actually elected but abandoned).

Waging war with campaign staffers is particularly interesting.

Lets say you are a political professional, and a person with considerable skills and talent.  You have the opportunity to join the campaign staff of Palin 2012. Who would do it, knowing that you are going to working with the loosest of cannons, and that when things go wrong, you'll get the blame - in public. In other words: who wants to be the next Nicolle Wallace? Thanks, but no thanks, I'll go work for the Romney campaign instead.

It would be bad enough that

It would be bad enough that Palin has engaged in this public finger-pointing and blame laying; it's far worse that she's lying in order to do so. Calling her thin-skinned is inaccurate only insofar as it suggests she has any skin at all when it comes to criticism. She won't tolerate criticism of any kind. Comedians who make jokes about her--comedians--infuriate her. Like so many conservative politicians, she's apparently accustomed to being able to lie with impunity, and in the face of criticism, doesn't hesitate to do so. CBS News had an interesting story this summer about when she came under criticism for the involvement of her husband and herself in the reactionary Alaskan Independence Party. Salon had run a story on it, some demonstrator had asked her about it, and she immediately wanted the campaign to issue a national release on the subject featuring an entirely false narrative she'd concocted as a defense--100% fiction (which would, of course, boomeranged back on the campaign disastrously).  She's just as stupid and clueless behind the scenes as she appeared in public.

Funny, people on both sides hope she does run

 . . . for many Dems, it'd be another good year for Barack. Same as before, lots of noise from the base, but the moderates would stay away. And since the Rep party is shrinking faster than Dems .  . . that's bad news.



The truth about Palin's popularity (or rather lack thereof)

Skippy wrote:

Her popularity and her approval ratings among the American people have only grown exponentially with each new assault.

If Skippy's claim were true, this supposedly positive trend ought to be visible in the major opinion polls. Yet, if we check the Palin "average of averages" poll @, we notice that she has in fact been losing ground since the 2008 elections...

Given that her approval rating is growing "exponentially"

each time she is criticized, should not that black line reach to the moon by now?

And even her support is weak.

And even her support is weak. This month, in the ABC News poll (in which she's had a sustained disapproval rating of over 50% since Oct. 2008), 34% give her a "strongly unfavorable" rating, compared to only 20% "strongly favorable."

60% flatly say she is unqualified to be president.

These, though, are perhaps the most telling numbers: 53% of the public say they absolutely would not vote for Palin if she ran for president; only 9% said they'd definitely support her.

The "Palinistas" aren't some dynamic, growing force--in ABC's extensive demographic breakdowns, her base of support is made up of the dying remnants of the past: elderly white "evangelical" Protestant male Republicans.

Palin's main problem is perceived competence, not favorability

John Smith wrote


> each time she is criticized, should not that black line reach to the moon by now?


Also, let's not forget that the Politico graph (and Skippy's original post-) is about her personal FAVORABILITY -- *not* whether Americans think she is fit to be president... After all, Kermit the Frog is probably quote popular but how many would regard him as qualified for the world's top political job? Likewise, opinion polls usually show Republicans still like George W. Bush as a person (=folksy, born-again christian, sneers at elites, "Texas values"etc.) but his job approval is naturally a lot less positive. Palin has the same problem: according to the CNN poll below only 28% of Americans (and barely half or 54% of GOP voters!!) think she is competent enough. She is doing much worse than Romney or even Huckabee in this respect.

BTW, note that quite a few right wing bloggers tend to mix up Palin's, Obama's, Pelosi's etc. job approval and their personal favorability ratings. They gloat that Palin is more "popular" than Obama since Rasmussen claims Palin's favorability rating is higher than Obama's current job approval. That's just not true: Obama remains quite well liked as indicated by the the aggregate chart below. 


Reality: Palin is the Republican party nightmare

DeMarxists’ Worst Nightmare A Reality – Sarah Palin Can’t Be Destroyed.

You are right, Skip MacLure: Sarah Palin can't be destroyed--that's great news for McCain!--but she CAN destroy what's left of the GOP(pun intended). And oh, how is that Khymer Beck-Rogue Palin 2012 ticket coming along?