Democrat Allies: Dead Men Waiting.

The Obama, Reid, Pelosi triumvirate continues to rape and pillage its way through our already savaged economy… and the people of this country turn away from them in ever increasing numbers. The Republicans are already counting seats and congratulating themselves at their brilliance… not!

Trent Lott and Bob Bennett

First of all, the Republicans have got to see to their own house. I wasn’t a bit surprised to see that pair of classic losers, Trent (let’s make a bad deal) Lott and Bob (I didn’t do it) Bennett come out of the cracks in the woodwork and feed us more of the establishment Repubic crud that got us here to start with. In particular, Lott pontificated that “We don’t need a lot of Jim DeMint disciples around here”…”As soon as they get here, we need to co-opt them”. It just shows that the ‘accommodation at any price and, by the way, when’s that cocktail party?’ crowd is still alive and well in the beltway. But that would account for that rotten smell.

Meanwhile, John (where’s my amnesty?) McCain and former Congressman J D Hayworth traded barbs in the first of their debates. The debate was officially a draw, but what was apparent was that Hayworth was well prepared and looked relaxed and comfortable. His upfront acknowledgment of the mistake he made, in flacking for government loans in an infomercial, went a long way towards taking the edge off of McCain’s attack. In return, Hayworth went down the list of McCain’s perfidy and hammered him on the amnesty for illegals issue. In my book, McCain should go for that one alone.

The Republican party has got to reconcile itself to the huge Conservative Patriot movement out there. It is the wave of the future. Gone are the days when the John McCains and the Trent Lotts of this nation can lie their way into office, and then promptly forget about their promises and their constituency and immediately go off doing as they damned well please. The Jim De Mints of this New Conservative party know the truth… that we are an informed and activist movement which will not tolerate ‘business as usual’.

It does appear that DeMarxists and the cabal in the White House are in for a shellacking of biblical proportions… if the Republicans are tough enough and savvy enough to prevent the DeMarxists from pulling a wholesale Barney Frank on them. We haven’t seen the likes of what they’ll be lining up to pull this November. The problem with the Republicans is that they’re so high-minded that every time they end up in a tight race, they seem to blindside themselves to the pantheon of dirty tricks that the Democrats have historically employed. First and foremost, they must remember that they are dealing with people without principles or scruples of any kind and must act accordingly.

Be prepared to have Tea Party activists at every polling place, to counter the union goons and thugs sure to be there. Have volunteers at every polling place, who have the courage to record and challenge irregularities. Do challenge the pathetic tough guys of the ‘New Black Panthers’ who, according to some observations, even intimidated little old black ladies who wished to vote for Hillary during the Democratic primaries. These punks think they’re tough? They don’t know tough… but there are hundreds of thousands of young, healthy Conservative vets out here that can teach them just exactly what the word means.

Sounds radical? Well, that’s exactly what we’re up against. While we’re sitting here jawing, they’re out there registering every gravestone between Colma, California and Maine. The Obama Feds have already refused to have the states purge the ‘dead wood‘ from their voter registrations.

This is the reason that we’ve been saying over and over that we don’t want political ‘nice guys’ out here. We want gutsy, bare-knuckle street fighters, who understand political warfare in built-up areas. It’s what it’s going to take to win.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010

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Lets see what those nice folks at Gallup have to say


Democrats Jump Into Six-Point Lead on Generic Ballot

In the same week the U.S. Senate passed a major financial reform bill touted as reining in Wall Street, Democrats pulled ahead of Republicans, 49% to 43%, in voters' generic ballot preferences for the 2010 congressional elections.

The Democrats' six-point advantage in Gallup Daily interviewing from July 12-18 represents the first statistically significant lead for that party's candidates since Gallup began weekly tracking of this measure in March.

With Republicans' and Democrats' support for their own party's candidates holding steady in the low 90s this past week, independents are primarily responsible for Democrats' improved positioning. Thirty-nine percent of independents favor the Democratic candidate in their district, up from 34% -- although slightly more, 43%, still favor the Republican.

It's possible the increased voter support for Democratic candidates this past week is linked with the Wall Street regulatory reform bill that passed in the U.S. Senate last Thursday, July 15. The financial reform bill is the second-biggest piece of legislation to get through Congress this year, after healthcare reform, and it enjoyed majority support. According to a USA Today/Gallup poll in June, 55% of Americans were in favor of legislation expanding government regulation of financial institutions -- including 72% of Democrats and 56% of independents. Only Republicans were generally opposed.


Wait till We find out what's in the 2400 pages of the bill

ITs a Dead cat bounce, sorta like the Heathcare bill, and Obama's "Healthcare is NOT a Tax" lie, that is now being defended in court as a Tax.

You lie, people temporarily think you've done something good, and then the TRUTH comes out in a month or so.  Plenty of time until Novembe for the Truth to be told on the "financial reform" have to pass it so we can read it.   The most transparent administration "evah".......


RanDoM bits of WHistLINg pasT

the GRAVE yarD.

Palin will "unseam him from the nave to th' chops."

Obama can no longer run on the truth, and soon only lying liars will stand with him.

Dead men waiting to be unseamed by Palin and the Tea Party patriots.

Whistling past the JournoList Graveyard

From Doctor Zero.....Leftist writers and pundits have been trying to stroll past the crater left by the Daily Caller’s JournoList bombshell, hands stuffed in their pockets and eyes rigidly forward.

Hey Mead50, Gallup has corrected their POLL Mistake

Looks like Gallup made a mistake on THIS POLL you are quoting, as caught by Real Clear Politics and others.

Sorry, not your fault, but click on the Link underlined above.

You must be so releived that after two days of searching

the internet you finally found someone to tell you what to think about this, and to give you a flimsy pretext for paying it no nevermind. Which, of course, you had already said you were going to do.

dudes, I think your cap locks are possessed!

Oh wait, you went to Hi Skool with the Bard of Alaska.  Now I GeT iT.

There once was a girl from Wassila

who went to 6 community colleges you betcha

barely finished at all

but still held stood up tall

and learned that Shakespeare rhymes are killa

I'm happy to be a victim of a nosensical Liberal attack

See, I capitalized Liberal for you and you get all wee wee'd up.

When you have no substance or answers to the truth running you over, the average Liberal attacks your spelling and your verbage, or your notes on the palm of your hand, or something they find insulting (in their mind).

I thought you Liberals were all about embracing Change, and all about the uneducated little people ?

You are a heroic figure

just like your hero Sarah Palin.

Dude, you must be a Journolist ?

Journolist liberals: mock, intimidate, dismantle your opponents, don't discuss issues with them, just intimidate them.

Hey Skip, I think we found two "Journolists"......ya reckon ?

How could I discuss anything with you?

It is like talking to a four year old who is amped up on sugar. Develop some communication and reasoning skills and a bit of integrity, and then we'll talk.

No need to discuss false information

Earlier, I merely pointed out the error by Gallup (not your fault) that was on the Gallup Poll information.  

Gallup has corrected it, Real Clear Politics corrected the Gallup poll on their site, you need to find a "reason" to agree that Gallup made an error.   Instead you attack the message bearer as an unreasonable child.  

Good thing you're not on FOX News, or the JournoLista's would want to shut you up.