Fish Or Cut Bait.

You don’t hear that one very often any more. Seems we exist in a world where relativism reigns supreme. A place where ill-conceived schemes go awry, or go catastrophically awry, and yet the architects are lauded as heroes, and often promoted.

We see this a lot. It happens mostly in the public sector. Private companies cannot afford to keep people aboard who, for one reason or another, are just perennial non-producers, whether that takes the form of too many absences or just an inability to do the job.

Incompetence rules in most government bureaucracies. The best are often suppressed in favor of the less competent but more politically reliable. The unions aren’t out there to protect the leaders and go-getters… they are there to shelter the incompetent, thereby solidifying their hold over their membership.

The unions are a lot like the collective communist societies, in that the leaders live well on the backs of the ‘peasants’, while the ‘leaders’ redistribute funds (political influencing). Well, the result is the same… the ones at the bottom struggling to get by while the politically connected prosper. That’s the upside down world of the socialist. The many, in equal poverty, pay to support the few elites of the ruling class. They call it Marxism.

We’re seeing more of this than ever before and we’re going to be seeing much, much more in hearings that will be held by the new Congress. It’s time to tell our Republican members, both in the House and in the Senate, that we will not tolerate business their way. Never again. I’m beginning to get an uneasy feeling about some of the people we sent back to Congress, and especially the Senate.

It cannot be business as usual. The survival of the country depends on our determination to turn this country and its entire governance back to the conservative principles laid out in the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. So I guess that’s the long and short of it, Republicans… Fish or cut bait.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010

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You've never worked for a private firm, have you, Skip?

I've worked in government, government funded non-profit businesses small businesses, and now in a huge Fortune 300 company.  ALL had efficient and inefficient people working for them.  In order of most to least efficient, this has been my experience:

Most efficient - Non profit day programming and group homes for adults with developmental disabilities.  I've worked for 4 of these.  Each was entirely private, but relied wholly on government funding.  Incredibly efficient.  Very little waste.

Second most efficient - my job at a public golf course for my city government.  Definitely waste happening.

Mid-low efficient - Fortune 300 company.  Far less efficient than the city government job.  As a shareholder of this company, where I currently work, I shudder at the sheer waste - in the 10s of millions each and every year.  I used to work in a Six Sigma role, where my job was to identify waste.  My team eliminated 20 million dollars in waste in just 3 years, in a department of only 200 people in a company of 20,000 employees.  When the company stopped doing Six Sigma I had identified an area where 10s of millions of dollars in waste were going to agent overpayments annually.  I told the company what I was working on and they simply replied that they didn't have the resources to keep looking at waste, and accepted the fact that they'd overpay their agents by 10s of millions of dollars annually.  I don't think you have any idea how wasteful some of the most profitable companies in the world actually are.  I happen to work at one of them.

Least efficient - small business -  a small deli for which I used to work.  Incredibly wasteful.

Skip, I'm going to imagine that the Marine Corps, a Federal Government entity, is the most efficient organization you've ever worked for?  Outside of that, I'm skeptical you've ever even held a job, frankly.