Fools, Bigots And Liars Hide Under The Dems’ ‘Big Blanket’.

While the nation seethes and counts the days until November, the Marxi-Socialists of the Democratic party and the statists of their stooley press are attempting the badly used-up tactic of manufacturing incidents calculated to bring shadows down on the Republicans, and most particularly the Conservative Patriot movement, or ‘Tea Party’ movement, as they so disparagingly term us.

Starting with the ’supposed’ incident of two black Representatives being spat upon and called racial epitaphs, it’s really difficult to understand how in this day, with almost every cell phone video-capable and with some thousands of people around, no one obtained a single picture of anything that allegedly transpired. It wouldn’t be the first time the left has tried to gin up sympathy by using the race card to play the race card.

Guess what guys? That one ain’t playing so well again either. Does anyone out there remember Tawana Brawley and that epitome of truth and probity Al (Race Bait) Sharpton?

Brawley and Sharpton

It’s not just that such tactics are not beneath the Congressional Democrats and their Marxist radical allies, they are part and parcel of the playbook that statists use on a daily basis. We hear stories of threats made against Representatives’ lives and bricks thrown through windows. So many times in the past we’ve heard claims like this exploded in the light of truth, the instigators found to be either Democrat operatives or fringe nut-cakes from their own side, of which they have many. Like the one who trashed a Democrat campaign office during the last election.

It’s not that we don’t have some bad eggs on our own side, because we do. But they are quickly marginalized and their actions strongly disavowed. We of the Patriot Movement are not taken to encouraging violent or dishonorable behavior. If it ever comes to a fight, God willing it never does, they will wish to hell they’d never started it. That’s not what we want, we believe in the rule of law and the principles of the Constitution and the founders.

What we will not permit this time is the left to control the message as they have so many times in the past, through deceit, lies, deception and prevarication. Thanks to the wonder of the phenomenon known as the new media, which has left the old, lying statist media in the dust, the truth about their lies reaches millions almost instantaneously. They will no longer be permitted to shape arguments to their perverted will.

This country has learned a very hard truth from which it will never turn again. That lesson is that elections have consequences… voting has consequences and can never be taken for granted. We are a much sadder but wiser nation, one which is rapidly returning to its conservative roots and values.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010


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Have I got this straight?

After a teabagger posted Rep. Perillo's brother's address (thinking it was the Rep's house), Al Sharpton crept over and cut the gas line?

Could you please link me to all the criiticism that the teabagger has received from this marvelous self-policing movement for egging Sharpton on in the first place?

Let's try a thought experiment. A bunch of teabaggers in Missouri but a coffin on the lawn in front of Rep. Russ Carnahan's home.  Their "justification" is that "a coffin is not a threat". 


So does that mean that if Russ Carnahan had, in the dead of night, put the coffin there himself, it would therefore not be a false flag attack?

Politico Correction on the coffin

From Politico:

Editor’s Note: This story has been updated to reflect that the coffin was placed in front of Carnahan’s house and not on his lawn

Oh well then.

That is completely different, isn't it?

Yes, its completly different- Its 1st Amendment vs Trespassing

Its Bull S...t Lies from a Democrat versus Truth.
Democrats - Truth Two completely different things.

Take it to court and file Trespassing charges, Either file a lawsuit or SHADDUP.

You have an Opinion and no Facts, lawsuit, Video, witnesses to even back up justify your Opinion.

I don't believe anyone said even a single word about

trespassing - the issue is the attempt to try to intimidate the congressman by frightening his family with a bunch of whackjobs and a coffin outside his home.

Let me repeat that so you are clear - coffin. outside. his. home.

Whether it was on the lawn or on the sidewalk is not an issue.

Oh, its not an Issue ? Politico not Fact checking an Article ?

Let's just Ignore that Slight Journalism violation, Demorats lie all the time, you just can't trust 'em.
As for your Statement above, the Lawn was certainly an issue.
Do this, Use your mouse, scroll up, and look for this post.....

"Submitted by John Smith on Thu, 03/25/2010 - 07:30."

Read the post, yes, John Smith, that's you, and look for "lawn" in the post.....Got it ?
It seems to be part of the issue. You can get arrested for trespassing.

No, it isn't an issue.

I don't know if I can break this down into small enough words for you to understand, but here goes: the issue is the coffin, and taking it to his home. Full stop. Where they put it - lawn, sidewalk, curb, street, driveway, telephone pole, mailbox, etc - is not the issue. Because it is wrong to try to use threats of death against a lawmaker and his family to try to achieve political ends.


Because it is wrong to try to use threats of death against a lawmaker and his family to try to achieve political ends.

I'm glad we agree on something.

I await your unequivocal denunciations of this and this and this.

Oh, and the whole coffin thing?  It was a stunt.  It wasn't a threat against anyone.  The coffin represented the death of freedom, and the protestors carried the coffin away when they were done.  Politico misreported the whole thing and, because it fit the whole narrative of 'crazy violent teabaggers', everybody picked up on it and ran with it.

I denounce the 2nd and 3rd links without


Not so with Eric Cantor - there is nothing there to denounce. He was telling a porkie.

Bullet that hit Va. congressman's office random

RICHMOND, Va. — Richmond police say the bullet that hit a window of Republican Virginia Congressman Eric Cantor's office had been randomly fired skyward.

Amid reports of threats and vandalism against Democrats who voted Sunday for sweeping health care reforms, Cantor said at a Washington news conference Thursday that a bullet was fired into his Richmond office.

In a news release, Richmond police said that the bullet had been fired into the air early Tuesday. It hit the front window of a building that houses Cantor's campaign office as it fell to back earth at a sharp angle.

The round landed on the floor of the office a foot inside a broken window pane. No one was in the building, and police say an investigation has yielded no suspects.

Unless you want me to denounce randomly firing bullets into the sky, which I am happy to do. And I will say that if the bullet had been intentionally fired at his office, I would denounce that, too.

Calling the coffin thing a stunt does nothing to justify it - the intent was still to frighten the Congressman and his family. Why else take it to his home? If the teabaggers didn't want to seem crazy and violent, they would have picked another symbol and, more importantly, they would not have gone to his family home.


There is nothing about the coffin protest that requires justifying.  The coffin represented the death of freedom.  They didn't want to put Carnahan in it.  It wasn't a rowdy affair.  It was a peaceful prayer vigil.  The fact that you think it is somehow an unjustifiable outrage says more about your prejudicial attitude towards Tea Partiers than it does about the coffin protestors.  Even Politico has retracted the story.  Man up and apologize.

Firstly, they had no business going to his home

where his two small children live.

Secondly, coffins are used for one purpose only - holding dead human bodies - and so the symbolism is a clear as the light of day, and it has nothing at all to do with your tortured excuse making.

Are you by any chance trying to deflect attention from the Cantor FAIL?

God you are such a partisan

God you are such a partisan idiot.  You are the only one now pushing this ridiculous lie that they came to threaten Carnahan. 

Why go to his house, and why take a coffin

if not to threaten and intimidate?

Please state in all honesty what is the first thing that comes to mind when you see a coffin.

Are you going to condemn this - or, let me guess, white powder symbolizes the wigs of the Founding Fathers?

NYPD investigating package sent to congressman

NEW YORK — New York City police are investigating a threatening letter sent to the Queens office of U.S. Rep. Anthony Weiner related to his support of national health care legislation.

The letter with suspicious white powder was discovered Thursday afternoon at the congressman's office in Kew Gardens.

Police say the letter was related to the sweeping federal health care legislation.

Police evacuated the office and haz-mat crews decontaminated nine employees as a precaution. Police crews were field testing the substance to determine if it was dangerous. The substance was also to undergo a more sophisticated lab test at the Department of Environmental Protection.

Still trying to deflect attention from Cantor's grotesque miscue yesterday, which you fell for, hook line and sinker? Right, and I'm the mindless partisan while you are the one with the finely honed analytical skills.


Why did they go to his house with a coffin ?

The Kids that the Federal funded Abortion tObamacare threatens, were not old enough to drive themselves, still growing in the womb so to speak.

Give'em 18 more years and a Drivers license, I'm sure as Adults they would Camp on every "YES" voter's Lawn and fight for others who are being Threatened by Fed Funded Abortions......that you and I pay taxes towards.

Moslems can opt out of Fed healthcare because of thier Religion, would that Unborn's could have a chance to refuse "Treatment".

You knew about the Religious Exemptions in the HC bill, Didn't YOU ?

Plenty of other places - public places - for those

protesters to air their complaints, so nothing that you've written here is responsive to the question why his home and why a coffin.



No, I don't think sending unknown white powder to anyone is a good idea.  Of course I condemn it.

And actually, I'm relieved that the bullet through Cantor's window appears not to have been fired purposefully.  I can't blame Cantor for taking the incident seriously though.  Do you?  Are you suggesting he knew it was an accident before the press conference?

And, about the coffin: Watch the video yourself.  The coffin did not represent a threat on Carnahan's life.  A coffin represents death.  That coffin represented the death of freedom.  Do you know what a symbol is?  It was a PRAYER VIGIL, not a lynch mob, for Pete's sake!  Politico walked back its story.  Even Democratic Underground changed its story.  Are you just intellectually incapable of admitting you were wrong?

You are just so bound and determined to not give one single solitary inch to those racist filthy mouth-breathing knuckle-dragging troglodyte teabaggers that you stubbornly cling to incorrect interpretations of facts, just because to do so would exonerate the Tea Partiers in some way.

Reviewing Cantor

The timeline: Cantor learns that building in which he has an office - a building which carries no Cantor signage and which is not actually in his district - has been vandalized.

He schedules a press conference.

Half an hour before the press conference his staff calls the police to get an update and is told that the investigation is on-going.

At this time, Cantor knows three things:

*He knows that he doesn't know all the facts

*He knows the police are still working on it

*He knows that there is no way for anyone to easily identify the building in question as a "Cantor office"

Nevertheless, he goes ahead with the press conference in an attempt to get the media to falsley peddle a "both sides do it equally" story.

A few hours later police conclude their investigation by determining that it was just a random spent bullet.

Replace "Eric Cantor" with "Nancy Pelosi" in this sad tale and you'd be demanding her immediate resignation for breach of the public trust.

And you can continue to make excuses for the Carnhahan incident all you want - calling it a prayer vigil doesn't explain why they had to do it at his home, when there are plenty of public places they can do the same in, and why they had to take the bizarre step of taking a coffin to his home. Coffins don't represent the death of freedom. The represent the death of people. Even small children - like the Carnahan's two boys - understand that. Which was, of course, the whole point.


The Tea Party found another place, no coffin

Good for them!

I hope they all have a good time.

That is what political activism should look like.

Hysteria Sweeps The New Right Media

Before you accuse Democratic Congressmen of lying, readers of this blog should consider the reputations of those accused:

John Lewis: Civil Rights Leader, often called the most respected man in Congress by both Republicans and Democrats.

Emanuel Cleave: former mayor of Kansas City.

Barney Frank: Chairman of the House Finance Committee.

The "faggot" incident has already been verified by Politico. By dint of John Lewis's reputation, I believe Lewis that "nigger" was yelled.

This slanted, slanderous, half-informed post is an example of the hysteria enveloping republicans, conservatives and Tea Party members. The right-wing media and political leaders are playing a dangerous game with their apocalyptical, extremist language. It behooves these leaders to tone it down. There already has been an increase of right-wing threats and violence. It's only a matter of time before another Waco or Oklahoma City happens again because of the atmosphere created by the Right.

Verify it in Court or shut up about Lewis's "accusations"

The Duke Rape case was settled in Court......and the Liars lost.
Put up or shut up.....


People determine facts all the time without a jury or a judge. So, I'm not gonna shut up. Ooooo, got u there! I guess you'll have to throw a virtual brick with a pithy revolutionary slogan: Blood of insurance companies watering tree of 10th Amendment....

Sorry Toddski, Wrong again, and Politico was lying

Gee, these Media guys are easy to fool, and the Useful Fools don't realize one thing.....The Tea Partiers have Video's everywhere they go....Its the Visual Video Generations, if you don't have a Video, it didn't happen....guess what, it didn't below


Another Misleading Post

1. Carnahan has nothing to do with the slander of the original post.

2. Politico only reported Carnahan thought it was threatening.

3. We're talking about audio evidence and I realise proving a negative is hard; you'll need more than shaky cell phone vids. Tea Partiers may be right and Lewis and the other congressmen misheard the protesters. Still, with the borderline, out-of-control behavior, and typical rude tantrums, I don't doubt Lewis heard, "Nigger!"

4. I'm not Slavic. Blue-State Lib.

Share with us WHY you do not Doubt ?

Tea Partiers had Two Video's, and between the TWO, the "March" of the CBC was 100% covered.

But, yet, you say "I don't doubt" wouldn't believe it because you're prejudiced. 

What would Bill Ayers do ?

I Don't Doubt Civil Rights Hero

Civil Rights hero who took a beating from bigots during the 60's vs. Tea Partiers. I believe Lewis has much more credibility than Tea Partiers.

Conservatives always go back to Ayers and Alinsky and that is a huge tactical mistake. Those cats are so irrelevent to what Democrats are doing. It kills me that conservative activist are copying Alinsky. But that's what happens when your idea leaders are talk show hosts.

You talk like Jimi Hendrix....."Those Cats"

Politico has issued a Correction.....(Ed note below)... They must have been too enthusiastic ? more corrections to come ? Nah, once Dems Lie it becomes a Dim Memory. Politico: "Editor’s Note: This story has been updated to reflect that the coffin was placed in front of Carnahan’s house and not on his lawn" So Carnahan feels threatened if a Hearse drives by his house ?

no doubt

He doesn't doubt because, ultimately, he believes the lie that conservatives = racists.

Incidentally, Breitbart has put up $10K for proof that the racial epithet was used..

Chem, Not U 2!

Wow, I'm so disappointed you went there. Of course I didn't say that, nor do I believe that, but your insecurity led to assign false beliefs to me just because I believe John Lewis, Civil Rights hero,  is more credible than Tea Partiers.

Breibart, really? He's just another professional provocateur.

Lewis, just another Race Baiting lying DC politician

Voting to kill the unborn has Consequences, just ask Stupak

double post

double post, sorry