If Wishes Were Fishes… Obama’s Pond Would Overflow.

But they (wishes) are not (fishes) and those nasty and hateful TEABAGGERS pulled the plug on the pond. Shucks, seems like a feller just can’t have any fun any more. Well, President Obama, it hasn’t been any fun out here for Americans for a very long time. Now, you can keep going back to the well and dredging up the specter of the Bush administration all you want. Goodness knows I’ve taken him and his Republican Congress on often enough. In many ways his failure to stand up to the runaway spending in his own government set the stage for the recession we began experiencing in 2008.

Bush had recognized the danger represented by the various manifestations of the Community Reinvestment Act of 1977, which essentially lowered standards for mortgage lending. Subsequent efforts by Democrats resulted in lowering the bar even farther, setting up the sub-prime disasters we’re now familiar with. A stronger George Bush, in control of a Republican majority in both House and Senate, might have taken on the Democrats over the financial time bomb he knew was ticking away. But as usual he and the Republicans allowed the left to control the message.

I’d love to understand why the Republicans allowed the left to turn the message on them starting back with the Civil Rights Movement. It’s as if they were afraid to stand up to the left and answer their lies and charges for what they were. Barack Obama has certainly gotten a lot of mileage (so he thinks) out of George Bush. The problem with that is the same as the other reasons Obama’s pond has gone dry. We were looking for the post-modern CENTRIST he portrayed himself as. What we got was the prancing pony sprinting as hard and fast to the left as he could with a smorgasbord of hard core leftists right behind him.

He quickly outlined his Socialist Menu for this country, which he hoped would be enabled by the economic chaos created by the SUB-PRIME MORTGAGE CRISIS, a crisis you may recall which was engendered largely by Democrat policy and irresponsibility. Obama did everything in his and the Democrat Congress’s power to force his Marxian policies on the American people, who were initially in panic mode and were definitely slow on the uptake. Remember Rahm Emanuel, “Never let a crisis go to waste”?

Fortunately for us God, America’s love of freedom, the Patriot Movement, the Internet, and Conservative broadcasting changed all that. Obama’s attempted takeover and eventual enslavement of the American people backfired. Now there is much talk of bi-partisan this and bi-partisan that, when in January the Democrats, in their overweening arrogance, were changing the locks on the House Conference rooms locking out Republican Representatives. What a difference a couple of months makes!

Put in plain old fashioned language…these Democrat cretins are headed for a butt kicking next November of historic proportions. It’s all because of you, my fellow patriots. There is not a single reason for Republicans to accommodate or make ‘deals’ with this administration. They have not changed. They are still bent on the destruction of our way of life, and so far they’ve done a pretty damned good job of it. They will not change. Remember the snake in the high grass? He’s still there…and he still bites…

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010


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First, Skippy is a financial retard!!!!!


Yes financial retard! Again Skippy uses shards of truth in piles of BS. I neither have the time nor energy to expound on the major causes of the financial crisis.  But like the great depression it was due primarily to unchecked greed and leverage by stupid people that thought they were smarter than everyone else.  From the distorted use of “Black and Scholes” modeling of risk, to the gross amount of misunderstood asymmetric derivatives used worldwide (over 500 trillion $ worth) compare that to worldwide GDP of about 50 trillion. Then add in on top of everything else banks and financial institutions using tons of complex financial products to hedge risky bets, along with billions of off balance sheet holdings and you have the perfect recipe for a financial crisis. Yes, the democrats had their finger prints on this crisis—but so did the republicans, the regulators, bankers, traders, and all the way down to average Joe flipping homes for a fast buck. The bottom line is we are slowly pulling out of this crisis---but all you that are so happily dancing around that we almost went off the cliff and keep telling people the sky is falling ---go f____ yourself-----Jobs are always last to come back in an economic recovery.   But you clowns keep yelling fire in the theater; maybe you will have your wish come true some day. For you capitalist here---how many of you rode the Obama bull market last year, one of the best stock market returns in the last 80 years. Or does that make you want to roll around on the ground and cry!!!!!!


Obama Bull Market ?

WOW, I sure missed that one. The Market drops to 8000 and people play with the 25 % rise to 10000 and call it historic. Wasn't the market and your 401 K a lot HIGHER for several years under Bush ?
The Democratic Majority Congress since 2006 and Senator Obama voting for every Spending Bill while Bush was President....means what ? Blame Bush 100 % ? ?
Sorry, we ain't buying that Baloney, at all, no Sir....We have videos of the Obama campaign Lies by the Dozens on YouTube.

Same with Un-Employment numbers, phrases like Un-expected Rise in Un-employment, Revisions to GDP that come out the Revising figures that were released.....downward, the wrong way.
The America people are really really pissed, 6 people looking for every 1 new job out there. Congress spending millions to fly to Copenhagen, Obama being called out in an Obvious Lie in Congress, Twice.
There are not any 3 rd chances for Obama......He can watch the Republican majority being sworn in on C-Span early next year.....Historic ELECTION results coming soon.


From your first paragraph it is obvious that you wouldn't know a bull or bear market if it came up and bit you on the ass!!!

4speed--I feel sorry for you, your so dumb on finance and economics you think "elasticity" is something that holds your underpants up--lol 

Sorry, stoptheguns, you're really bad at Math

Bush in 2002, after the 911 DJ drop, started with a Dow at 8,235

During Bush's Presidency, the Dow Peaked at 14,164.

Obama started with an Anemic DJ 7900 or so, Hey, pretty close to Bush's start. Now, today, we're at 10,150 or so.  

So, the HUGE Obama Gain, doesn't Quite measure up to Bush's Gains......"O" is no Dow Jones Hero, and you're just blowing "percentage up" smoke without EVER mentioning a Dow Jones  number.   How can you lecture me on the Dow Jones, and you never mention a NUMBER ?   Not good at numbers ?   I'll let you do the % compares above, you need practive.   

Call me when the Dow reaches 14,000 again and BHOle is still President.   He has got some percentages to make up. 

Meanwhile....DO SOME READING........E.G.,

According to Bespoke Investment Group, newsletter writers haven't been this bearish in ages.

Bespoke: Although the S&P 500 is down less than 7.5% from its January high, bulls are heading for the hills. According to Investors Intelligence, bullish sentiment among newsletter writers is currently at 34.1%, which is the lowest level since March 2009.At the same time, bearish sentiment (26.1%) is the highest since November, while the percentage of newsletter writers in the correction camp has sky-rocketed all the way to 39.8%, which is a level that hasn't been seen since 1983.




 I don't think that numbers

 I don't think that numbers mean much accept for the period that they went up. In other words you had the roaring 20's and the stock market crashed in 1929. The Bush term was reminiscent of the roaring 20's. It was tax cuts for the here and now, deficits and debt, our jobs going overseas, our money going to Iraq, and our country in neglect. Wall Street may not have seen it at the time, it was earnings of companies, derivatives, housing, the fed with lower interest rates, and whatever else that made everyone happy on wall street. Guess that is how bubbles happen. Sitting in the Midwest, I can tell you a different story on how things were not that good. And I just wondered at the time, just when we were going to fix our problems. Well, we still have those problems and it is getting harder to run this country, with the mess we are in. While we will have an economic cycle, we have long term problems that will last us some 10 to 20 years-if Washington starts acting on some things now. So far, nothing getting done. 

Skippy--help 4speed--lol

Oh geeeeezzzzz 4speed---this is why tards like you and Skippy should not have unsupervised computer time.  You don't even have a basic understanding of market sentiment indicators.  Bullish and bearish sentiment indicators are CONTRARY indicators fool.  Please take some time and money and get an education!!!!


The link below will probably make big tears well up in your eyes---lol


The day "O" was elected I dove into AU

The stack market is nowhere to be when a Marxist President suddenly appears. I bought Gold and Silver starting Oct. '08.....I learned a Jimmy Carter lesson with his 16 % mortgage Era.
If you can't tell Obama is full of Bull, you couldn't call a Bull Mkt if you saw one.
Put YOUR $$s in the Obama DJ Bull Mkt, I'm waiting for the Post Obama/Pelosi/Reid Era to end before I get out of Commodities and back into paper.
If Palin keeps Slappin around Obama on his Retard Policies, Obama is gonna be a Lame Duck President pretty Quick.