Independents Favor Conservative Republicans – 66% To 13% For Obama.

Pretty astounding figure isn’t it? With only 13% of Independents supporting Obama it’s a figure that has veteran DeMarxists quivering in their statist sinecures. The magic wand in any election is usually the oft quoted but much maligned Independents. Their ability to swing elections is legendary in the halls of Washville.

In the Presidential race in 2008, 55% of Independents voted for Obama. There’s almost a 100 point difference between the 2008 Independents and the striking 66% favorability of today’s Independents towards Republicans. The message of the Tea Party Patriots has also resonated through the Independent community, with its message of freedom, limited government and defense of our laws and Constitution.

There’s a resurgence of history regarding the founders (sans pc). They were remarkable men for their, or any, time. There has been new interest in the history surrounding the formulation and creation of the founding documents highlighting the magnificent legacy they left behind from our founding, the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. The founding documents are the compass of our Republic and the reason we fight this bloodless war against socialism and those who would impose their will on others.

There is a palpable sense of energy out here, you can sense it, hell you can feel it. Hundreds of thousands attended tax day tea parties. The few attempts at ‘infiltration’ by the left were mostly just laughable. With a strength that has surprised everyone, the Patriot movement has thrown down the gauntlet to our Republican Senate and House members.

Be counted now! Do every single thing you can conceive of to hinder the implementation of any Obama legislation. So far you can be really proud of the way you’ve stood up, but in the words of the ‘Iron Lady’, Margaret Thatcher, “Don’t go getting all wobbly on us”. Good advice.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010

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The message of the Tea Party

The message of the Tea Party Patriots has also resonated through the Independent community, with its message of freedom, limited government and defense of our laws and Constitution.

No, Skippy. Public identification with the Republican party hit a record low in the history of polling last year, as a huge number of Republicans took to calling themselves "independents." They still are, and that's all those numbers mean.

Classic, you're good with Numbers, what do these #s mean ?

Tea Party rallies: thousands

Tea Party participants: millions

Tea Party squabbles with Law Enforcement: 0

Tea Parties confronted by riot police: 0

Tea Parties dispersed by tear gas: 0

Tea Party arrests: 0

Tea Parties causing violence/injuries: 0

Tea Parties causing property damage: 0

Tea Parties responsible for the death of anybody: 0 

 These numbers above are Resonating also......................

Skippy--Patriot or subversive

Is the Tea bagger movement a legitimate quest to question the government and its constitutional authority?  Or is it a veiled attempt by a small group of loud media types and white power brokers to hold on to their financial aristocracy and government control that has been held tightly for hundreds of years.  

My belief is that the Tea Party movement is small, loud, and dangerous for American.  Like the beginnings of the Nazi party the dark forces appealed to the core values of country and patriotism after the ravages of financial chaos.  Just like today, many voters were seeking an outlet for their frustrations and expressed their repudiation of parliamentary democracy (sound familiar).   The Tea party is not dangerous because they questions authority, but because they seem to be under the control of people that promote the dark forces of ignorance and the subversion of truth by any mean possible. The goal is to delegitimize and disenfranchise the current administration and its constitution authority by sedition.  But like an iceberg the real danger lies below the surface, and one the damage is done there will be no going back.