It’s A Tea Party Thing – Dems’ Worst Nightmare Incarnate.

First of all, let me congratulate our ‘cousins’ to the north in Cannuckville for their courage in attempting to silence that one-woman invasion by Anne Coulter. Apparently, the brave Canadian student body, looking for all the world like a medieval Santa Casa witch-burning, surrounded a building with rocks and sticks.

To say that the Canadian government has lost the principles of honesty and freedom of thought and expression in the interest of political correctness, and the interests of ‘certain’ protected minority groups, is an understatement. Huge kudos to Anne for sticking it to them in the way that only she can do and refusing to fall for their intimidation. By the way, I checked with my editor Dee and she informs me that although these columns are read all over the world, and in some of the most unlikely places, not one has ever been published in Canada to her knowledge. Wonder what that’s about? (grins).

Protesters in Ottawa, after Anne Coulter's speech was canceled due to security concerns.

The next assault against America by Obama is going to be over illegal immigration, despite the smoke screen of cap and trade (tax) and environmental issues. With his majority in the House, and very likely the Senate as well, in danger of becoming ex post facto in November, and the Conservative Patriot movement (what the left continues to dismiss as ‘tea parties’) growing in momentum and becoming a real force in American politics, Obama’s second term may be problematic.

In order to salvage his presidency he knows he needs the votes the illegals can bring him. We have to fight this thing tooth and nail and stop it cold. Don’t let anyone tell you that there are 11-12 million illegals in this country, that’s the figure the left loves to throw out there. The actual figure is probably a lot closer to 20 million, maybe a little less since so many construction and other jobs that were heavily populated by illegals have gone away with the recession. I’ve heard that a number of illegals have gone back across the border. Gee whizz! Sounds a lot like what would happen if our State and Federal governments cut off the goody train.

The saddest part about this whole thing is that the legitimate Hispanic/Latino population of this country is dead set against illegal immigration. The leftist press is only too happy to trumpet radical illegal immigrant support groups such as La Raza, MALDEF and ALIPAC and just as happy to ignore the millions of solid American citizens and legal immigrants of Latino descent. This doesn’t take into consideration the numbers of illegals of other nationalities which are numerous, and in the case of certain middle-eastern types, possible terrorists.

Start organizing in your communities now. Get involved on the local level, on school boards and in city councils. Contact your local Patriot groups and get active. Keep calling. Keep visiting Representatives’ and Senators’ offices.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

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Hate Speech

As an American who loves free speech, I agree that the Canadian's should've let Coulter speak.  But I also understand that they have their own constitution and laws that aren't as tolerant of hate speech as we are.  We saw the same thing earlier this year when Michael Savage was banned from Brittain.  Other countries don't have and don't seem to want the same protections for these vile creatures that we do.  But again, I wouldn't have it any other way.  How can one recognize true evil when the government tries to protect you from seeing it?

Oh, Canada and Immigration

Ann's career of purposeful outrage is going to end as soon people realise she's just goosing people. Ignore her and she'll go away. It's a wonder people pay her to say outrageous stuff...why not invite the leader of the KKK or Taliban. It's the same thing.

As for immigration reform, it's coming but not this year. Besides a massive jobs package, Dems need another issue and that will be financial reform. We should be able to pry a few republicans to get pass the filibuster. Can you imagine what Dems will say, "Why are you siding with those bastard banksters?"

Immigration will be 2011. It's win-win for the Dems. I'd say there is 20% chance of passing since Dems will have small majorities in either congressional houses. However, even if Dems lose, they'd demagogue the Republicans for the next 30 years and will hold on to the Latino vote just as long. If conservatives want to see their electoral future, check out California, only moderate Republican can run. Even then, they'll probably lose. If immigration reform does actually pass with Republican support, then Dem might keep the advantage for 10 years.

The truth has come out: it was Coulter who cancelled the event.

A day after protesters at the University of Ottawa shut down a speech by right-wing U.S. pundit Ann Coulter, all university president Allan Rock offered Wednesday was a short written statement.

"Freedom of expression is a core value that the University of Ottawa has always promoted. We have a long history of hosting contentious and controversial speakers on our campus. (Tuesday) night was no exception, as people gathered here to listen to and debate Ann Coulter's opinions," the statement said.

It came after a raucous crowd forced the fiery commentator to cancel an appearance at the university's Marion Hall, the second stop on a three-city Canadian tour.

Coulter, who later called the university "bush league," was already fuming after she received an e-mail last week from university vice-president François Houle suggesting she brush up on Canadian laws on hate speech before coming to town.

In his statement, Rock defended the university and said organizers of the speech themselves decided at 7:50 p.m. Tuesday to cancel the event and informed the university's security services of their decision.


indeed! Ann Coulter: rightwing coward

PZ Myers: My apologies to Canada


'We have further information from the University of Ottawa about Coulter's non-appearance last night.

Last night, the organizers themselves decided at 7:50 p.m. to cancel the event and so informed the University's Protection Services staff on site. At that time, a crowd of about one thousand people had peacefully gathered at Marion Hall.

So…no word of violence at all, just a peaceful protest. Ann Coulter simply chickened out, and the decision was entirely hers and the organizations that invited her.

Never mind, there was no infringement of open discussion here, just another example of right wing cowardice.

Oh, wait — it gets worse. Here's Ann Coulter's description of the event.

The police called off my speech when the auditorium was surrounded by thousands of rioting liberals -- screaming, blocking the entrance, throwing tables, demanding that my books be burned, and finally setting off the fire alarm.

I don't know. Setting off a fire alarm after that chaos of rioting, screaming liberals sounds a bit anticlimactic, you know. As that link also reveals, most of the people in that mob were her fans, politely lined up to attend her lecture.

We also know it wasn't the police who shut down the talk — it was the organizers. Her people.'

Posted by PZ Myers  • 213 Comments


Earlier PZ wrote:


For shame, Canada…or maybe not

Posted on: March 23 by PZ Myers

Ann Coulter, professional harridan, was scheduled to give a talk at the University of Ottawa tonight. It has been cancelled, citing a large number of protesters (which is not a problem, I would hope people would publicly express their displeasure!), and the possibility of violence (which is a problem, if true). At the very least, some hooligan pulled a fire alarm.

This is not the proper way to handle kooks at all.

She is a vile lunatic, but she should have been given the right to speak, and then her noise should have been ripped apart with good questions, and conversation after the event. It's pretty much guaranteed that she would have said things that are stupid and outrageous and embarrassed herself — not that she'd notice, since she's shameless — but now she gets a free pass and a martyr card.

I may be wrong here. If there was violence, or a credible threat of violence, then it was a bad show for free speech. On the other hand, it's looking like there really wasn't any serious threat — it was just a loud mob of people peacefully protesting, of which I entirely approve. The 'violence' story is beginning to sound like a contrived excuse for Ann Coulter to bolt out of the hot seat.

Although pulling a fire alarm is still very bad form.


Hey shocked Dufus...Coulter "Themselves" canceled ?

Coulter made "their" Decision ?

As soon as you sober up now, you need to drive to Canada, and don't take your computer with you.
Oh, and be sure and tell your Mom where you're going.

Do you think that a personal attack on me is good cover for not

being able to come with a defense of La Coulter herself?