It’s Been A Very Long Week.

Our last article was published on Saturday, March 19. The hiatus has been due to a family emergency in which my middle son, aged 20, contracted pneumonia. Apparently, this is a particularly aggressive and somewhat antibiotic-resistant strain. It had been diagnosed the week before and he was sent home with medication. As opposed to healing he got progressively worse… culminating in a high fever and coughing up blood. We rushed him back to the hospital.

He is a healthy and athletic six foot one inch kid, and this stuff nearly killed him in less than a week in spite of him being treated with antibiotics. Here’s the scary part… that pneumonia spread throughout both of his lungs in a matter of days.

To be fair to the medical professionals involved, I saw those first X-rays. They clearly showed a limited infection. The subsequent ones were enough to scare a few years growth out of any parent… both lungs were completely infected. This was confirmed by CAT and MRI scans. The machines were both located in the main hospital building, only a hallway away from my son’s room. I can only describe the care he has received as superb.

I can’t help but contrast this to the planned destruction of our medical health system by Barack Obama and his Marxist minions. I’ve done several articles illustrating the scarcity of medical services and diagnostic equipment in both the UK and Canada. You remember them, right? Those are the MRI and CAT diagnostic machines, of which there are only six in all of Canada? If someone as critically ill as my son had to be transported hundreds of miles to a magnetic resonance imaging machine he might not have survived, and we’d be planning his funeral instead of preparing for his his return home from the hospital next week.

The more likely scenario would have been, should we have found ourselves unfortunate enough to be trapped in one of the Charnel House socialist single-payer systems, that my son would have been shunted off to some waiting room and left on a gurney or left to die waiting in an ambulance, as has been repeatedly reported out of England. Thank God for the skilled and dedicated people in our health care system.

Under ‘normal’ circumstances my editor, Dee, would have stepped in to cover for me. Her work schedule has been brutal recently and she became ill herself. The easy part of this operation is the writing part. Dee does all the heavy lifting from the editing to distribution and research to screening new sites to add to our affiliates. She keeps track of all the mail and responds when she can. If it sounds like a lot of work, it is.

Events all over the world are challenging this country. We, and the world, have had a chance to see how quickly events can spiral out of control without the United States of America in a clear leadership position. Every single policy, every single law, tax and regulation that Barack Obama has been involved with has been clearly detrimental to the national security and the economic stability and future economic, military and social fabric of this nation.

I’m starting to put more credence to some of the conspiracy theories. Obama may indeed be someone’s Manchurian Candidate. In such an unhappy happenstance would you say treason?… and then there’s sedition. Heavy stuff.

We have an even greater battle in front of us, friends and fellow Patriots, than we had putting the Republicans in the majority. Though I’m having some real reservations about the leadership, we cannot allow this to distract us from the upcoming 2012 elections. We have to really turn up the heat and keep it turned up.

Talk to every single person you know and keep talking. Get to know your neighbors (what a concept). Don’t be discouraged unless the individual is a hope-to-die Marxist. Some of the liberally-challenged are starting to see the light. Stick to facts and the simple truth. Now go out there and do it.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011

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Lucky for you

While I'm glad your son is recovering Skip, your using his emergency as a way to distort the truth about the ACA is offputting, to say the least.  What worse is you're either conveniently ignoring facts, or you don't understand how the ACA actually works.

The fact is, ACA won't have any impact on the insurance coverage your son received.  None at all.  Existing private insurance plans and existing government plans are simply untouched by the legislation (with the exceptions of the the failed experiment in privatization of Medicare benefits in Medicare Advantage, and the tax on the handful of exceptionally high end private plans that cover such things as full home hospitalization for multi-millionaires) . 

The only standard, private, non-employer-based health insurance plans impacted by the ACA are the ones that will be offered on the new market-operated exchanges.  Access to CAT/MRI/etc., on those plans will be completely determined by the private insurers who will sell policies on those exchanges.  If you want those private insurers to be required to cover CAT/MRI/etc., then perhaps you should write to your Representative and your Senators and ask them to make such coverage a regulatory requirement.  I know how happy you are to have government telling private industry what to do.

You should think things through before you write a blog post, though, Skip.  What you're complaining about in this post is that the ACA isn't socialist enough for you.  I suspect you'd have thought twice about your blog post had you actually considered the ramifications of your complaint.

Affordable Care Act is not fully implemented/functional

Without the future ACA (Obamacare) Bureaucracy fully functioning sometime after 2014, Skips "view" of the future is just as VALID as Dean2's View.

We had to pass the Affordable Care Act to find out what's in it, we NOW have to wait several years to find out how it works (As the Secretary of Health decides).   Right now, its been ruled unconstitutional with no severability clause.  

If you're one of the  lucky Goups to get "Waivers", that may be taken away from you later.   Why do so many (1,000+) Groups ask for waivers  ?    Because its a costly DISASTER for Corporations and Unions alike. 

You're just relying on Skip's misreading of the bill, 4speed.

Again, your misunderstaning of jurisprudence is simply appalling.  A District Court judge in Florida (who, by the way, didn't injunct the rule in any way, as he made clear in a subsequent ruling on the case) does not control how anyone outside of his judicial district can act, and in fact did not injunct the implementation of the ACA within his very judicial district.  Furthermore, he's subject to several more rounds of adjudication.  Bottom line, and hopefully you can finally figure this out, the ruling of a District Court judge was not in this case, and is not in any case, a final or controlling ruling regarding any piece of federal legislation.  Period.

Second, your comments are entirely predicated on Skip's misreading of the ACA.  The ACA does NOT control employer or government sponsored or  health care plans (minus the exceptions noted in my initial post), and nothing the Secretary does can legally change that.    That's not my view of the ACA, it's the ACA itself.  It's how it works.  It's the law.