Leave The Personal Insults To The Left.

South Carolina Rep. Nikki Haley achieved a convincing victory in the gubernatorial runoff, but not without having to endure the all-too-common slur campaign and personal attacks. She will now face Democrat Vincent Sheheen in November.

Nikki Haley and family celebrate.

What makes the story so sickening is the fact that some of the character assassinations were from Republicans. A conservative blogger, Will Folks, made allegations of a most extreme nature, the details of which I will not recount here as I find them deeply offensive. Perhaps he thought it would give him the fifteen minutes of fame that he craves, something becoming ever more elusive to bloggers given the rapidly increasing numbers of political commentators on the internet. Whatever the reason, the possible damage caused to the Haley family and the Republican Party’s chances are inexcusable.

I asked Skip recently how he can laugh off some of the biting personal remarks that he receives from ‘liberal’ readers – an amazing feat of psychology on their part, as they don’t know the first thing about him, other than his political views. Of course, they are always way off the mark… the usual references to ‘racist’, ‘KKK’, along with the obligatory comparisons of the present situation to the Bush era (will they still be doing that in the 22nd century?) and demonization of the Tea Party. Possibly, Skip’s Marine training taught him to ignore the petty verbal attacks and concentrate on the real battle.

Jake Knotts

I tend to take things more personally, which also includes derogatory remarks aimed at others who do not deserve such treatment. Which leads me to Jake Knotts. Said as a joke, Mr. Knotts? While I seriously question the predilections of the President, Nikki Haley does not deserve this sort of bigotry from a member of her own party. Perhaps a touch of jealousy of a lady who is talented and could well go on to greater things. Do us all a favor, Mr. Knotts… leave the name-calling and personal attacks to the Democrats, you shame the Republican Party.

Earlier today, I read an article about the USA soccer team. It listed the players, along with their ethnic origin. To me, it encapsulated the spirit of the United States. Eleven players with different ancestral nationalities, two of which are naturalized citizens themselves. When they come together, they do so under one flag – the flag of the United States of America. That is the basis of American exceptionalism. The desire of people of all ethnic backgrounds to succeed, to help the country succeed by their efforts and, most importantly, to uphold the principles laid down in the Constitution.

We would like to wish Nikki Haley all the best for November, and good luck to Team USA later today. To both, ‘Go get ‘em!’

(Editor Dee is in for Skip today)

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Skippy and his editor are vile partisan hypocrites


Is this Editor Dee for real? Looks like similar in levels of lunacy as Skippy.

"I asked Skip recently how he can laugh off some of the biting personal remarks that he receives from ‘liberal’ readers – an amazing feat of psychology on their part[...]"

No, its called <i>projection</i> on your part.

"I’m not comparing my situation with that of Barack Hussein. [...] He has no patriotic attachment to this country. In essence, we have an outsider running our country. Barack Obama does not love this country… he hates and despises America." --Skip Maclure 6/21/2010

I rest my case.


A Hypocrite is a Democrat hiring "Betrayus" as Nato chief

How embarassing for Obama and friends to pick Petraeus as a Replacement worker in the Afghan war.....after all the years of "The Surge won't work" and "The war is Lost" and now the King of Hypocrites has to say Betrayus is the best man for the Job....for the Job of winning the War on Terror.

Says a lot about Democrat credibility, and their Politics of Lying.

Does it take Democrats a "Suspension of belief" to trust Petraeus, or is he the RIGHT man for the Job ?   I think I'm suspending my belief that Democrats are smarter than a 5th grader.

As usual, your post has

As usual, your post has absolutely nothing to do with this thread, but to address it, no, the proper word for a Democrat who hires Betray-us isn't "hypocrite"--it's "moderate," which is what Obama has been since taking office. Another appropriate word would be "stupid." That's one that often properly accompanies "moderate" when used in a political context.

Excuse me ? Petraeus = Character Assassination

Duh.....How quickly the Democrat Attack dogs forget.  

Obambi was "character Assassin" in chief for Petraeus in the short Senate role he played.  His "character" attacks of the Military, "Surge will not work" are on Video on you tube, but you would have to "Suspend Disbelief" to look for them.

As for your other "comments" Thanks Classic, for confirming the "Insults from the Left" observation of this post.

To say nothing of the

To say nothing of the Orwellian character of a post under MacLure's byline entitled "Leave the personal insults to the left." The merchants of personal insults in place of actual arguments are almost entirely on the right in the U.S., and MacLure is one of the best examples of it--if one randomly chose one of MacLure's cretinous op-eds and removed, from it, all of the personal insults aimed at the left, there would be virtually nothing left except MacLure's own name.

Soccer, i thought, was for faggots/liberals as per republicans..

We would like to wish Nikki Haley all the best for November, and good luck to Team USA later today. To both, ‘Go get ‘em!’

RIght, dumbass, Democrats (Demarxists accoridng to SKippy), and liberals, are not Americans. I bet you a loaf of bread that at least 90% of the US Soccer team lean democrat.  Go f*ck yourGOPself. dipshit. (and for fun, most soccer lovers in America are elitist liberals, becuase you know, Soccer is un-American! And those  kids of Hussien Barack play soccer in whitehouse lawns!)

Oh, btw most Indian Americans in politics and public life in America are Democrats, unlike Nikki Haley and Bobby Jindal.  Kamala Harris,  San Franciso DA, is running for California AG this November. Would you wish her good luck too? a**hole. The Presidnet of US Soccer Federation happens to be an Indian American as well (and no, he is not a convert to christianity, as such he was not planning to run to be a governor of a southern bible state like Bobby and Nikki you see?)



Gee, 100% Compliance for Insults from the left

This "Remains" post, proves the Insults come from the Left, ad Nauseum.

Who's better at insulting: Left or Right?

Personally I feel that the Right's insults are pretty weak.  Democrats are Commie Yellow bellied pinko nazi skin heads?  Come on that is so 1950s.  You can do better than that.  My grandma was calling liberals that when the conservatives were harassing Jews and homosexual's during the McCarthy trials.  What we need is some new thought leadership in insults from the right.  Let's come up with some clever ways of insulting the liberals.

Here's what we'll do. We'll take someone's foreign sounding name, say the President of the United States and add a few letters to turn it into the most juvinile sounding name possible! Yeah that'll show them!  In our time of war, when the powers of tyrnany are against us, in the darkest hours of our day, before the end of the world as we know it, as our culture is collapsig around us.  Soon lambs will lie down with lions, the cubs will win the world series, and rodney will get some respect! It truely is close to the end of the days, so let's mock the president by calling him obambi.That'll show 'em! But we can do better than that! Let's go  hire a few kindergardeners. After all they are the experts in this type of insults! 


Boob the nose picker don't got no ice cream, can't afford it he's on welfare.


Liberals only throw Insults when they hear the Truth

Personally, I find the Insults from the Left pretty consistent.   Bob, the  Shrub hater ?

Liberals are like Rahm, they're angry Boobs that cuss when words fail them, and they start throwing  Insults at anyone that tells them the Truth when they have no arguments to disprove the Truth.   When Insults don't work, they change the subject and start saying nasty things aboout Bush as if he's still president.

Truth:  Obama is a lying SOB Politician that promised a Transparent and Open Administration with no Lobbyists in the White House.   Obama siad the Surge will not work.   Etc...etc...its a long list of lies and videotape from a man who can't even find an "Ass to kick".


News Flash: Politicians lie

Breaking: Moron News Association (Fox)

By Yoursostupid Youpayfordoctorsvisitswithchickens

Republican Brain Trust (TBR) discovers that politicians say anything to get elected and or manipulate stupid people.  Anyone who lies is obviously a Democrat since Republicans are inherently incapable of lieing.  More on this breaking story from our correspondant Dick Nixon (D)

"I am not a crook."

Thank you Dick.  And from another Dick (D).

"Simply stated, there is no doubt that Saddam Hussein now has weapons of mass destruction."

How about from a George (D)?

"Iraq has stockpiled biological and chemical weapons, and is rebuilding the facilities used to make more of those weapons.

Or another George (D)?

"Read my lips, no new taxes."

Or a Bill (D)?

I did not have sexual relations with that woman.

Ronnie? (D)

“Trees cause more pollution than automobiles do"


"All the waste in a year from a nuclear power plant can be stored under a desk."

Since we have now completely resolved this issue, our crack team will now investigate whether the sky is blue.  It make take a few years though but that'll keep us busy for a while. 

Excuse me while I go buy some gold. I heard from Glenn Beck (D) that it's a great investment!

Nuclear waste calculations

Let us assume that the power plant produces a gigawatt of electricity and it operates at 33% efficiency. That means it produces 9×1016 J per year.

A mole of uranium is around 240 g and a fissioning uranium atom produces around 2×108 electron-volts of energy. At 105 Coulombs per mole of electrons, a mole of fissioning uranium produces 2×1013 J, which is around 8×1010 J per gram. That, in turn, means that the production of 9×1016 J will produce a little over a ton of fission products.

The desk will be large, but not preposterously so.

I must admit that if we insist on using uranium with no reprocessing, the resulting waste will be much more … but we could abandon the modern superstitions that stifle reprocessing. For that matter, we could switch to a uranium–thorium cycle.

While I'm at it...

Back in the 1980s, Ronald Reagan attracted widespread ridicule for pointing out that plants can cause pollution.

When we look at green plants in general, we must remember the oxygen holocaust of two billion years ago. It was a much worse example of poisoning the entire biosphere than anything today. The cyanobacteria started releasing a toxic waste known as oxygen that poisoned nearly every anaerobic species. The oxygen had other effects. It converted ammonia into nitric acid and hydrogen sulfide into sulfuric acid. It removed greenhouse compounds from the atmosphere and caused an Ice Age. The oxygen also changed the chemistry of uranium compounds and enabled uranium to become concentrated enough to start at least one natural fission reactor.

We had acid rain, climate changes, and nuclear waste all as a result of one single selfish species.

Yeah but since history started 4000 years ago, that doesn't coun

As most edukated conservatives realize, the world began about 4000 years ago with the word. and the word was good. So please take your scientificly notions like the world is 4 billion years old or so and place them next to all other science like evolution (shudder) and gasp! electricity. What you think I was born yesterday and taught from Texas approved textbooks? Heck no I was home schooled.

And then the word rested until:

Kagan was nominated to be supreme court justice.

Which brings me to my next point for discussion on this premier blog:

Is Kagan the anti-christ?

I believe so. How do I know?  If you take the K in Kagan and replace it with an S and then take the g in Kagan and replace it with a t. You get: Satan.  Pretty clever there Beezelbub but we're on to you.

Proof positive the she is the anti-christ. and you thought it was just because she is a liberal! But if that doesn't convince you then what about this:

Take the number of days since the death of Christ to her birthdate. Divide by 2.  Multiply by 1/the remainder. Adjust for the number of leap years.  If the answer is not 666 then just subtract by whatever is necessary to make it 666. What do you get? 666 Again proof positive that she is the anti-christ!

Repent all ye who are not repenting. For we are truely at the end of days!


Yeah but since history started 200 years ago, that doesn't count

One of the more amusing aspects of the left is the way the supposedly intellectual side of the political spectrum almost always uses historical analogies based on events that occurred since liberalism was invented. As far as they're concerned, the universe began with the French Revolution (or maybe Karl Marx) and recorded history started with World War II. They rarely used the example of the Star Chamber during Clinton's impeachment even despite the fact that it was both a plausible analogy and a cute sound bite. (Googling usenet for either “star chamber” and clinton and impeachment or “starr chamber” and clinton and impeachment produced very few examples.) Antiwar leftists talked about Nazi Germany in a very misplaced analogy. Antiwar conservatives talked about Imperial Rome (a far more plausible analogy).

Good Clean Energy

That sort of analyis is EXACTLY what Ronnie was thinking about. Just stop and think about it. We can put the nuclear byproduct underneath a desk!   Assuming of course that we don't have to wrap the byproduct in several feet of concrete. And that the desk is at the bottom of a swimming pool.  Details, Smetails!  Let's hear it for good clean AMERICAN power.


I propose that we solve our energy problem by building as many nuclear plants as possible.  Why? Because we can simply store the byproduct from this clean energy source underneath a desk.  Which we have plenty of in our schools! 

Who's with me on this one?

There will be plenty of desks...

... after we lay off enough bureaucrats.

Hmmmm ... turning large parts of Washington DC into a nuclear waste dump ...

We could, of course, just dump it in Death Valley. On the other hand, that could turn Death Valley into a desert!