Obama’s Signature Legislation Is His Achilles Heel.

Barry has several such heels… but health care needs to be first on the list for a number of reasons. Aside from the deficit itself, which the health care debacle will make infinitely so much worse, the crushing, stifling effects of the regulations, strictures, and penalties of Obamacare’s monster 2,700 page tome, Republican legislative analysts are still finding hidden provisions and legislative booby-traps designed to make them difficult to remove.

This week, Republicans take up the task of removing this plague on the American economy. Short story is that they cannot stop repeal in the House. Not so in the Senate. Democrat insiders confidently, if a bit blindly, decry that any such legislation would go down in flames, citing the continuing Democrat advantage in the Senate.

I’m not so sure. There are 21 DeMarxist Senators running scared… that is, running for election in 2012. Many, if not all, of these people will be challenged by candidates from the oh-so-despised Tea Party on one level or another. Some come from virtually unassailable Democrat districts, such as Nancy Pelosi and the San Francisco Bay Area’s really nutty liberal base. But others… they aren’t nearly as fortunate and are already on the radar as having voted for the bill. A virtual political death sentence in some districts, so soured have the public become with the DeMarxists and their march to totalitarianism.

Some might find that siding with Conservatives is safer than voting to uphold the legislation, the support of which is threatening to end their political lives. They know that despite the frantic covering fire of the now totally discredited LSM (lame stream media) and all the agitation propaganda the White House has thrown into it, Obama’s health care takeover is in America’s bullseye.

No one is forgetting that Obamacare was forced upon us in the most nefarious circumstances possible. Close to 70% of America want that bill gone and it’s Congress’s job to take the lead.

Make Obama veto that bill every week between here and 2012. Starve every provision before it can get started. Force votes whenever possible, to make darn sure Democrat voting records are illuminated in the conservative press and blogosphere. Let Obama’s own signature legislation be his swansong.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011

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The Senate veto has yet to materialize, unlike the Tea Party

The Tea Party has materialized, on 9/12 and before, and since then.

If Obama can buy Senate votes with Pork, Americans can buy Senate votes with "historical votes" (think Pelosi is "Fired" votes).

The Tea Party would love to clean up the "dirty stinking" Senate.  It did a pretty good Job 2 months ago, and "retirements" was another option taken by several Democrats, along with an unsuccesful switch from Republican to Democrat..  After all, the Senate doesn't SPEND or establish a Budget bill, those particulars originate in the Congress.

Since Democrats don't read the Constitution, they're clueless, as is the State run Media.  Its gonna be Kindergarten "show and tell" for 2011 when it comes to budgets and spending.   Starve the Senate, starve the EPA, and by popular demand, starve the Health Care Job Killer and financial disaster.  

Coming soon, to an out of control government near you.