Party Of Delusion, Not Inclusion – Intellectual Bankruptcy.

There’s a lot going on over in the Congress, and not much of it is good news for the DeMarxists and the Obama regime’s headlong rush to destroy this country using the economy. It seems that resistance to the administration’s policies is reaching new heights.

Many Democrat lawmakers from both Houses are looking at the calendar, and then for which of the bright, young and fresh Conservative challengers is zeroing in on them. What looked like a pretty good year for the Republicans not too long ago, has begun to show indications of being a game changer of historic proportions.

Seems like the RNC in a bunch of states is getting wise in looking for, and recruiting, fresh strongly conservative candidates. All across the country, wherever there is a special election the Democrats are in crisis mode. The mood of the country is ugly and getting uglier. Where there’s no special election, there’s no less trepidation given the ever decreasing time between now and November. There’s an awful lot of what were solid Democrat seats out there that are now not nearly so safe, and many are in dire peril from aggressive Conservative challenges.

What’s the difference? It’s not the RNC, though they jumped aboard the Patriot express and thus far have handled themselves well. The Patriot movement insisted that smaller government, national defense, adherence to the rule of law and the Constitution be the banner that the Conservatives carry into the elections.

The opposite seems to be true over at Utopia central. No one is happy with the tepid victory which accompanied the Democrats passing the health care bill. The Anointed One has been running all over the country trying to sell Obamacare and according to reports, not all that successfully. Seems like the President can’t make it sound like anything but what it is – a fiscal nightmare and the death of the best medical health care system in the world. The more of this bill that the American people are exposed to, the higher the resistance to it grows.

What should have been Obama’s signature accomplishment will end up being the one that causes him to be a one term President. This bill, and all the other power grabs being thrown out there, have fragmented the Democrats and their mantra of race, poverty, envy and environmental fascism. Segments of the country are suffering under unemployment rates as high as twenty per cent, with no relief in sight. These folks have long reconsidered their support of Obama and his destruction derby.

Vast numbers of people unite with the Patriots every day. The contrast is marked. The Democrat message is from a party that just teems with intellectual energy but few who know how to think. The message is worn as are the people who deliver it time after time, never noticing the sparsity of their audience. The American people want answers, not feelings and falsity.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010

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Speaking of the Constitution,

Speaking of the Constitution, when the FBI starts using George Bush's Patriot Act to intercept and trace all the threats coming from the wingnuts, will your head explode?

Yep, Skip, Its Obvious to the most casual Observer

The Democrat spinners can't spin it any more, We are in lousy shape.. The housing market continues to languish at the bottom, and un-employment keeps pushing 10 % and yet half that again are part time under-employed.
The highest un-employment rate for 16-25 yr olds ever recorded in the USA. That's not my America.
Americans need common sense in DC, and the Anger is rising against the Statest administration who still blames Bush for THEIR own mistakes and stupidity.
Spending is out of control and the country is pushing Bankruptcy, and it cannot be explained away as "good".
November is the month Congress and the Senate get taken over, and we start kicking the Regime around to the will of the people.