Patriot Pushback Sends Establishment And Moderates Reeling.

…. And it didn’t take more than a couple of shakes of a lamb’s tail either. For loosely organized, totally independent entities the Patriot groups are far faster and far more efficient than the US government under Obama, Reid, Pelosi and the Cirque Du Marximus.

Some would argue that it wouldn’t take all that much, and while I’m willing to grant some truth to that, I think all of us would acknowledge that our own party has a lot to do and not much time in which to do it, without taking any resources away from the drive towards November.

They’re talking about as many as 100 seats which could fall to Conservative candidates in the House of Representatives. Our Republican leadership has got to learn something it never did figure out when it had power before… how to lead. Instead, it forgot who and what we are supposed to be… and stand for.

These ‘moderate’ establishment types may be arrogant and devious, but even they recognize that the much joked about and maligned Tea Party Movement has become a political juggernaut. It was surprising that some of those guys didn’t suffer whiplash, with the speed that they changed direction on the Christine O’Donnell issue.

The Republicans are going get their chance to lead, but they will be the most scrutinized Congress in history. This is what they don’t get… after what we’re experiencing with the Marxist regime of Barack Hussein Obama, after more than liberal doses of our own Republicans’ perfidy, we’re not taking our eyes off of you people for a split second. We will be constantly vigilant and remain that way for as many election cycles as it takes to purge the Republican ranks of those who have sold out the Conservative movement. Register and vote… register others and help them to vote… tell the story of freedom.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010

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The only thing you will get

The only thing you will get is more religious nuts who couldn't care less about the economy and jobs (like eight years of Bush).  But what we will have is police knocking on the door to see if you are masterbating. More time will be spent on faith based programs, creationism, and foreign invasions. All the while China just keep rolling on and becomes the number one power in the world. The downfall of America, from left to right. 

I doubt that

But what we're seeing here is the full force of the Tea Party vs. the indolence of the American voter.

From what I hear, something like 4% of the electorate votes in the primaries.  Those are the most motivated voters.

Participation in an off-year election is going to be low, certainly; but now you have the added effect of a group like the Tea Party that scares the hell out of people.

I think we're seeing the height of the Tea Parties' power in the primary cycle.

And I believe the net result will be a slew of unelectable candidates. 

Americans make up the Tea Party, most are unelectable ?

Someone who has almost lost their house to unemployment or due to bad financial decisions, is a real American.   Someone that took a decade to pay off their Student loans, is a real American.   A high school Graduate who joined the Military to get away from a job at McDonalds, is a real American.

Americans are not scary, unless you declare war upon them.   Congress declared War on our Liberty to chose a Doctor, our Liberty to attend college and own an Automobile instead of a $ 200 a month Health Insurance policy.   Congress declared war on Americans by allowing our borders to be crossed by Illegals, robbers, theives, kidnappers, Drug runners, armed Mexican coyotes.   Congress declared war upon Americans by writing bills behind closed doors and passing them with Reading them, all the while ignoring the will of the people that elected them to be "Representatives".

Charlie Rangle the Crook is "Electable".   Joe Biden the "Genius" is electable.   Maxine Waters is electable.  The Tax evaders are "appointable" in this administration.  

O'Donnel hasn't killed anyone by driving drunk off a Bridge in Massachusetts and waited 12 hrs to call the Police, she hasn't been a member of the KKK and been electable.   O'Donnel hasn't solicited via a phone message donations from lobbyists because she's on a key House Committee and needs Campaign money that the American people won't give her.

O'Donnel is more electable than anyone currently in Congress.   Any of the Tea Party members who are natural born Americans and 35 yeras old are also electable.  Read the Constitution about WHO  IS ELECTABLE, and is says NOTHING about being a member of a Political party as a requirement. 

The Tea Party isn't Scary, they're a welcome breeze that is going to blow thru congress for the next 3 years until the stench of Socialism and  tyranny are blow out of the halls of Congress for the next 100 years.

The Tea Party revolution will not be televisedYou will not be able to stay home, VOTER. You will not be able to plug in, turn on and Rush out.You will not be able to lose yourself on B. Hussein and skip, Skip out for beer during commercials, Because the revolution will not be televised.

The revolution will not be brought to you by the Kennedy Award Theatre and will not star Charlie   Rangel and Nancy Pelosi or Sponge Bob Square Pants.The revolution will not give your mouth sex appeal. The revolution will not get rid of the Hannitized. The revolution will not make you look five pounds thinner, because the revolution will not be televised, VOTER.

There will be no pictures of you and Willie Boy pushing that shopping cart filled with Hillary's Pant Suits Trying to Shove Hsu into a Stolen Ambulance.NBC will not be able predict the winner at 8:32 or report from 29 districts confirming Poll numbers. The revolution will not be televised.

There will be no slow motion or still life of George  Stephanopolis strolling through Watts in a Red, Black and Green liberation jumpsuit that he had been saving For just the proper occasion.MSNBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, NBC and Rosie  O'DONNEL will no longer be so damned relevant, and women will not care if Bill finally gets down with Katie Couric on Search for Tomorrow because the Tea  Partiers will be in the street looking for a brighter day. The revolution will not be televised.  

There will be no highlights on the eleven o'clock news and no pictures of heavily armed Marine  liberationists and Ollie North killing Insurgents.The theme song will not be written by Al Gore, nor sung by Francis Scott Key, Barbara Boxer, Code Pink, Harry Reid, or the Rare Earth. The revolution will not be televised. The revolution will not be right back after a message about a Black President or a White President. You will not have to worry about a dove in your Congress, an Idiot in your VP Slot, or the giant crook in your Senate. The revolution will not go better with Pepsi. The revolution will fight the institutional racism that cause bad elections. The revolution WILL put a Fence on the Mexican Border.

The revolution will not be televised, will not be televised, will not be televised, will not be televised. The revolution will be no re-run Voters; The revolution will be live. VOTE with the Tea Party Republicans and Win.  

Are you off your meds, 4speed?


So you don't know black liberation history, do you ?

Gil Scott Heron.   google it

The Revolution will not be Televised.  Gil Scott Heron  its a record on CD, formerly vinyl

My prose is a plagiaristic satire of Heron's spoken word prose about the TV coverage of the 60's, the all white TV networks playing the all white actors on their advertisements, pushing for change in the Media.  The black revolution was not televised,it was spiked.  In fact, in the TV age of the 60's there were no blacks on the TV screens, on the news, in the TV advertisements, or in baseball, football, etc.....

Fast forward to today's leftist media hiding all the reality of the Tea Party patriot revolution and broadcasting the non stop Palin attacks, the Racist accusations against the Tea Party shown non stop by the white faced talking heads. 

Its very symbolic, at least for me.  

The Tea Party revolution is being spiked on the Media, represented non-stop by the same Media that never investigated Obama's questionable background as they have every Republican since,

The O'Donnel media coverage is just the latest example of the Bias Media running thru its last gasp before they fade into the extinction of bankruptcy. 

The NY Times editorial pushes back on the Tea Party

David Brooks, NYT....describes that which he knows nothing about, but he knows he hates it....

The Backlash Myth (link)

This doesn’t mean that the Tea Party influence will be positive for Republicans over the long haul. The movement carries viruses that may infect the G.O.P. in the years ahead. Its members seek traditional, conservative ends, but they use radical means. Along the way, the movement has picked up some of the worst excesses of modern American culture: a narcissistic sense of victimization, an egomaniacal belief in one’s own rightness and purity, a willingness to distort the truth so that every conflict becomes a contest of pure good versus pure evil.

Notice the description of the Tea Party uses words like, Infect, radical, worst excesses, egomaniacal, distort, evil.....(I think he's projecting ?)....and thats all in one paragraph.

I am just Wow'ed by the hate pouring forth from the Leftist Media against everyday normal God fearing hard working Americans.  The MSM can't stop themselves, they just attack any non Democrat anti liberal thinker endlessly hoping to stop the nightmare (evil infectious radical) headed towards the voting booth to clean both houses in DC.

Unemployment is on its way to DC, and its sorely needed in this instance.


 Let's the hear the words of

 Let's the hear the words of Bill Maher. Larry King show Tues. 14 Sep 2010.


Maher: Newt Gingrich calling Obama an anti colonial loud tribesman, that's the new Kenyan, and of course, Kenyan is code for black. But that is where they (republcans) are-they can't say it out loud. It is all about racism. They cannot accept a black president.

Maher: Sarah Palin is a true religious nut. Palin was given books to read up on and she was asked if she read any, "no, I haven't looked at the books, I'm just reading the e-mails from my prayer warriors." She believes in demons in the world. Everything in her world is about demons or angels. People who are with us or people who against us. People like Palin want a war with Islam.

King: How do you fight that (spin) if you are on the other side.

Maher: You don't, because you can't get through to them. And that's the problem with Drudge, Rush, Fox news bubble. They only want to listen to what they want to hear, they listen to what they want to believe. When Glenn Beck had his rally at the Mall, he said "Today I was holding George Washington's inaugural in my hand." No, you can't do that as it is in pexiglass. But it does not matter, because anything they say is never fact checked. Sarah Palin never talks to the press, because she may never have an answer if a question is asked. They know that they don't have to deal with reality, because they don't have to go to what used to be the mainstream press.

(Talking about potential republican candidates and Mitt Romney's book, and the cheering that we are number one)

Maher: We're not number one. We are one in military, in money, fat toddlers, meth labs, and people we send to prison. We are not number one in literacy, education, social mobility-the American dream-the ability for one generation to do better than the next-we're 10th. Down in life expectancy also. Like, we are 49th behind Bosnia.


Lets count the votes of the White voter

Duhhh, Maher ignores the fact that without the white voter, Obama is not president.  

So his statement about Republicans "They cannot accept a black president" is pretty stupid in that respect, its just more of the same "hate attacks".  

Then you have Republican Non-discriminatory record for all to see, the black Supreme Court Justice Thomas, Rice the black Secretary of state, and more recently Allen West out in Florida is kicking Democrat butt and taking names.   Its just desperate race baiting by a supposed Comedian.  But the hypocrites on the Left can attack a black republican without fear of Racial accusations from the Right.  And the Democrat hypocrites will support a former KKK member in the Senate for Years, until they die in office, just because they need his vote.

Maher wishes he had the Drudge, Rush, Fox news numbers for viewers, listeners, bloggers, then he might have his own TV show again.

As for his attacks on other Republicans Palin, Newt, etc., What's new ?   Certainly the hate from the left isn't new.   Maher needs to try and get together his own march on DC, AFTER the Republicans take over.  Then we'll see how many haters are actually willing to follow Maher's drivel to DC.   Maher can count on Code Pink to follow, but it going to cost Soros a lot of money to pay for others to show. 

And Inbetween, ya gotta quit watchin Larry and tha boys on TV, geez.  Larry's ah fixin to be off the air, in fact, I think it was announced already that King is going soon off the airwaves of Pravda.