Republicans In The Senate Have Work Cut Out.

Senate Republicans, present us with a unified party message prepared to lead… and you’ll have to prove yourselves out here in Patriotville. You’ll have to be ready to fight for every inch of political ground and not give an inch to the opposition. It is time to present a unified party.

Tell the local and national parties that we will not tolerate RINOs any longer… no more Lindsey Graham or John McCain sell outs. Tell the Susan Collins and Olympia Snowes that we won’t tolerate what you did to our party, or what you did to the country in your political arrogance.

The Message: We have to control the message. All too often the conservative point of view has been white noise against the clamor of main stream statist media. That’s changed, the conservative internet is getting the message out quickly and countering the leftist agitprop, so it’s a lot tougher for them to establish control over a subject and own it before we get to the party. The left will lie, fake or invent… we can only answer with truth and principle. Conservative principles always work when they’re followed.

That’s another part of the equation for Republican Senators, they have to be prepared to engage the left at a moment’s notice to ensure that the story doesn’t get buried and to counter the leftist lies. That’s how the left has operated for decades. We Conservatives let them take the message from us. We’ll have to take a page or two from their book. We can leave the stuff on lying, cheating and fraud behind.

The grass roots patriot movement, the ‘tea-partiers’, have made all the difference. They’ve made it possible for you, the Senate, to have impact now, as well as November when an increasing number of prognosticators are calling for a Republican tsunami that will sweep up both Houses. You folks in the Senate have to do everything possible to stop, suspend, detour or s-l-o-w down every single thing you can. You’re running what amounts to gorilla legislation, or maybe non-legislation, buying some time until the cavalry arrives in November.

In the meantime we’ll continue to organize in our neighborhoods and towns. The citizen march is underway. Never before in my lifetime have I seen a more intelligent, engaged and well-informed citizenry. We support our conservative candidates!

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2010

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Wrong move, Skip

That's giving the national party more power when we should be reeling them in.  I favor a regional approach.  I've seen this in NM with Tinsley vs. Teague.  People would have elected Teague regardless of what party he belonged to.  And the 2nd is the most conservative district in NM.  Tinsley fit the mold of the national party fairly well, but he wasn't right for New Mexico.

I used to knock on California conservatives until I came across one on this site.  She stated that it wasn't easy being a conservative in California, and I came to sympathize.  But I'm not sure if Teague would have won in California.

We went from having one Republican senator and two representatives to two Democratic senators and three D reps.  Because the national party got too involved with state politics, and wanted to give us candidates that fit the national mold.  That's not going to work.  A blue dog stands a lot better chance than Michael Savage of being elected in New Mexico.  If you leave us alone, we can come up with some good candidates on our own.  We don't care if Rush Limbaugh thinks they're not conservative enough, because they're ours, not his.  We don't want someone that scores well with some carpet-bagger litmus test.  We want a New Mexican, and we're the ones that gets to decide what that means.

You're welcome to take Ed Tinsley to Illinois with you if you want.  We don't need him here.