Senators, Run For Cover – The Americans Are Coming, The Americans Are Coming!!

There are a lot of self-important and self-aggrandizing ‘power brokers’ in Washington that won’t be there come this time next year. It’s not just the tunnel-visioned hypocrites in the Senate that are in the cross-hairs either. The House of Representatives has MUCH to answer to the American voters for also.

Look for the DeMarxists to try to drive a wedge between the GOP and the TEA PARTY CONSERVATIVES. The facts are that the VAST majority of this country do identify themselves as conservative, for all the bleating of the lame stream socio-marxist media and the Maobamatons of the administration. The very people they have been crapping all over for years have been bulking up on the CONSTITUTION and the words of the FOUNDERS, the BILL OF RIGHTS and the DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE. They have remembered WHO and WHAT they are.

The Americans Are Coming!

All prognostications for next year’s elections are indicating grim prospects for politicians whom the American voter has determined are responsible for, and are in favor of, the OPPRESSIVE legislation now working its way through Congress. Whether by active or passive support, Americans are taking note and remembering. No matter if it was in favor of the massive pork ’stimulus’ funds the DeMarxists voted for themselves, or the fraudulent and UNCONSTITUTIONAL health care bill, to the economic disaster that is CAP and TAX, to the upcoming and soon to be introduced AMNESTY FOR ILLEGAL ALIENS – better known as the DeMarxist welfare constituent voter-for-life bill.

Americans have also figured out who and what was responsible for the economic collapse in the first place. The hysteria generation that worked so well that first time hasn’t done so well recently, have you noticed? The pandemic they worked so hard to gin up. When was the last time you heard about that? Notice the layers of lies they have piled on about the incipient environmental disasters we DON’T face, which are peeling away like the skins of an onion.

The CITIZENS AND TAXPAYERS OF AMERICA HAVE PLAINLY HAD IT. There is a new revolution out there and it’s growing in intensity daily. We will not be denied. It’s our America and we will preserve it.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2009


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Skippy--Question for you



You seem to be a modern day seditionist---is it America you hate or just democracy? I think if you really believe what you write about, you should be one of the first to throw off you government health care and show us all that you reject socialism!!!!

Time for teaparties to go home!

I don't want to use the cliche that all politics is local. Sometimes it helps to contact people you know in a state that is having an election which will effect the rest of the country; such was the case in California during prop 8.  You can call them and let them know that the issue is important to them, explain why and ask them to vote; let them know that nationalized health care will hurt you if you are a senior ... let them know it is inherently unfair and unjust to redistribute services that you paid in to for services such as elected abortion and sex change operations to people who did not pay, which also results in cuts to services for seniors.

The culture war and the war to protect the constitution in the congress will be played out in small towns and town halls across the country. It will be played out among neighbors within the local market place. It is time for people to go home an look at representatives in their own town - call them - report on them.