Tea Party Smackdown, Oh Yeah!

Permit me a brief smirk, folks. I really did see this coming… of course, a little prayer never hurts either. The Delaware Republican primary was about as much of an upset as you could ever want. The Patriot Movement flexed its muscles again and propelled Christine O’Donnell to victory over veteran politico Mike Castle. O’Donnell took an early lead and never looked back.

Since we were just talking about ‘the establishment’ yesterday, watching the contortions of the Delaware State Republican Party and the RNC in the aftermath of the O’Donnell victory was both instructive and entertaining. The party elites stayed in character, and one low-level apparatchik bleated that the national party would “send no money to O’Donnell”. This is unfortunate… it just tells us in the Patriot Movement that the Republican Party machinery is still stuck back somewhere in the inglorious past.

In the face of all the evidence in front of them that the Patriot Movement is indeed speaking with the voice of the American people, the Republican elites continue to look down their noses and make disparaging noises. The fact is that that Conservative American Patriots cleaned your clocks. Yeah… the Tea Party… those ignorant rubes you’ve been snickering about at your effete little watering holes in the beltway.

Christine O’Donnell had scarcely been declared as the winner when the establishment knives were out saying that she couldn’t possibly win a national contest. My syndicates won’t let me print the expletives running through my head right now. I think that Christine O’Donnell can win that contest in November. Not only that, but I think she stands a damned good chance at it.

The Conservative message is beginning to resonate with some disillusioned Democrats too. Want another example of the absolute disconnect between the Republican elites and the people who make up the Republican electorate? I just got word, at the time of writing this, that the NRSC (the National Republican Senatorial Committee) has stated they won’t support the choice of the people! Need I say more?

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

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NRSC is doing the "Moonwalk" AKA, backtracking

The National Republican Senatorial Committee through an NRSC spokesman issued a terse congratulations to O’Donnell, word quickly leaked that the NRSC would not fund her general election race.

Fortunately — and wisely — NRSC Chairman John Cornyn on Wednesday morning agreed to donate $42,000 toward O’Donnell’s campaign and to evaluate future funding at a later date.

I'd donate to the NRC if they show a video of Cornyn "Moon walking".

The HILL says, the Tea Party has already won

Since the Tea Party is not really a "Party" as in D and R, then that only leaves "Americans" belonging to the Tea Party, and if they're real Americans, then they are REAL VOTERS. 

Too bad the Media can't count 'em.  10s of Thousands in 4/15 2009 ? ?  That estimate was just the first intentional inaccuracy by the MSM, something you would expect from PRAVDA.  Maybe the Media can count'em on the Congressional floor during the electronic vote on bills next year? 

Then the Congressional switchboard was shutdown with "10s of thousands" callng DC to stop the HC legislation and the Stimulus.   Congress can't count the Americans.  Everyone in DC has turned into a Joe Biden imitator and a 57 state 'er.  And the pundits tell us O'Donnel is unelectable ?  Talk about reallly pissin off the wrong people.......!!!

An article in The HILL (link) describes the view from the Hill in DC......

 The Tea Party candidates themselves — like O’Donnell, whom Karl Rove called “nutty,” — matter little. Only a few will actually get elected this fall. Yet the Tea Party has won without them. There are no tea leaves left to read. Democrats have been spooked and Republicans threatened, cajoled or cleansed. The results are already in.