The Old And The New.

The latest batch of primary election results yielded few surprises. After some scathing attacks on rival JD Hayworth, and a no-less-than-spectacular turnaround on immigration policies, John McCain was to cruise home with a twenty four percentage point lead.

John McCain

While Hayworth is a largely unknown quantity in political circles, I think it is a safe assumption that he would not have been tempted to acquiesce to the Democrats in the Senate. The balance in the Senate, come November, will be a close call, probably too close to afford the luxury of defecting Republican votes.

I am amazed that Arizona Republicans, whose current main concern is illegal immigration, could be taken in by a flip-flopper extraordinaire, whose about-turn is nothing more than a blatant act of self-preservation. Sen. Jim Inhofe called McCain a “closet liberal”. Gee, ya think, Jim?! Not a very deep closet, either.

Joe Miller

In Alaska, Tea Party endorsed newcomer Joe Miller was leading incumbent Senator Lisa Murkowski by 51 to 49, with 98% 0f votes counted. It could be a week before the final result is announced, with remote rural areas using the old paper ballot system.

Back in Arizona, Ben Quayle, son of former VP Dan Quayle, won the Republican primary in the 3rd Congressional District. The 33 year old lawyer beat off competition from nine other candidates to become favorite to replace retiring Representative John Shadegg.

Ben Quayle

Earlier this month, Quayle called Barack Obama “the worst president in history” and hoped that he would be elected to Congress to “knock the hell out of Washington”. Honest on the first count, determined on the second – sounds like the type of person we need.

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Ben Quayle's convincing win

With 23% of the vote!  Not bad for a "family values" guy who started a website dedicated to pornography.  :rolls eyes:

Hey, Quayle's got something Obama dosn't have, a BC

Strange how the MSM attacks trying to destroy Quayle gave him all that free Air time and notoriety.....helped push him over the top.

Keep up the Palin attacks, please....and throw some more Tea Party patriots into the Jounolista attacks....I love you MSM ! ! !

I really don't see... it is that Obama is so bad.  I think he's a pretty good president; probably better than anyone else we've had in the last 30 years.

I would prefer not to vote for a Democrat.  But if I hear a candidate talking about a return to the Bush years, I would vote for the Democrat.  That would be about the one thing in the world that would alleviate my concerns. 

Thanks for your opinion, all your kids must be employed

And Bush put up some excellent Economic numbers. Obama breaks records, unemployment records, housing construction records, Home sales records, Federal debt records, etc...all in the wrong direction. We miss Bush and his leadership. And don't act like he is still president and blame Bush for the 2010 economy.

And Bush put up some

And Bush put up some excellent Economic numbers. Obama breaks records, unemployment records, housing construction records, Home sales records, Federal debt records, etc...all in the wrong direction. We miss Bush and his leadership.

Meanwhile, in the real world, Bush's stewardship of the economy, to the degree that presidents can have any effect on such things, made a multi-year "boom" that was a whole lot like a complete bust, absent any of the growth that should have accompanied a boom. Economists are calling it a "lost decade." No decade since the 1930s had featured net job growth of less than 20%--there was no net job growth during the Bush years. Zero. None at all. Economic output was the lowest it had been since the Great Depression. Median household income actually fell by $1,000 in those years--an historical first. Americans' net worth declined as well--the first time that's happened since figures have been collected. And it was capped by the current depression, the worst since the Great one.

Those who "miss Bush and his leadership" are strictly limited to clueless idiots.

Hey, eleven Recessions since WW II, did Bush cause 'em all ?

Hey, Clueless !   Yo, you, There have been Eleven ( 11 ) recessions since the 1940's, OK  ?  

Recessions happen in cycles, OK ?   Bush didn't cause 'em all,.   Americans know that. 

Recessions used to be all "V" shape......Except when Democrats take over Congress.  2007, Pelosi started the recession Tax and spending trend, and unfortunately Bush Signed the Democrat Majority bills.     

Obama is signing them also, but Obama is pushing them through Pelosi and will sign anything sent to him by the Majority Democrat Congress. 

Well, almost anything, Congress won't send Obama a Budget to Sign.


Your claim was that Bush's

Your claim was that Bush's economic performance was--in your word--"excellent," and that you wish for the return of his masterful leadership, when, in reality, the economy during the Bush years--the one documented in hard economic numbers, not subject to being "interpreted" away--was a complete disaster, like everything else during those years, a long, awful document of the American Dream being murdered. Spare me the ranting about how, when it's Bush, booms and busts are a natural phenomenon of economies, but the fault of the administration when it's Obama, and perhaps I won't too loudly point out how bizarre a follow up that is to a post in which you were falsely claiming a good Bush economy, and giving Bush credit for it.

As for Democratic legislation, the combined opposition of the Obama administration to any government measure bearing a whif of liberalism with the lock-step Republican filibusters aimed--and, in almost every case, aimed successfully--at every major Democratic proposal (even when they're Republican proposals the Democrats are adopting) has meant that very little legislation of any significance has emerged, and what has managed to escape congress has done so only after being watered down to meaninglessness as a condition for ending obstructionism aimed at it. If there were more than half a dozen functioning brain-cells in the whole of the Republican party, they'd make it official and simply declare Obama to be their 2012 candidate. He's a better conservative Republican candidate than anyone they're going to be able to offer.

You're a complete disaster, and so is 9 - 10% unemployment

Obama's Administration has never had unemployment numbers, as Low as Bush's Highest.

And if its Bush's fault, then Obama is a helpless Ideologue in Bush's giant shadow.  

As Russians would say "You are Joke", posting fantasy and fairy tales, hoping Americans will think Republicans are the majority in Congress and have been holding the Democrats hostage.  Ya, sure, OK, you betcha.   You're funny.

Let me help Paleo "See" better, try looking at this

Lots of Video's for the Video generation, but this is one that takes only Two  minutes of your time, and shows "how it is that Obama is so bad".  




He's stating policy initiatives...

...and an initiative is not a foregone conclusion.  Like the Patriot Act is a foregone conclusion.  Medicare Part D.  The invasion of Iraq.  Etc.

This might help to explain things:

On the question of where I place myself on the political spectrum,... I have the same political philosophy I've always had-- basically libertarian but tempered by Burkean small-C conservatism.  But I am no longer a member of the Republican Party and no longer consider myself part of the "conservative movement."  That's not because I changed, but because I believe that they have. The Republican Party of today is not the party of Jack Kemp and Ronald Reagan that I was once a member of; it stands for nothing except the pursuit of power as an end in itself, with no concern whatsoever for what is right for the country. In a recent interview with The Economist magazine, I characterized the Republicans as the greedy, sociopathic party. I stand by that....

When clowns like Glenn Beck are its leaders and right-wing bigots pander to ignorant yahoos about a planned mosque in lower Manhattan, I want to be as far away from any such movement as I possibly can. And readers of this blog know what I think of the know-nothing tea party movement, which conservatives have latched onto en masse.

That's from one of those Reagan-era advisors.

Remember all the chest-thumping about "the party of Reagan?"

Those people.

Good old-fashioned conservatives; like Pete Peterson, Paul O'Neill, Bruce Bartlett, David Stockman.


These people are also stating policy initiatives

These people, today, also have an initiative to implement.   Obama can implement the "Most transparent Administration" ever ..... most anytime he wants.  Its in his power.

These people below, are going to implement their policy.  Its bigger than Obama's power, its the will of the people on display for anyone to see, its even more transparent.  




I don't see what hippies have to do with anything.

Those people need to stop smoking pot and braiding each other's hair and get out and do something productive, like take a bath and get a job.

Sorry, no one from California attended

Notice the reference to "Take a bath" in the above comment, and then let us revisit what Krauthammer was saying to Paleo, when he said............The Democrats are going to get beaten badly in November. Not just because the economy is ailing. And not just because Obama over-read his mandate in governing too far left. But because a comeuppance is due the arrogant elites whose undisguised contempt for the great unwashed prevents them from conceding a modicum of serious thought to those who dare oppose them.

Quit being an Elite, Paleo, it doesn't fit you. 

Not at all

Hating hippies doesn't make me "elite."

All people of decency hate hippies.

What good are they? 

Here, you'll enjoy this onsite exchange at Beck's rally

CBS News: "I'm noticing that there are not a lot of minorities here today, why do you think that is?" Black woman at Glenn Beck rally: "They're probably over there with Al Sharpton."

Posted at Real Clear Politics, with Video.  Its very clear the JournOlistas were/will be covering the 828 event with great Bias, as usual.  Getting sort of boring now, can't wait for the "offical count" of attendees.   Get some popcorn.



I don't get it.

Sharpton is something of a shady character.  I try to give him the benefit of the doubt.  Maybe he just leaps before he looks a bit too often; but it seems by now he would have learned to look every once in a while.

I don't see what rubbing elbows with shady characters is supposed to prove.  Really.  I just don't get it. 

OK, its a question to show its "all the white people"

Gee, CBS finally found a minority at the all white racists Beck rally......very subtle question, sort of insulting if you attended the rally as only an "American"....NOT the answer they were expecting.   "We're Amercians, the minority is over there"

Remember the non video, non evidence, of the Tea party spitting in DC ?   Same narrative.

I.E., a race baiting question to a black attendee.   JournOlistas at  work, working the crowd and the Tea Party CBS narrative. 

 VERY similar to your HIPPIE remark, same put down narrative.