Trump… The Patriot Favorite?

There’s one thing for sure… the Tea Party patriots are responding to what Donald Trump is saying in a big way. Trump is feisty, decisive, not a bit afraid of a fight, and extremely knowledgeable about money. And that’s what it’s all about. A total political outsider who tells it like it is and is well aware of the nature of the crisis we’re in.

So what’s the appeal Donald has for the Patriot Movement? It’s not difficult to figure out. All you have to do is look at the prevaricating hogwash we’re getting out of our leadership, as they twist figures and play with numbers in order to convince us they’ve actually done something great. I’ve looked at the numbers again and again… they don’t add up for me any more than they do for any of you. The only place in the world this kind of mathematics make sense is in Washville.

The Patriots are looking at the gentle machinations of our timid leadership… and the rotten sellout deal that they acceded to. Now, as has been pointed out by numerous conservative pundits, Boehner has given up his only real bargaining issue, government shutdown. And by caving in, bleating to his restive conservative membership that we have to compromise because we can’t get it all, he has just turned the high ground on the issue over to Barack Hussein Obama.

The membership doesn’t like it very much either… at least, the membership that knows why they were sent to Congress. Apparently, Boehner has had a memory lapse. I’m not the only one who noticed.

US Rep. Steve Southerland (R-Florida) said that he was going to force deeper cuts and ‘hold Boehner accountable for the promises he made to the American people’. Outstanding! That’s what the American People are looking for. Strong no-nonsense leadership that doesn’t doesn’t cave at the first threat of some liberal going hysterical about not having enough money to kill more babies.

That’s what the appeal is regarding Mr Donald Trump. Americans know he’s not afraid of a fight and won’t back down. So, as we go into the the most critical fight of all, forcing the leadership not to increase the debt ceiling, we need to pull out all the stops. Call, write, fax, email as many of your Republican Congress members as you can, and keep calling.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011

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And he's a birther too! Don't forget to mention he's a birther!

C'mon, Skip, be loud and proud about it:  the best thing about The Donald is that he's a birther.  He's not afraid to toss down that dog whistle, and just come right out and suck up to the racists!  A brave hero! 

Pelos and Reid are Birthers also, by definition

Pelosi and Reid called for and conducted a Congressional hearing in 2008 on the legality of  McCain's Panama Birthplace.  BIRTHERS !

Better stick with "Racist", when desperately trying to insult the grass roots. 

I'm not trying to insult the

I'm not trying to insult the grass roots.  A question: can a person be a member of the grass roots and not be a birfer?  Or to be bonafide grass roots, do you have to be a birfer?  Serious question.  I really had no idea that birferism may be a requirement to be a Tea Partier in good standing.

If birfers are insulted when it is noted that its foundation is racist, why do they even bother pushing it?  Why be insulted when someone accurately perceives the message they want to send?  I assumed the birfers are loud and proud about it exactly because they want people to make the connection that Obama = "the other". 

I say go for it, 4speed -- write to Boehner and Reid, and demand they conduct a hearing on the legality of considering Hawaii a state.  Should make for great TV.  Pretty sure Reid would be happy to oblige you but I don't know about Boehner.  I get the feeling he doesn't like to be the one honking the horn on the clown car as it careens around another cliff.

Pelosi and Reid had the show trial in 2008

The current Congress is trying to finish up the embarassing unfinished Budget business from Pelosi's not performing Congress of 2010, Boehner doesn't have time to take care of someone who is already self destructing or tie up the people's Congress in minor investigations.   Arizona and other States are taking care of that business. 

I'm glad you were not trying to "birther" the grass roots, others are.  I'm apologize for associating you to that "group".

If Obama had not Lied about his policies, his platform planks, for so long, for so many times, for so many years, there would have been no Birthers.  But when you look at recent history, you see Bush's College records, you see Kerry's college info, and you see Military record investigation in Bush's history, one notices the Liar in Chief is hiding any and all information that he can possibly hide, including his Illinois Senate records. 

Obama says "transparent", but he can't spell it, he can only lie about it.


No argument from me that the

No argument from me that the Dems should have taken care of the budget in 2010.  It's the main job of the House and they didn't do their jobs.  Arguably, they got a better budget deal by doing it this way than they would have with unanimous GOP opposition and feckless Blue Dogs to herd, so I understand the political strategy, but I can't respect abdicating their duty to produce a budget.

But the birfer nonsense has nothing to do with Dem planks or or policies.  Obama hasn't done anything liberal or progressive that he didn't clearly say he was going to pursue during the campaign and you're free to visit any progressive website to read how thoroughly disappointing he has been to them in that regard.  What happened to single payer and no mandate?  Instead, we got Romneycare on a national basis.  I'm not complaining because I never really expected him to get single payer and ACA is better than the status quo, but the fact that Obama pursued HCR or any other planks isn't what led to the rise of birferism.  Birferism is strictly to 'otherize' and 'delegitimize' him as president, and a dog whistle to the racists.

RedState doesn't tolerate birfers, and not because they wouldn't love to be part of 'otherizing' Obama.  They don't tolerate it because it's the functional equivalent of saying "we got nothing" when it crowds out legitimate criticism of Obama's record and policies.  There are definitely legitimate criticisms, but anyone yammering about a birth certificate might as well be saying they can't think of a single thing to legitimately criticize in his actual record and are instead saying "excuse me while I put on my tinfoil hat and blow my racist dogwhistle, I got nothin' to say about his policies or record."  Beyond stupid in terms of convincing Indys and low-info voters.