Watch The Left, Do The Opposite.

The antithesis of Barack Obama and the Marxist left is the American Patriot Movement. The left’s usually reliable tools are shopworn, and they are having one heck of a time getting anyone to listen to the class warfare rhetoric.

Barack Obama has had his ‘come to Jesus’ moment, he is abandoning his hard-left kook brigade and they aren’t one bit happy with their ‘Anointed One’. Their Messiah turned out to be a one-trick pony… and he wasn’t even particularly good at that.

Obama is an aberration of history fueled by George Soros and others, aided by an inexplicable mass so-called white guilt syndrome. I’ve never been able to figure this one out. My family hasn’t owned another human being this side of the Roman conquest. I sure as heck don’t feel responsible for something that occurred in the mid 1800s. The very concept is laughable.

The symptoms of the syndrome were easy to spot. Usually sane, reasonably balanced people, who normally scarcely gave a thought to politics, were running around proclaiming the historical importance of an African (literally) American in the presidency, and heralding an end to racial strife and division. That none of these things came to fruition is historical fact now, and Obama’s unassailable political citadel is no more.

The ascendancy of the Constitutional Patriot is a fact that not even our own Party has figured out, much less the DeMarxists. Some of the Republican ‘leadership’ is going to have to learn that lesson the hard way, most likely. We didn’t put you into office again so that you can sit in Washington and compromise our country and our freedoms away, with a foe that cannot be compromised with.

Compromise is another word for defeat. We don’t wish to compromise with the Marxists at all… for any reason. Now do the job we sent you to Washington to do.

Semper Vigilans, Semper Fidelis

© Skip MacLure 2011

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So Skip's a birther

After all the "Patriot" BS, outs himself as a birther. Even RedState doesn't tolerate them - why does the NextRight?

You're lucky the NextRight tolerates the left

Obama was only Graduated at Harvard, because of being a "Minority" and  a Foreigner, not his Grades.

Prove me wrong.   Show me the grades. 

Obama graduated from Harvard

Obama graduated from Harvard Law magna cum laude. I don't expect you to know what that means, of course, but you should probably look it up before further embarrassing yourself in public with such remarks.

What's his SAT or LSAT scores ?

Its all the strange facts that fester for lack of real facts.  Facts that any previous President would have published....unless there's something to hide  ?  Like the Fact of how did Obama get admitted to Harvard when his previous Graduation in Political Science was NOT with Honors, I.E. less than a 3.3 GPA.

Usually Harvard only takes the Top 2% or above on the SAT test scores....then along come "Affirmative Action" and little "o" with lousy grades ?   Becasue we know nothing of his SAT, Grades, Etc.... we wonder what is there to hide ? 



We're constantly TOLD how Smart he is by the MSM propaganda machine...........WITHOUT proof of same.    I guess we just need to take his word, that the information is hidden because he is SO000 Smart.

You do raise a fair point

You do raise a fair point 4speed.  While RedState bans birthers, they also ban most everyone who doesn't mindlessly parrot the Faux or Rush or Beck approved memes.  So in that sense, yes, I appreciate that "the left" is tolerated here.  It seems that "the left" now encompasses everyone to the left of Attila the Hun, and I find it bewildering that as a person who voted for Republicans as recently as five years ago, I am now branded with the dehumanizing "the left" tag.  We live in interesting times.