AK-AL: ATR: Don Young like a "rat head in a Coke bottle"

A bad day for Don Young is a good day for America. Thank you to Grover Norquist for helping to deliver a bad day to Young by declaring him a Tax Pledge Violator

Don Young (R-Alaska) violated the solemn oath he took to his constituents by voting for H.R. 2642, the Blue Dog Tax Hike. [...] “Republicans that vote for tax increases are like rat heads in Coke bottles,” said Grover Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform. “They ruin the Republican brand for all members. It should be readily apparent to a former ’Hero of the Taxpayer Award’ recipient that you don’t vote for tax hikes.”

Bless Grover's heart. And give money to Sean Parnell.

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Good job, ATR


Rat Heads in Coke Bottles

Good analogy. A good Republican Assembly friend told me Norquist is on the NFRA board, and when I heard that analogy first from Norquist, at recent AFP Summit, it made sense. That's been an analogy the previous NFRA President used to use as well (before Rod Martin headed it up).

The point Norquist is making is that these tax hikers ruin not just their own reputation, but the Republican brand. Its folks like spendaholic earmark addict Don Young who ruin the GOP brand for the rest of us. They are like "lemon" cars that need to be recalled from service.

Bravo to Norquist for cutting the legs from under Young's use of ATR's prior endorsement.

Godspeed, Sean Parnell.

And Obama delenda est.



 Grover Norquist ought to be

 Grover Norquist ought to be our candidate! We need to cut taxes to zero.

I wonder if Grover is a fan of Strange Brew?

Don Young McKenzie:  "I was the last one left after the nuclear holocaust, eh. The whole State Capital had been destroyed, like Democrats blew up Republicans and Republicans blew up Democrats. Fortunately, I had been offworld at the time. There wasn't much to do. All the bowling alleys had been wrecked. So's I spent most of my time looking for ways to waste more taxpayer money.  Beauty, eh?"

Grover Norquist McKenzie:  "What a knob.  The power of the force has stopped you, you hoser!"

Don Young McKenzie:  "Hey we found a dead rat in our Coke eh. That means you owe us a free case."

Brewmeister Norquist:  "I could crush your skull - like a nut!"

Policeman:  "I wouldn't go in there. There's a big skunk in there."

Inspector Palen:  "We know about that. It's an Alaskan skunk. My jurisdiction."

Sean Parnell McKenzie:  "Don't make me steamroll you, Don Young McKenzie. Steamroller!"

Strange Brew!

Man, if that doesn't bring back some memories!

I wonder if Don Young's brakes are feeling a little soft, eh?


Way to go chris m

Grover Norquist ought to be our candidate! We need to cut taxes to zero.

What a novel approach to finally ending the dominence of the Military Industrial Complex!!!